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  1. This is such a non-event to me that I literally forgot it happened.
  2. The 30-day average for Steam is 7,700 so I don't know where the hell all these people came from. Is there some kind of event going on?
  3. Better yet, has anyone played H5 on the XSX? I heard the higher-powered system will cure the bad aiming.
  4. Wow, seriously. Where have all these people been?
  5. Seriously. What the fuck...could they POSSIBLY be working on that is such a time sink, such a sticking point, or both?
  6. "There was a poll conducted among the pro players, who were in favor of Breakout."
  7. I've said it a thousand times thus far but the connection variability in this game is absolutely insane. Some games I feel like there is nothing I can do to land my shots properly, it feels like my aim assist is gone and it temporarily teaches me to NOT aim at people. Other times I aim at the head, I hit the head.
  8. "If you can find a game, the population is fine."
  9. Did that one dude ever release his video about the fucked-uppedness of 343?
  10. Whoever OK'd "Auto Slayer" as a gametype in CE should be fired immediately.
  11. I mean, that's kind of my point. Their job is to deny reality.
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