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  1. Sorry, it's "make money, fuck poor/colored/non-Christian/etc. people". There is some allegiance among wolves. Which is why Epstein, Clinton, and Trump ran together.
  2. "Make money, fuck everyone" is a conservative principle, so...
  3. You losers better be chomping at the bit to condemn Trump over this one.
  4. Republicans. Don't even try to disagree, because this shitstain will get reelected.
  5. Chill Out isn't a great 4v4 map, it's very well designed but it's too small for that.
  6. Given that your only argument is "I don't like it", there isn't a difference.
  7. Also, I missed this, and to illustrate my earlier point about the friends I had back then, here's a Halo-related anecdote. I went to MLG Chicago in 2007 at Pheasant Run, it was my first event. That was Str8 Rippin's comeback event when they took 2nd to FB with Lammie coaching them, after Carbon had been tearing things up at the end of the '06 season. I'm in a hotel with twelve other dudes, as it always was in those days. We're in the hotel one night, and almost everyone is drunk off of their ass. We're making all kinds of noise, to the point that security had been called on us once already. We had Arkive, S7ubs, and IcedBlue in the room among other guys like Legolas and I think Cyren. I don't know what started it but IcedBlue just all of a sudden tackled Arkive like a goofball and started wrestling with him, and everyone gets going. Then S7ubs, out of nowhere, just casually jumps on IcedBlue and honest-to-god pulls his nuts out and teabags him, causing the rest of us to lose our minds. Somewhere, Legolas has this on film. They're rolling around in front of the door to the room when we hear, knock-knock-knock. Without even bothering to get off the floor, IcedBlue reaches up and opens the door. It's security, and they're not terribly happy with us. At this point Arkive starts freaking out - he's refereeing the event, and he doesn't want to get in trouble for causing a disturbance much less underage drinking. He's slurring his words because he's so nervous, which makes security think he's hammered. Meanwhile one of the guys asks to see somebody's ID who is of legal age, and the only person in the room that's 21 is IcedBlue. He starts fishing around for his wallet and knocks over the ironing board (which was out for reasons unclear), spilling about a dozen open bottles of beer all over everyone's luggage. This is the kind of shit I miss. This is also the kind of shit that will never happen again.
  8. https://www.dexerto.com/apex-legends/apex-legends-tournament-pulled-from-espn-in-wake-of-mass-shootings-893754 lmao fuck everything
  9. I can imagine being sad that you never got to experience it, but imagine being there for all of it and having it ripped away from you for zero reason. I basically had an entire friend group dissolve out of my life because of the collapse of competitive Halo. Because Bungie wanted Armor Lock.
  10. Let's be perfectly clear, here. This forum and the Halo community at large, competitive or otherwise, have thrived on modified gametypes that we, in our smug opinions, play better than what's available. We also choose our personal favorite Halo title based on the same criteria. Outside of the casual-competitive trash talk divide that has long since been entombed in Halo's history, no one has ever given anyone grief for enjoying a particular gametype. A person who enjoys playing SWAT has never had to deal with people coming down on them about playing what they like. Unless, said SWAT fan: 1. Makes a concerted and obnoxiously persistent effort to tell people that normal slayer is fundamentally broken when it very clearly isn't 2. Phrases their arguments in the form of what they hate about default slayer rather than what they like about SWAT, which makes their arguments seem petty and juvenile 3. Makes it a point to consistently push the radical superiority of the characteristics of SWAT to people they know for a fact will not be receptive to the idea... 4. ...While relentlessly obfuscating their argument, steadfastly denying that SWAT is even what they want Gee, I wonder why we have these arguments.
  11. Two shitty games vs. one shitty game and one good time. Wow. What a conundrum you've presented to me.
  12. I mean it wasn't a panic shot, that's the point. It was a calculated decision.
  13. I can just imagine having a teammate in CQC with two other opponents. I've got rockets. I blow them all up (which likely doesn't register as a betrayal normally). I die from ricochet. My teammate dies when he gets cleaned up by a third.
  14. To be clear, I really don't give a shit what happens to H5 because it's a dead game that I will never play. So if you want to take FF out of H5, be my guest. If you want to take power items out of it completely, have a field day.
  15. lmfao you're literally asking for FF to be removed because you're concerned about your K/D
  16. So what if they walk in front of you whenever you're trying to shoot an enemy? What if they grab power items and then walk off the map? What if they walk over to the other team and feed them kills? FF has nothing to do with those situations, but they're caused by the same trolls that you singularly seem to have such a huge problem with. Maybe, if you thought about it a little bit, there could be a better solution that doesn't involve changing one of the most intuitive characteristics about the game. Maybe a vote-kick system. Maybe an adjustment to the quit penalty system. But no, it seems like you're pretty dead-set on this bad idea.
  17. No, I do not play the literal garbage that is H5. But it sure is curious that you want to affect change onto the series for shit that only happens to you. Maybe you play the game in the same style that you post here, a raging contrarian.
  18. Has anyone else in this thread ever been betrayed for power weapons "3/10 games" in ranked mode in any Halo game since 2004 (that wasn't a deranker)? Anyone? Bueller?
  19. I never called you a liar. Technically you're not a liar if you've seen it literally once or twice in the four years this game has been out.
  20. Are we really getting baited into one of these agonizing conversations again? This is literally the power weapon argument 2.0. It starts with a complaint that isn't real (griefing in ranked) and turns into a gongshow of micro-analyzing every aspect of a tiny part of the game when the actual conclusion is that both ways could work fine so there's no point in changing it.

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