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  1. ...Democrats offered twenty-something billion for the wall in exchange for DACA and Trump didn't do it. They also ended one of Trump's engineered shutdowns by NOT pressuring for DACA, so this "Democrats won't budge" bullshit is not only a lie, it's a morally repugnant lie. I'd ask if certain people around here have Alzheimer's, but I know it's just selective memory.
  2. Last time I checked, the right was all fucked up on having thick skin and not being snowflakes. I mean, Trump invoked horrible massacres of Native Americans to make a joke about Elizabeth Warren, so pretty sure the precedent for political discourse is set.
  3. This rebukes my statement how? Also willing to bet you will find no such call for civility from said demographic prior to 2016.
  4. Also defending the McFeast is just about the most white trash thing I've ever heard.
  5. DACA. Thanks for playing "I'm right wing and a massive hypocrite" this week.
  6. Hey glad we agree EDIT: Nvm shotz already pointed that out
  7. If you're just saying "I want Breakout back", then I'm not really sure what to tell you. People hated it because it's not Halo, and it went away.
  8. Problem: this doesn't exist in modern Halo because the individual is gimped. Unless you want 1-life Swat as a gametype.
  9. Looks like we all finally found a spot of common ground in nuclear power. Now why can't the rest of the country get it together.
  10. Felt like posting this in a Halo topic. https://kotaku.com/bungie-splits-with-activision-1831651740
  11. 1. Hillary Clinton was convicted of zero crimes after being investigated twice - by the man who probably cost her the election. 2. It's (clearly) not about what is illegal, it's about what people choose to infer from limited information. Trumpers go off the rails on shit like Seth Rich, but they don't bat an eye at Maria Butina because t3H D33P ST4T3
  12. Getting back to politics for a moment, I do not and never will understand how right wingers can be so caught up in vapid conspiracy theories against the Clintons, yet they absolutely and steadfastly refuse to draw their big red circles around shit like this and play connect-the-dots for El Fatso de Naranja. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/08/us/politics/manafort-trump-campaign-data-kilimnik.html
  13. There isn't a fundamental difference from the macroscopic perspective between a particle in superposition and a particle that is not. That's what makes quantum physics so hard to understand, because our brains work around the idea of classical physics governing everything - all matter is just little billiard balls being knocked around the cosmic table. Also, measuring the particle doesn't stop exhibiting wave-particle duality once you measure it, so nothing actually changes going forward.
  14. "Observation" is synonymous with measurement. The precept is that you can't measure something without affecting it to some degree or in some form. This becomes most significant on the nanoscopic level where you are affecting subatomic particles by measuring them - if the particle in question is in a state of superposition, then measuring it (bouncing a photon off of it, whatever) will collapse the wavefunction and determine a precise location.

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