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  1. That ratio is about 10:1 at absolute worst. They've always come to this forum to peddle whatever current-events bullshit is on their morning meeting handout, nothing else. Postums does a decent job listening on Discord, but here? Historically? Nothing.
  2. This "other" aspect of the game...it wouldn't happen to involve...playing defensively, would it?
  3. I'm gonna need your definition of a "two-way player" first.
  4. ...Everything is suddenly making sense about you.
  5. Wayne Gretzky had a decent shot, decent speed, good but not amazing hands, and he was built like a twig. He has more assists than anyone else has points, and eight of the top ten scoring title win margins. He was the smartest hockey player in history and it's not even close to being not even close. Of major professional sports, maybe Don Bradman is the ultimate GOAT (cricket IS that popular), but other than that? Gretzky.
  6. https://www.thedailybeast.com/anne-sacoolas-grieving-parents-ambushed-by-trump-who-was-hiding-spy-wife-at-the-white-house What the actual fuck is wrong with this moron
  7. Yeah but you have to realize that these abilities are never used in the theoretical, "in-universe" way that they're originally conceived (look at Armor Lock). You greenlight this idea and you're going to have guys running the rim of the map with their shield to the inside, effectively free from taking damage except by what's in front of them, and in a game focused around teamshot that's going to be a real stickler. You're also going to have people running alongside the objective carrier, protecting them from everything but grenades.
  8. Seems a bit OP. The point of a shield is that whatever you're focused on, your sides and back are vulnerable. Effectively creating a consistent barrier between you and the entire map attempting to engage you would probably be a massively broken advantage - it would make objective running brutally easy, if nothing else.
  9. https://www.axios.com/trump-erdogan-turkey-syria-invasion-bluff-fc761d8f-e33b-473b-8ece-d0b8b3a51f26.html We still playing eighteen-dimensional Mancala?
  10. Maybe I'll hop on tonight after I hit up lé music store.
  11. Clan support being MIA in Halo since 2007 is a complete travesty.
  12. The big irony with China is for how unbelievably awful their government is, they're still kicking our asses in addressing the climate. Apparently American politicians missed the memo.
  13. A year into Trump's Presidency, the only feather on his cap was that he didn't pull a Bush. Well he just pulled a Bush. Now he is that level of evil. EDIT: lmfao nevermind this guy is far worse https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-syria-turkey-isis-kurdish-forces-war-latest-a9149571.html?utm_source=reddit.com
  14. She literally supports LGBT and womens' rights because of how much she hates Arabs.
  15. If I hear one more of my right-wing-woke friends tell me I need to support Tulsi "I Would Literally Nuke The Middle East If I Could Get Away With It" Gabbard, I'm going to snap.
  16. So, where are all my "I'm a constitutionalist" conservative peeps at now that Trump is shitting all over it?
  17. Yeah, Reach's aiming is giving me heavy H5 vibes. I don't know why H1 and H2 are so snappy (fuck H3), but they need to find a way to replicate that.
  18. TIL guzzling 12 Cokes a day constitutes healthy living
  19. ...You might want to reevaluate your own health. Trump is 70+ years old, so it's expected that he might be in the throes of dementia as he very clearly is. Meanwhile here you are in your 20s/30s...
  20. I mean yes, the whole "I'll never get sick" rhetoric is one line of idiot logic. But it's the fact that most of these people have private insurance - they literally pay for other peoples' health care already.

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