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  1. Well I guess that makes Halo 5 an even bigger mystery of a fuckup, now doesn't it?
  2. We've already established that you and a certain other person are alone in the entire universe with respect to your opinions on certain things.
  3. Honestly? I think /r/Halo is the worst. That's counting Waypoint and the way B.net used to be.
  4. Bro I've got B.net/Waypoint PTSD, I can't tell anymore
  5. You're aware that you can only hold two weapons in Halo, right? So if you're getting pinged by a sniper on the map at long range and you're carrying an AR and shotgun (because that's all that was available to you), what are you supposed to do? Just sit there and take it on the dome? Halo is a game where you're supposed to be at least competent at all ranges, all the time. That's why guns like the pistol, BR, and DMR exist. Of course, Halo is also a game where maps aren't supposed to cover half the god damn planet, but that's another problem.
  6. I think you need to revisit the H2 BR dude, because you are going to be in for a bit of a shock if you do some comparisons...
  7. The phrase "minimal bullet magnetism" does not belong anywhere near H2.
  8. One thing that majorly sucks about Reach is the lack of visual/audio feedback for landing your shots. There's no tracer, you don't hear shit, and the shield flare is barely visible. It's so difficult to hone in your technique or adjust to network conditions without feedback instructing you.
  9. Can we just take a second and appreciate the exact moment that Halo 5 officially died?
  10. I "most killed by" your entire team, you'll have to be more specific. :B
  11. Bitch this should be the only post about Reach anyone should read.
  12. Alright, I just bit the bullet and... ... ...They fixed the aiming, like about 70% or so. It's actually playable. I'm legitimately shocked.
  13. I never tried it on controller, wasn't aware it was even a problem.
  14. Someone please let me know whether the aiming is fixed before I go in on this. ...Not sure if that was a rhetorical statement.
  15. This really is a completely bizarre talking point they're pushing because aiming is supposed to be completely transparent, it's not supposed to be something you have to invest all this thought energy into in order to determine what makes it feel "good". Fucking imbeciles.
  16. The Reach update blog talks about the mouse input delay and says that they're "investigating it and are making improvements". Except given that it's not input delay that's the problem, I'm convinced the issue won't be resolved by release, and thus I won't be playing this game.
  17. Reloading on power weapons is a good idea, depending on context.
  18. Seeing a lot of people post "why aren't libruhls giving Trump credit for the animal cruelty bill" Maybe because he didn't fucking write/introduce it. Partially because he's illiterate, but hey.

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