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  1. There's not going to be a space force.
  2. And this is Halo's problem to solve. Because apparently by its naked self, Halo isn't a blockbuster game.
  3. I don't think it matters much anymore now that LAN'ing has been destroyed, but of all things, the original Killer Instinct had a built-in tournament bracket feature that I always thought was the shit.
  4. Here's the problem - no I don't. I've said this before and I stand by it (think I talked to @S0UL FLAME about it). CE comes out and is the killer app for a brand new system. It's the first wildly popular game on console to use the dual analog control scheme. It basically codified several mechanics for console shooters like aim assist. It's an absolute LAN'ing dream machine in the pre-XBL age. It's also a brand new IP and it's well produced. Halo 2 rolls around, and literally creates the online console lobby/friend/matchmaking system as we know it today. It is the online console game to play. Halo 3 hits. Now we've got a map editor and a gameplay demo reviewer, which was enormous for the content creating community. We also get firefight out of ODST, which proves to be very popular. Then Reach drops, and we get...a half-assed attempt at customization. Halo 4 hits and we essentially get nothing. Halo 5 is released and we get Halo's trend-chasing version of a MOBA and MTX cosmetic bullshit. The original trilogy sold itself not only on its campaign and basic multiplayer structure, it also revolutionized not only the shooter experience but the basic console gaming experience as a whole.The first three titles changed the console video game landscape. The next three games didn't even come close. For Halo to regain its legendary status, it needs to reinvent the wheel in some form or another. How does it do that? I'm not sure. There really isn't any killer new method of experiencing FPS games that I can conceive of.
  5. Thirded. Halo doesn't need to be the undisputed tog-dog of XBL but it needs to be higher than hovering around 40th.
  6. Forest fires were great for our ecosystem when the entire temperate region of the planet was covered in trees. Now, not so much.
  7. There's certainly a debate as to whether using C-buttons to move and aim constitutes being "solid".
  8. In other news, glad all those Good Guys With Guns™ in Texas were there to stop the mass shooter.
  9. And yet Donald Trump's tweet got some randos on Reddit to calculate our spy satellites' locations on the back of a napkin. So the intent wasn't there and the consequences weren't there for Hillary, but somehow in this instance the most important thing is the letter of the law. God you people are pathetic shitsacks.
  10. I guess I should've specified "less forests in actual regions where forests provide their intended functions like biodiversity and carbon sequestration, not plantation monocultures in unnatural places that are planned to be harvested".
  11. Please, I beg you, tell me your big and enthralling conspiracy detailing why she did this to specifically and deliberately compromise the security of this information (that thing you apparently are very willing to forgive people for, as it happens) instead of the much more likely and much more Razor'd explanation - that she's a technological idiot, like all of her peers.
  12. "Less forests are burning. Because there are less forests." Oh.
  13. I don't believe that Hillary Clinton is a typical out-of-touch boomer?
  14. Remember, there's no difference between not being tech savvy and failing to understand the vulnerability of a private server... ... ...and deliberately broadcasting intelligence (failing to consult your own government as to the sensitivity) to the planet over Twitter. No difference. Both sides are the same.
  15. lol did you really just "it's okay when we do it" me? Like I know you're a shill, but that's bold even for you.
  16. Trump tweets classified surveillance information on Iran. BUT HER EMAILS
  17. It might be an issue, it might not. It's difficult to say because Halo has never been played that way in a 4v4 setting. RRR is kind of a bogus solution, we don't want the game aiming FOR you in place of just having zoom (keep in mind, you are expected to land way more of your shots in Halo than any other shooter that comes to mind).
  18. The range at which a player is strong with his spawning weapon is a crucial element in Halo that definitely needs to be weighed before we go doing something like removing zoom from it. 4v4 Halo has always been an "if you see it, shoot it" game, where the player has basically been able to competently engage from almost literally any distance with the weapon that's in his hands off spawn. If that goes away, it could have a significant effect on gameplay, for better or for worse.
  19. Part of, possibly most of, the reason I didn't like ZBNS Reach was because of the terrible visual presentation (mostly framerate) of playing it downloaded on a 360, which is how I played it. 60FPS might actually do that game justice.
  20. The sniper thing was a problem in OG, too. So many unplayable Coagulation matches...
  21. The sandwich is pretty damn good.
  22. hE muST hAvE hAD dIRt oN tHE CliNToNs
  23. So Trump cancels the student loan debt of disabled veterans. Fabulous. But 1) where did all the Republican deficit hawks suddenly scurry away to, and 2) this could be done for everyone and literally nothing would happen.
  24. Even simpler than that...they could've just made the BR not have zoom.

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