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  1. Don't forget to add a slight FOV zoom-out for that real "warp speed" sensation. EDIT: Jesus Christ this might actually work
  2. "Halo 5 was the biggest launch ever, it sold... ... ... ... ... ... ...$400 million!"
  3. Thank you for quoting this old-ass post, which enabled me to find the following post, which could not be more relevant today...
  4. lol, oh boy Not only is he downplaying the plight of veteran care, not only is he laying down a blatant "fuck you I got mine" when his bills were picked up by the state, he served in the Iraq War. Which corporation was he fighting for, again? Dan Crenshaw is an absolute clown.
  5. People on the left actually care, which is dumb and a complete waste of thought energy. People on the right pretend to care when they get a chance to 0wN dE l1bz
  6. I definitely do not care. But I am very aware of people who pretend to care, when it's convenient.
  7. Well Trump is getting blown out by a whistleblower claiming that he was going to grant favors to a foreign power. But I'm sure this is just the 3,756th conspiracy by the deep state to make Trump look bad.
  8. Don't think of it as "leaning to play with a mouse". Think of it as "leaning the guns" (or in Halo's case, re-learning). As soon as I focused on learning the nuances of the weapons in Apex instead of trying to dominate the mouse, I stopped sucking.
  9. You know what's sad about this? He's probably coerced other girls/women to do this. That's how someone gets to be so casual about being a major league shithead like this. Glad someone outed him on this.
  10. Competitive MCC will never be a thing. Infinite on PC? I still doubt it. Unless the game is stylized far more like a PC-specific shooter, the vast majority are still probably going to play it on console, and PC/console crossplay tournaments aren't a thing.
  11. If there's a difference between a "preference" and an "opinion", with the former being a purely subjective statement of personal enjoyment vs. the latter which is vaguely cohesive position on something supported by a nebula of purported facts, then an opinion can absolutely be wrong because the facts on which it is based can be objectively (or as close to objectively as is virtually possible) disproved. As far as it pertains to, for example, yours + Beast's eternal struggle in this thread, you both have your preference but you absolutely have an opinion as well.
  12. The Trump administration. https://www.justice.gov/usao-pr/pr/fema-deputy-regional-administrator-former-president-cobra-acquisitions-llc-and-another
  13. I remember when I thought opinions couldn't be wrong. All the way back when I was 17.
  14. These are all great QoL improvements for Halo but I would argue that 1) a lot of them are playing catchup or even reinstating features that Halo has already seen, and 2) these aren't really the "killer" features that I'm speaking of, in that they don't transform either the playing experience or the content creation capacity to a significant degree. The most pressing issue on this list is mod support for any Halo title that drops on PC (possibly with the ability to import to console), as that allows the fans to create and consume original content to the degree that it could become an entirely new game. Other than that? These are all features that benefit Halo fans who are still here, but you'd be hard-pressed to argue that they would draw in new ones - people that are looking for a revolutionary gaming experience, not just a polished Halo one.
  15. You must be one of those people who think all Planned Parenthood does is perform abortions. You must also be one of those exceedingly transparent people who hates abortion but also hates family planning resources.
  16. Getting the rich to actually pay for public works/welfare is a difficult problem. Probably better than voting for the rich, though.
  17. Can't steal Republican money when it's all stored in foreign tax havens
  18. It was a "Republicans are eugenicists" joke but yeah thanks for commenting
  19. Proving that he is the best candidate at reaching across the aisle.
  20. I see you still haven't discovered irony. Or self-awareness.

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