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  1. Given that a scope obstructs the peripheral aim of the user, I don't see a need for there to be a scope on any weapon except sniper rifles.
  2. Everyone keep this fact in your hearts. Because if you never see the mod community take off with MCC, know that 343 balked fucking hard on the one thing that was actually a lasting draw.
  3. CE's nades don't need to be as strong as they are because the pistol is so strong and because their fuse literally resets if they get bounced around by another explosion. The insane arc is also unnecessary because pre-nading that far isn't a critical component to gameplay, and as I keep saying, smaller maps mean you don't have to try to nade weapons that are five miles away from you. You can also drop CE's nades when dying (death bonus much), it's not necessary to put such a huge penalty on nade-jumping, and BLB'ing probably shouldn't get you killed if you've only taken a single shot so far in the fight.
  4. Making the utility weapon strong and increasing base speed are, IMHOtep, non-negotiable starting points to a competent Halo game, so we can factor that right into how we structure grenade combat. The point is, though, that grenades are something that can VERY easily be balanced, so someone speaking of mid-combat grenades as something that's inherently problematic (not you, obviously) is just flat out wrong. We just have years and years of shit Halo as our reference point right now. The problem with AOE grenades is that 1) there's almost no middle point between OP and useless, and 2) a skill play involving them would have to involve using it in a manner as far out as, for example, X-jumping the radar jammer in H3. This, however, is coming from someone who is staunchly against "dumb" items, things that require no forethought for their use and no skill to operate.
  5. A grenade's primary use will always be as an anti-camping device, but there's no reason that they can't be incorporated more regularly into the game as a risk-reward option for gaining the upper hand in a gun battle. Landing a grenade right under a strafing opponent or sticking them mid-battle is something that should never be discouraged, because at least in all iterations of Halo thus far those tactics have been either "last resort" plays or extremely high-skill maneuvers. I gotta draw the line at AOE grenades, however. If we want Halo maps to be smaller, thus cutting down on available avenues of attack (at least the specific spot where you want to go) AOE grenades would be a completely skill-less denial weapon that would make objective games a living nightmare. There's also very little that goes into the conceivable strategy, it's very much a "durr, throw AOE grenade behind flag carrier" kind of thing. As far as BTB, if the utility weapon is going to continue to be fucking useless against vehicles, grenades are a must.
  6. I was hoping for some hardcore offensive stuff, oh well
  7. The "horde mode" aspect of Library wouldn't be so insufferable if the level wasn't so excruciatingly boring from a design aspect. Obviously that's partially a limitation of the platform, but staring at one primary color down endless uninspired hallways with random geometrical protrusions of no conceivable point and no identifiable architecture to speak of does not an enthralling experience make.
  8. A 10x zoom with big maps, possibly. Zoom inherently doubles/triples/etc. the effective range of a player. If we cut apart the utility weapon's range, we could limit the sniper to a 4x zoom. Of course this is never going to happen in Halo and is all in theory.
  9. Reloading is a balancing mechanic (also iMmErSiOn), which can't be said for scope/descope. At the end of the day you have to ask the question of descope, like all mechanics in the game, "how does this benefit the gameplay, what skill does this bolster or add?" Descope doesn't give anything to the player that isn't already present in the mere act of aiming, but it does promote effective combat over what can be considered unreasonable distances and makes open maps hell to traverse.
  10. Perhaps, but right now we're considering it in the context of a problem it helps create, and ultimately if you consider it long enough you have to come to the conclusion that the situation you just described is, like many things in the Halo franchise, a speed bump. Not an exceedingly pressing or detrimental one, but think about it - it literally just slows down the period in which two opponents combat each other as one adjusts and pops back into the fight.
  11. I mean...scoping is so you can shoot farther. That's the only dimension it adds.
  12. If I gave up on Halo implementing common sense solutions, I'd have moved on from Halo on...November 10th, 2004. I'm not saying I'm not insane. I'm just saying.
  13. Counterspice: competitive Halo (and LANs) used to be popular.
  14. 1) What a necro, 2) as if I wasn't going to click on this thread, 3) his voice is forever enshrined in the best montage ever made
  15. It's not terribly relevant to Halo, but as a general note, team size is arguably the single most important factor that sets the pace of a game.
  16. I think you're forgetting everyone's favorite gametype, HeH CTF.
  17. Penance being probably literally the worst Halo map in history while being a remake of one of the best Halo maps in history has to be some kind of metaphor for the Halo franchise today.
  18. One person's absence results in the dissolution of interest in a resource that everyone can modify and contribute to? Pretty sure that means people weren't that invested.
  19. This has nothing to do with being rushed. This problem exists because 1) this is how they wanted it, 2) the population is eventually going to be so small that separating by input is actually going to cause an issue, and 3) having old Halo games on PC was always going to have this problem - it was completely unavoidable. You can't turn down aim assist for controllers that much, or they're not going to be able to hit shit either, and then you've alienated a fuckton of your user base who were fully planning on playing Halo on PC with a controller from the very start.

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