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  1. Let's look at some charts for a sec. CS:GO DoTA League (if the source can be trusted) TF2 Warframe Apex Legends PUBG Destiny 2 Rocket League Within the first two months of release, how many of these games lost 85% of their player count at launch? None. Not an actual one.
  2. Don't you still need an XBL account or whatever to play Infinite multiplayer through Gamepass? Would that not contribute to its number on the Microsoft most played list?
  3. I made this in like 2008. Maybe it's time for an update.
  4. So, about that "brand new engine" that was supposed to make adding in content a breeze...
  5. Cite me one? I believe you I just haven't seen it around
  6. tHe MaNgLeR iS aN AnTi-AgGrEsSiVe WeApOn Brought to you by the same people who made up the "objective player", aka the guy who sucks at slaying the most It's a sub-power weapon and, despite the fact that it probably does serve an inappropriate role in the sandbox (BUFF THE BR PLEASE), I have heard zero pros complaining about it. Then again, these people would have you believe that it was the pros who got the Commando nerfed.
  7. I'm not just talking about pros. I'm talking about content creators, journalists, everything.
  8. Boy everything in Halo Infinite is iNsAnE isn't it
  9. Why are we using H3 specifically to improve CE's netcode? I have no idea about the inner workings of this project but H3's netcode was abysmal.
  10. I maintain my tinfoil hat theory that 343soft paid off a shit-ton of people under the table to get eyes on Infinite.
  11. The regen is one of the worst additions to Halo ever rofl
  12. I only play CE and H2 on MCC. I find matches fairly quickly most of the time. Sometimes it almost seems like the search is frozen though.
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