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  1. All dedicated servers is going to do is remove excuses. It doesn't actually improve the GAME itself. We need one of those, you know.
  2. Modern Halo runs on teamshot, the gunplay does not complement a gametype like this. It could "work" just fine, but I'm willing to bet that the only enjoyment someone would get out of it is "heehee, I'm playing Counterstrike in Halo."
  3. Ogre 1 Ogre 2 Ogre 3 'Ola Legit Lethul LegendJRG Laquatus Fonzi Flamesword Fearitself Foulacy's appendix Muter Mantrain Melloz Mongler Hysteria Heinz Halo God Halo God Ghostayame Game Gunshot Gspot Karma Killer N Kill3n Kerizma Detach Dirt McGirt Demon D Dragonspear
  4. No, we didn't. But Bravo knows the game of Halo. If you want to build a race car, you consult a race car driver.
  5. Halo 4 will never even remotely be within a 500-mile radius of "fucking amazing," so please hold your horses. 343 picked up Bravo and then completely neutered his ability to do pretty much anything with the game, so it depends ENTIRELY on how much power they actually give Ghost. My guess is, little. Nothing is going to stop 343's "core" from putting out THEIR Halo game.
  6. I've been saying since 2007 that making a game that is both casually and competitively appealing is not hard. You just have to, you know, DO it.
  7. Both women and men don't know what they want.
  8. Used to always look at the clock at 9:11.
  9. It already feels like Master Chief is running around on ice.
  10. Halo 4 still sucks on LAN. Just like Reach did, just like H3 did. There are more important things that they need to do. It's great, and all, but dedicated servers wouldn't have prevented Reach from getting tossed off the circuit.
  11. He'll also remember how to use a rocket launcher and an energy sword to get to the top of Burial Mounds.
  12. Not an old school video, but old school content. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWwpgKHHM20
  13. They'll still be shitty and unsatisfying. Wii games were a novelty, they were fun because they were stupid.
  14. Simplicity. It's as "simple" as that. Great games are based off of one great concept, and branch out from there. Halo 2 is remembered fondly for being the most revolutionary online console experience of its time, but it was also a MAJOR design shift away from H1 in terms of balance, one that Halo still has not recovered from, and in some ways has perpetuated to even greater degrees. Halo nowadays is a huge game built on a crappy foundation by people who either don't understand or don't care about basic shooter mechanics. I will say this, though. Superfluous content shoveled messily onto a faulty base is a sign of a lack of true creativity compared to someone who can design a well-engineered product with less bells and whistles. The whole casual vs. competitive thing doesn't matter in the slightest if you've already got a huge campaign world to pull off of. Halo sells because of its name and its vast fiction, but its longevity and notoriety come from its online play. There is no excuse for making a multiplayer experience that doesn't cater straight to the idea that the best players should always win. People are going to play the multiplayer because they own the game, and contrary to popular belief, the fun of a game comes from a very different place than your ability to win. Players like to feel like they're competently mobile, competently powerful, etc. They like to see their shots register, and they like to see people dying from those shots, preferably in a quicker fashion. They also like to see a lot of opponents, and not feel as though they're doing more running than shooting. They want to feel like a human weapon. Have you ever played a game of Reach or H4 where you walked around thinking, "I am a fucking stud and I'm going to roll on the next person I see"? No, because you're too busy worrying about teamshot.
  15. You can't see it, but I'm giving my best Philip J. Fry face.
  16. You're only furthering my point though, that Halo never had "roles"; people just observed that certain players had different play styles, and then decided to use a term that was completely irrelevant to that fact to try and codify what they were doing. It'd be like watching Strongside play the game, and inventing an imaginary role called a "rover" which you would immediately go and try to ascribe to other players in the game and how they fit into their team's chemistry. "aw man foulacy was totes the rover on TmG"
  17. Alright, but to that I would say, we already tried to do that. 343 gave us Halo 4. We're getting the same tablescraps out of them post-release that Bungie gave us. Really, they're just going to do whatever the hell they want.

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