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  1. Oh, yeah. Fucking non-blue hyperlinks.
  2. The post I linked is the most-upvoted post in this site's history and no one from 343 ever acknowledged its existence. You tell me.
  3. That's pretty ironic because you'd have to be blitzed out of your mind to not notice that 343 hasn't been here for like 5 years since we tried having discourse with them and they decided they weren't having any of it when they realized they couldn't just walk in on a red carpet lol
  4. Posts like this are why 343 never listens to this forum.
  5. *sob* It's even more beautiful than you described EDIT: For clarification, this game was a 2v4
  6. Here's your key to Youtube success, everyone. Instead of calling your video "A Breakdown of Halo Infinite's Weapons So Far", be sure to phrase your video title in the form of a leading question and create an obnoxiously baiting thumbnail to go with it. Bonus points for the red arrow pointing to something self-explanatory.
  7. I think people are forgetting one particular aspect of button combos which is that they are ergonomically unintuitive to the n'th degree. A shooter is different from a fighter in that the latter provides far more freedom of input, whereas with the former you have two thumbs glued to either analog stick for movement and index fingers stuck on the fire button and either grenades or jumping. It's even worse on PC where you don't get the luxury of having L3 and R3 conveniently under your thumbs without taking up another physical button. To do basically every button glitch in Halo history, you either have to move your thumb off of the aim stick or induce arthritis and learn to claw, both of which are stupid design flaws. Button combos shouldn't be deliberately implemented in a shooter until something like controller paddles are standardized on the equipment that the console ships with (and you don't have to buy a $150 paper weight like the Elite). PC players I don't know what to tell you except enjoy your mouse with a telephone dial pad on it.
  8. The list was put together to generate controversy and, therefore, clicks. It's so hilariously obvious.
  9. Someone recognized me in MM today from the Halo 2 tribute video I made years ago. That was a nice surprise. Their GT was "My PeyPey Smol" so there's that
  10. It's DEFINITELY not Battlefield tho
  11. Story of the last decade: "X-player got his start in Halo before moving on to far more relevant, far more lucrative ventures."
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