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  1. If your whole angle is that you're sick of getting betrayed for power weapons, 1) almost nobody griefs in ranked, and 2) who plays ranked without a party and expects anything good.
  2. Making teammates immune to bullets but vulnerable to explosives seems like a decent compromise. I have zero dog in this race, though.
  3. I've seen at least 30 people with InfoWars bumper stickers since Trump got elected.
  4. It's really more the side of the aisle on which Alex Jones is seen as a legitimate source of news and actually has political sway.
  5. Ever since Sandy Hook, when it was not only acceptable to look over the deaths of children but actively deny it happened, the gun debate has been over.
  6. Console hardware is sold at a loss, so PC > console value comparisons are completely useless.
  7. But I was ASSURED by many people in /r/Games and /r/Halo that MCC on PC was going to explode the franchise's popularity, even and especially in the realm of eSports. I mean look how many Reddit updoots the announcement got!
  8. I'm honestly not sure Halo 3 is the draw. Reach is arguably the most popular game with the shell of the community that's left.
  9. "Hitscan" also doesn't specifically mean that the damage is dealt/registered instantly.
  10. It'd have to be a chunk of money that Twitch couldn't match, because there's no way they wouldn't match. Besides, Microsoft has everything to gain from him switching over, even if they have to massively overpay him.
  11. At 29:20 he mentions the Final Boss AIM contest. There's a throwback. lol
  12. Thanks Obama. Do you ever get tired of being a lying shitsack? The zero tolerance policy was introduced as a deterrent, making it so that those who crossed the border illegally were explicitly prosecuted on every occasion and sent to jail - and since kids can't get sent to jail with their parents, they get separated. Nevermind the fact that this happened to dozens of people seeking asylum, which is a perfectly legal thing to do.
  13. It clearly varies by game, too. I still think MCC runs off of P2P.
  14. This game is still so wildly inconsistent, across all titles. Sometimes I'm hitting every shot, and other times I am missing players with my reticule completely centered on them. It goes beyond the normal game behavior, like how in Halo 2 it's impossible to land shots on someone who is rapidly falling. The netcode is just borked.
  15. I'm not going to tell you that Obama isn't my boy anymore because you're incapable of two-way conversation. But Obama didn't issue an executive order ramping up arrests of illegal immigrants over some fake immigrant apocalypse on our doorstep, and he didn't separate families.
  16. Donald Trump's extreme and unrelenting focus on race-baiting rhetoric can only be explained by a few specific reasons. A. He's a racist. B. He's a flaming narcissist and opportunist who doesn't mind pandering to a racist demographic. C. He's distracting from other more pressing issues, most of which focus on himself. What do I think? D. All of the above
  17. Trump is not "executing a white supremacist", he's resuming federal executions after they'd been on a moratorium for two decades. And for the record, two of the other five men to be executed are minorities. The First Step Act was an overwhelmingly bipartisan bill that he had nothing to do with, he just signed his name on it. He slammed Obama's commutation of drug-related offenses just before the election, he supported stop-and-frisk, and he said restoring voting rights to convicted felons is "crooked politics". He also announced that there was a Second Step Act. That bill literally did not exist. As far as the ASAP Rocky situation, I literally could not give less of a shit.
  18. @S0UL FLAME My bad last night, I passed out and slept for 12 straight hours, I was exhausted. I didn't even go to that thing I was supposed to go to. Let me know the next time you guys get a lobby going.
  19. There still isn't an actual argument living in this discussion. From the beginning, it's been about preference.
  20. You guys really are masters of red herrings, aren't you?

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