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  1. OG Broly was a better villain, to be sure, but obviously they didn't want him to be an antagonist here so they handled it fairly well IMHO. As far as the canon, I'd care if it was something major with one of the main characters, but Bardock? That story was never good anyway. Fuck with it all you like.
  2. This is a criticism I keep hearing and I just cannot get down with it, because attempting to resolve this is to completely get away from the point of what Broly is, which is an opportunity for raw, unfiltered, unnecessary, exploitative, relentless badassery. So if you don't enjoy that, then you don't enjoy Broly - which is fine, but it doesn't make the movie bad. The movie was exactly what it needed to be. The parts about it fucking with the canon are legitimate, if one is that overly protective of the canon of shit like Bardock. Which, frankly, I couldn't care less about.
  3. Just go into it remembering one thing: it's a BROLY movie. It ain't Shakespeare.
  4. It's fucking monumental. And that's coming from someone who only criticizes things.
  5. http://whatweknow.inequality.cornell.edu/topics/lgbt-equality/what-does-the-scholarly-research-say-about-the-wellbeing-of-children-with-gay-or-lesbian-parents/ Literally the first Google result.
  6. +1 for gay parenting +1 for implicit abortion support -1 for implicit single motherhood denigration YOUR LIBTARD SCORE: 66% Click here to share on Facebook
  7. There is literally no evidence that suggests gay couples are inferior in any way.
  8. lol @ the idea that straight parents don't suck a lot of the time
  9. Just tried modern aiming for the first time. Definitely requires a sensitivity tweak, the twitch shooting is a lot different now, but I like it.
  10. True, but the difference is that locating your enemies and killing your enemies are two different matters entirely, and you win by doing the latter not the former. There's also the matter that aim assist is a greater factor when your FOV is smaller as it registers across a greater portion of your view, the fact that zooming in and out in Halo is a very common technique, and also the fact that Halo isn't a twitch shooter in which you only need to land a couple of shots to kill your opponent, thus meaning that you need to continuously track your opponent on screen. Mind you, we're (hopefully) not talking about far extremes - 180 degrees FOV versus 20 degrees or something ludicrous like that. There are other variables of course, such as whether/how the game reacts to the FOV regarding deflection/sensitivity/acceleration curves, but in general I've never bought the bitching about FOV in Halo.
  11. ^ That makes it easier to keep people on screen, but it doesn't make them easier to hit.
  12. Apparently I was trolling. Mueller's office itself came down and cast doubt on the Buzzfeed report. Let's be perfectly clear here, Buzzfeed News is not Buzzfeed. It's a group of multiple Pulitzer winners running a serious news operation. BN are standing by their report and asking Mueller's office to clarify which parts of it are inaccurate. This is a bizarre situation.
  13. https://www.axios.com/trump-told-cohen-lie-congress-moscow-tower-fb2b1c98-9773-41c7-b350-56bcc30be972.html Buttery. Males.
  14. ...Democrats offered twenty-something billion for the wall in exchange for DACA and Trump didn't do it. They also ended one of Trump's engineered shutdowns by NOT pressuring for DACA, so this "Democrats won't budge" bullshit is not only a lie, it's a morally repugnant lie. I'd ask if certain people around here have Alzheimer's, but I know it's just selective memory.

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