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  1. Fire grenades are just going to be used to create impassable areas. Give me a multi-exploding grenade over that, one that blows up like a firecracker and hops around a room. That's far more entertaining.
  2. 1. You cannot be a good teammate if you have bad teammates. So if you're sticking your neck out and dying constantly with no one covering you, don't assume that you're the one who's doing things wrong. 2. That said, don't worry about dying. The point is to be useful, not have a 4 K/D. 3. Look at the situation in front of you; look at your teammates. What are they doing? What are they trying to accomplish at that particular moment? Where are they going? Once you realize and consider what they're doing, you can adapt and conform your play to complement it. 4. Learn to be better about predicting teammates getting into combat, and position yourself in such a way that you can set them up. Be anticipatory. 5. Do not go in with a sense of structural play/position assignment. Do what YOU NEED TO DO to be helpful to your team, you are not going to help anyone by following your teammates' orders to a "T" and playing completely outside of your own head. Skulk around and get creative with what you're doing. 6. Being a good teammate is almost synonymous with being a good player. As you become better at seeing the play in your head, you become better at positioning and you become better at not taking damage. But the key is to find your enemies before they've killed all your friends, you can't just wait around for the perfect opportunity to catch someone in the back. 7. One facet to being a good individual player is NOT NECESSARILY shooting everything you see right when you see it. However, if you want to be a good teammate, the vast majority of that (in modern Halo) is making it so that no player on the opposite team is ever walking around with full shields. Shoot shit and CALL IT OUT. 8. Learn the maps. Learn which spots can fire on where, and learn where the most combat happens (almost like looking at a heatmap). Learn how to approach these areas inconspicuously; learn how to navigate the map as innocuously as possible. You can't get into position if you're getting seen all the time. 9. If all else fails, use your teammates as "fodder" so to speak, in a way that enables you to protect them. If they're pushing up, watch for them to take the first shot, then step in and take over.
  3. People in this community need to stop being fascinated by stuff that "sounds totally cool and depth-adding and strategery-like and super meta and shit". We need to SPEED HALO UP. Stop trying to add more congestive, defense-oriented nonsense. I'd rather have a mini-nuke launcher out of fucking Starship Troopers than a god damn smokescreen.
  4. Because every normal avenue of joy related to video games is annoying and boring in Halo 4?
  5. Think about what you're saying. All you're doing is creating map confusion. "I'm already trying to find the enemies on the map, now I can't even see them and they can't see me."
  6. Smoke grenades are not going to add to the "depth" of map control. They're just going to make gunfights 100% more annoying, 100% more button-mashing melee bullcrap.
  7. Probably for the best, or he would've puked up his appendix on you.
  8. Let's assume that spectator mode somehow drastically lowers the cost of casting Halo (which I highly doubt, seeing as MLG already has all the equipment). A game of 4v4 is a far greater logistical nightmare than a 1v1 game like Starcraft. And if Halo 5 isn't BY FAR the most popular shooter out there when it drops, then MLG will have no reason to put it in a corner underneath CoD.
  9. So what you're saying is that 343 didn't even have a flash of brilliance or understanding, they just wanted MLG players to shut up.
  10. Saiyan was/is my favorite pro. I used to talk to Foulacy all the time during the H3 days.
  11. Your ONE SINGLE CHARACTERISTIC does not automatically make Halo 4 a pure class shooter. That is presumptuous and stupid.
  12. Okay, so. By your words. Spraylo 4 Class Squad Shooter (Rainbow Six) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~~~ Arena Shooter (Quake) Because Halo's gameplay isn't on the ABSOLUTE EXTREME END OF ARENA SHOOTERS, it suddenly becomes a class-based shooter?
  13. What YOU choose to do with your weapon, and what the weapon implicitly suggests, are two completely different things. You can play exactly the same way with a BR as you can with a DMR and, barring getting fucked over by spread (or by bloom), you will get identical results. You cannot play the same way using an AR/shotgun/sniper as you would a DMR. That is a class difference.
  14. What you're suggesting is equivalent to the difference in "strategy" if someone chose frags over plasmas. It does not make Halo a class shooter because you're not in a different class by choosing a BR or a DMR - they're both assault rifles to be used at range.
  15. Let me play out this scenario for you (in Midship terms). Player 1: Three down, three down, rush it pink side! Player 2: Watch spawns car 2! Player 1: Got flag going car! Makeitstop: I'm on car 3. Player 3: Spawning in base, spawning in base! Player 1: Cover me in window! Player 2: They're in window! Someone shoot them, I'm down pink side! Player 1: I'M GETTING SHOT AT, SOMEONE COVER!! Player 3: We've got three up, what the fuck?! Player 2: Makeitstop, fucking FLANK! Player 1: Great, I fucking - dead, flag's getting returned. Player 2: Two guys on my X. Makeitstop: Are you crazy? They all have BRs! Player 3 has quit the game. Player 1: Are you fucking kidding me?
  16. You're going to sit here and tell me that you've hesitated on the rush during a game of competitive Halo solely because you were holding a DMR.
  17. Here's the thing. Because of CoD, kids are probably literally being indoctrinated into expecting there to be ZERO on-map objectives in any gametype whatsoever. They're also used to dying instantly and spawning instantly. So when faced with the prospect of learning weapon spawns/times, player spawns, and how to actually juke out a player in a 1v1, most kids just don' hav t!m3 fo dat.
  18. Yeah, but he was talking to kids at a CoD tournament. Obviously they're a little interested in the hardcore side of things.
  19. You are basing the definition on semantic differences, when the actual result does not at all suggest that players enter the game with a marked difference in capabilities. First of all, the ACTUAL definition of a class shooter is a game like Call of Duty where, for example, if you use an LMG, your base speed goes down - conversely, if you use an SMG, your base speed goes up. The difference in Halo is that everyone starts on equal footing, and from there you stack abilities on top of your spartan with no drawbacks. When you compromise certain abilities of your character, that's when it becomes class-based. Shooting a DMR or a BR is not going to change your play style. There's a reason that actual class-based shooters are not run-and-gun.
  20. To be fair, if this was MLGPro, then there'd be a pro player lounge. :unclesudd: Touché, nonetheless.
  21. Feels like MLGPro up in here. #HaloIsBack

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