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  1. Until I die or someone fully fesses up, this theory is canon. I more so posted it just to reminisce about the hilarity of it all.
  2. I will once again comment that it's hilarious this is the best we can conceivably think of with respect to the developer's acknowledgment of the issue - vaguely possibly remembering hearing about something relating to the matter. What a wonder why Halo is where it is.
  3. I don't see how that's possible considering nobody has actually quantified H5's aiming problems yet, so how would you even test it in a non-biased way?
  4. The CE pistol with no spread and perhaps a kind of parabolic projectile speed - at close to medium range it should be effectively zero to barely even noticeable, but out to sniper range it should be considerably longer (not necessarily any longer than it currently is, just needs some tuning). This makes it possible to still harass snipers at the longest ranges without encouraging direct sniper-distance pistol battles which are just tedious and tiresome.
  5. I remember 343 being full of shit. Someone who might know the precise innards of an Xbox might be able to correct me on this one, but a controller on a dedicated piece of hardware like the Xbox more than likely has an IRQ associated with it (and probably the highest priority at that, to reduce latency), which means that when the controller tells the CPU to do something, the CPU stops what it's doing and processes that input. It makes LESS THAN NO SENSE that connection quality would impact aiming on a locally-processed game. Cloud streaming? Totally. Local? No.
  6. I see we're still entertaining the idea that H5's shit aiming is the result of connection and deadzone/accel settings. That's cute. All we're missing is "hardware limitations, it'll get fixed on the XB1X".
  7. At this point I reeeaalllly wouldn't put it past 343 to have accidentally deleted an entire commit branch. I'm just gonna go ahead and say that H3's and H5's aiming feel exactly the same to me, and that's the singular reason I stopped playing both games.
  8. Halo is in such a destitute state that players have to resort to a placebo to "fix" the basic mechanic of moving your reticule around because the developer is either too incompetent to fix it, too stupid to even notice the difference, or too stubborn to reverse what they changed from the beta - a change literally no one asked for.
  9. HeH is the map that exposes the slight spread in the pistol (as well putting heavy emphasis on leading), and for that reason I don't have much fun playing it. Those ultra-long range battles are going to happen and sometimes it feels like a lottery, especially where connection quality is concerned.
  10. None of the sentiments in this post are wrong in isolation, but they're applied in the complete wrong context to Destiny 2 (the comments explain why in short order) and some of the points are contradictory. For example, there are a lot of people complaining about the competitive balance of some of Destiny 2's weapons, but OP is dismissing them by effectively asserting that complaining about the CE pistol and complaining about the H5 sniper are equally immature. They ain't.
  11. Are those numbers as pathetic as they seem? Because they seem pathetic.
  12. I'm of the opinion that Halo 3 isn't going to do nearly as well as people think it is, and the sole reason for that is because 1) no mod support, and 2) the original, primitive iteration of Forge. People are going to get very tired very quickly of the limitations of Halo 3's customizations, and the gameplay is going to prove very stale, nevermind the possibility that the netcode issues might persist.
  13. This is the mistake that everyone was making and that I was emphatically trying to correct the whole time. The idea that there was this giant horde of people waiting to play MCC on PC was wrong from the start; Halo was always on console, and the numbers for MCC and H5 on console were shit, so why would there be some hidden reserve of PC players waiting to crush old Halo games? If they were Halo fans and were itching to contribute to a persistent user base, they would've already had an Xbox and they would've been playing MCC or H5 already on console. The numbers on PC are shit because the interest was never there. People did exactly what was predicted, they played the campaign and then logged off.
  14. It is huge, but it is not the least bit surprising. As the video says, Reach is old and from a franchise that's suffering fatigue. As the video does not say, Reach sucks. Reach is old and sucks.
  15. The thumbnail for that video is kind of hilarious, as if the population drop was representative of people being fed up with the game of Reach. That population drop was inevitable, even if the launch was flawless.
  16. That's certainly an opinion...that exists. But yes, it was a half-rhetorical question. What other eSports game defines its competitive settings solely based on the opinion of pros? Because I can't think of one. Typically the community decides what it likes to play and the pros figure out if it's broken as shit.
  17. Does SaLoT have nude pics of every pro ready to drop or something? Why the fuck would they want Onslaught?
  18. Wow what kind of a mod are you Post your bans-per-page
  19. Every suggestion like that needs its own specially-catered environment in order to function properly. Halo is probably not it, because Halo is salted soil where nothing grows.
  20. People shit on Sanc (the original) with literally no justification. It's a good map, with power item placement issues.
  21. Oh, so you're doing this for sake of decreasing the room that guns take up on the screen?
  22. Is this subject being discussed under the presumption that ADS is always 1x zoom?

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