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  1. You're only furthering my point though, that Halo never had "roles"; people just observed that certain players had different play styles, and then decided to use a term that was completely irrelevant to that fact to try and codify what they were doing. It'd be like watching Strongside play the game, and inventing an imaginary role called a "rover" which you would immediately go and try to ascribe to other players in the game and how they fit into their team's chemistry. "aw man foulacy was totes the rover on TmG"
  2. Alright, but to that I would say, we already tried to do that. 343 gave us Halo 4. We're getting the same tablescraps out of them post-release that Bungie gave us. Really, they're just going to do whatever the hell they want.
  3. I want Halo to get BETTER before it gets BIGGER.
  4. I'd really rather not see a single star actor at all. Famous movie stars are better suited for environments that people haven't been immersing themselves in for the past decade.
  5. There used to be a time in the Halo community where, if you wanted to get really good at the game, ALL roads led to MLG.
  6. In fact, here's an even better point of thought - is a "main slayer" always the one with the highest kills or K/D?
  7. There's a difference between chemistry and roles. Otherwise, people wouldn't be "main slayers" on certain teams and "support players" on others. You're just calling a main slayer an aggressive player. That's it. And a lot of pros said H4 was good after Dallas. So please, spare me.
  8. You are treating a game of Halo like a chess match, where everybody knows exactly what is happening all of the time and a player could theoretically plan out taking the fall to aid the team as if it were a conscious act of strategy. You just posted a game in which APG got 16 assists to Goofy's 18. Nobody plans on dying in Halo - if you die, it means you screwed up, you didn't anticipate a spawn, etc. unless they're running the objective. And before you even go there, nobody gives the ball or the flag to a designated "objective player" unless they are the worst killer on their team. Yeah, you can have a good impact on the game that doesn't show up in the stats, but it is going to be GLARINGLY apparent on video, not just someone trucking along in a win that is completely in spite of their underperforming on the scoreboard. Your assessment of what Halo 2 was to Halo as it is now is completely off - if anything, Halo 2 was MORE about teamshot than Halo 4 because the maps were much smaller on average, and if you weren't emptying your clip every waking second on Midship or on Lockout, you weren't doing your job. So no, it wasn't "more apparent". That was just when people decided to invent the concept of a "main slayer" because Ogre 2 went 40-15 every game, and then they decided that Saiyan was a "support player" because he was clearly the worst player on the team (no offense to Saiyan because I love him). Then they saw that Carbon gave Ghost the ball all the time, and decided that Ghost must be an "objective player" because he knew how to crouch behind S3 on lockout and not get shot at.
  9. How in the world could roles become more fluid in a system that is MORE geared toward roles? What? No player, NO player on this planet, has a good game going at a minus ratio of 1/3. And what you said about Snipedown vs. Formal with the sniper is utter tripe and you know it.
  10. There is no such thing as an "objective" player or a "support" player. Some players are better at killing their opponents than other players. These players are called "better" players. Ultimately, every single action you take is about outmaneuvering, outsmarting, and inevitably outshooting your opponent. That's how you win the game, by killing the other team. Further still, there are some players who are better at teamwork than others. This would also qualify as a "better" player, but it's difficult to quantify and mostly related to producing wins, rather than points - it's a lot more abstract. Regardless, Halo is not a role game. It won't be until MAJOR class-related elements are installed.
  11. It will kill Halo streaming because now people will have easy access to vastly, VASTLY more popular streams.
  12. Be hilarious if more people played Halo 3 than Halo 5. All I have to say is that when Bungie announced the theater function, people were frothing at the mouth and couldn't wait. Then we got Halo 3. Game still has to be functional.
  13. Take it. Do a bang-up job for a few months. Get your boss as a reference. Profit. (No ????? involved)
  14. Is a 4-shot BR in worse-than-Halo-Reach environment what you were looking for in a "saved" Halo?
  15. Too many injuries, won't go far in the postseason.
  16. Here's the thing. You're looking for a rational reason as to why this happened, so at least you can have the closure. THERE ISN'T ONE. You won't find one, so don't even bother looking. If you keep trying to think of an explanation that at least lets you have your peace, then you'll keep dwelling on it. You likely didn't do anything wrong, so if you keep going on thinking that you did, you'll never understand why the relationship is over. Accept that this happened for reasons beyond your control, and you'll sleep a lot better tonight.
  17. Please don't be one of those "we can work through this" people. Because you can't.
  18. Cursed Lemon

    NHL Thread

    Okay, so. Two goals in four games. No points between Crosby and Malkin. Gotta be the biggest singular playoff failure in this entire generation.
  19. Fixed the link for the one I was really looking for.
  20. You're welcome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSJC_nPTJBg&list=FLJ6xpnLWhIr_Te5Na3LDVBg&index=43
  21. Was afraid this thread was going to be about "old school montages". What an annoying trend that was.

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