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  1. Twitch needs a legit competitor, so this kind of sucks.
  2. Is the game more fun, or do your expectations simply drop?
  3. Other games might not be using zombie code from 1999.
  4. CE can be the least-fun Halo when you're getting utterly curbstomped by people who are out of your league (although I mean default Halo 2, right?). Thing is, though, you were never supposed to be playing those people in the first place.
  5. If you liked OG H3's aiming but hate this iteration's aiming, not sure what to tell you. I know they preserved the gross feel of it that I hate.
  6. *gets killed off spawn a lot* "We need to nerf the utility weapon!!!" Me: or we could fix the spawns
  7. Map that was played for two years on the MLG circuit counts.
  8. "H3 is 90% perfect and CE spawns are trash" Amplified: *exists*
  9. This isn't even a difficult concept, we've all thought of interesting ways to expand the sandbox and/or base abilities in ways that make perfect sense. We just have a bunch of goofballs in charge.
  10. This is 75% of BR battles right now and I WISH I was exaggerating. God I hate this fucking game. lol
  11. Bro this hit registration is awful. Also the fact that Halo 3 retains its sloppy aiming even on PC proves it's coded in.
  12. This looks like a $39 "gaming case" off AliExpress
  13. Let's play a game. Was this board bumping in 2013, or was Halo bumping in 2013?
  14. Hey same, I'm playing a bad collection of bad FPS games (minus one) on PC while the world falls apart.
  15. Sounds like we need a very special game to come out and change all that... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  16. During Halo 4's development I advocated for a kind of combined triple-tier rank system that visually represented three things: true competitive rank, XP-driven rank, and achievement rank. Through some graphic design wizardry that's a bit above me, you could devise one symbol to display beside a player's name with three evolving elements of color/crest/etc. to show someone's Elo rank, their grind level, and their completion rate. The key is to make it rather visually stunning, as what's a rank without the ability to brag about it (I'm looking at you 343, making people look shit up on the web to find someone's rank), and in the age of HD there's no excuse as to why it can't be made clear what elements a player is excelling or lacking at; if you go hard in competitive play but haven't bothered to hunt any achievements, that'll clearly show in your rank badge.
  17. I mean the implication is that there might not be any true "level 10s" either. You shoot up through multiple irrelevant rankings until you hit a point where you can't win more than you lose.
  18. I forget who said it originally, might've been @Hard Way, but the problem with 1-50 is that there is no true "level 1". An Elo system actually gets us accurate rankings because the floor and the ceiling move accordingly.
  19. Map remixes is, to this day, one of the most unabashedly lazy things I have ever seen out of a game developer. EDIT: Oh and literally every Reach map is horrible.
  20. It could have been more interesting but it wasn't, and what you described is exactly the thing I have a problem with. It starts an interesting twist and then completely ditches it with "haha SOIKE!!!!!!" to revert the Flood back to precisely what you said: normal, feral zombies. I think we can all agree that you-triggered-my-trap-card is not the most compelling thing someone can pull out of their plot device grab bag, especially when you dangle Mr. Galaxy Brain Gravemind in front of us. What could've been more interesting would be to run the Didact and Flood stories simultaneously, forcing the Didact to reconcile that humanity might be worthy of inheriting the Mantle after all when they are the only ones that can defeat the Flood, and possibly gracing us with the Gravemind and the Didact engaging in a philosophical rap battle.
  21. I'm perfectly okay with the Flood just effectively being zombies, but that leaves the Gravemind being weirdly eloquent and sage-like to no particular end. They could've left his mental acuity alone - keep the intelligent read of things - but had him act less communicative and more feral. "rEsIgNaTiOn Is My ViRtUe; LiKe WaTeR i EbB" bitch suck my shotgun
  22. They just could've done something more interesting and morally curious in Halo 3 with both the Covenant AND the Flood simultaneously trying to destroy all life in the galaxy. All three forces in the story dealt with some kind of assimilation/absolution/identity theme, it could've played out so much more poetically, especially with the prose falling out of the Gravemind's fedora-tipping mouth all the time.
  23. It was my distinct opinion that they were setting the Gravemind up to be a true antihero and use it and the Flood to assert a kind of rapt, metaphysical conclusion of the relationship between the three powers in the story, but instead the Gravemind just ended up being a myopic edgelord with a thesaurus.
  24. Absolutely nothing wrong with simple bad guys, but the more expressively sentient you make them, the greater the burden becomes to make them interesting from a character perspective. The Flood works as a collective simple antagonist because they're a nameless, faceless force and the threat they pose is both massive in scale and easy to understand (this is what Sauron is). The Gravemind specifically, meanwhile, was an antagonist that needed attention paid to its character and how it was woven into the plot, because it was spun as a philosophical entity. Of course they fucked that all up and made the Gravemind lame, so there's that.

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