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  1. If players were quitting because they were getting completely stomped in ranked, that is a problem with the ranking system, which is why his statement makes no sense. If it was the population that was the problem, that still doesn't make sense because what is he even talking about at that point?
  2. Which is completely idiotic. Because that's the POINT of a ranking system
  3. And Republicans are the only ones dumb enough to fall for that.
  4. Probably because it's right-wing style to be in the closet about the same shit you're crusading against.
  5. lol @ right wing pedophilia projection
  6. Pro tip for the kids at home: "Teamshot" doesn't necessarily have to mean "shooting the same guy at the same time". Finishing him off later is still a form of it.
  7. I'm fine with that if they make child beauty pageants illegal in general.
  8. Maybe because she's being a fucking dunce and beating not even a dead horse, but a stillborn one. But here we are talking about a bathroom bill right after trying to claim that organizations like the Salvation Army and FoCA don't have a history of anti-LGBT behavior. What a turnabout.
  9. https://www.thedailybeast.com/nikki-haley-used-system-for-unclassified-material-to-send-confidential-information Well this is about the seventeenth time someone in the Trump administration misused technology in a way that would create a security breach. Republicans must be in shambles. Oh wait, they don't care. Buttery males.
  10. True. Like the thousands of Twitter conservatives boycotting Chick-Fil-A - without a single shred of irony - now that they won't be donating to anti-LGBT causes anymore (...purportedly).
  11. They're the ones who shit in the corner of the pool. Over time, people realized and got the fuck out.
  12. Real interesting that despite how much Fuckass In Chief likes to run his mouth on Twitter, he hasn't said a single word about Hong Kong. Hurt American farmers to pretend to stick it to China? Sure. Weigh in on a slam dunk issue like this? Apparently can't find his balls. Pussy.
  13. lol are you kidding me The man did what he thought was the correct course of action given what was happening with the Flood, pleads his case to the best of his ability, then gets accused of heresy and sentenced to death in the public eye, and you say that's not relevant to his eventual turn from the Covenant? No, I think we're getting an idea of what's wrong with YOUR line of thinking. Maybe you think the arc isn't there because of shit like what you just said above, which ties in precisely with what I said; because the game didn't give you some reverb-drenched inner monologue of the Arbiter saying "wow man that sucked", you think the narrative doesn't exist, when any idiot could see that stuff like that was part of the transition. You just whiffed on one of the heaviest examples. A normal human being with normal human thought processes would probably be able to take being accused of being a traitor by the very thing you were trying to protect as a very poignant, relevant moment for a transition. Speaking of reading between the lines:
  14. Uh-huh. Nah I'm pretty on the money about it. Several people have tried to beat it into your head that the Arbiter was shown time and time again the chinks in the Covenant religion - you even talked yourself about how the Prophets wanted to execute him in public for doing what he thought was the right thing. But because the game didn't literally beat you over the head with "THE ARBITER IS DOUBTING THE TRUTH OF THE GREAT JOURNEY", you think that it's flawed writing. Maybe you're just being absurdly obtuse about it.
  15. I will drain the swamp of all the liberal Elites.
  16. You have been arguing for ten pages how you think the Arbiter's turn was nonsense because fAiTh 2 stROnK, and as with every argument you get into, literally everyone else disagrees. You're really invested in saying that I'm wrong when I, the most contrarian Halo personality on the planet, am finding myself in agreement with the majority. Something reeeaaaally doesn't add up there.
  17. So the argument here is that the Arbiter can't change his faith after having it challenged from literally every angle possible (that is, specifically in front of his eyes) because "lol c'mon that never happens". M'kay.
  18. I didn't realize LGBT protections, raising the minimum wage, expanding Obamacare, and giving teachers pay raises were "conservative" traits. Yeah he brings in the drooling single-issue abortion voters I guess, can't win it all in the deep south.
  19. Waiting for one of our right-leaning friends here to tell me why a Democrat keeping the Louisiana governorship is actually a win for Republicans. C'mon, flex those spin muscles.
  20. Not pictured in akaWest's spam: Roger Stone

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