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  1. lol being one "fat" tweet away from war with North Korea (still got nukes btw), starting a trade war, and fucking with Iran for literally no reason = isolationist, huh? That you guys pretend to take things Republicans say at face value is both cute and pathetic. I'll chill out when you fuck off.
  2. You know it's possible to 1) talk, and 2) not say some bullshit while doing it, right? Boy our standards are low.
  3. lmfao "I don't want war with Iran." *employs John Bolton* "WELL I MEAN THEY STARTED IT" You're fucking disgusting, you partisan piece of garbage.
  4. 1. He pet the dog. 2. That sucked ass.
  5. Button scoping would be superior to stick scoping because trying to scope in while significantly deflecting the stick is highly difficult, as well as the fact that we shouldn't have to put that kind of distracting pressure on our aiming. It has definitely "worked" in the past, but if there's an opportunity to change it, it should be done. Replace the R3 button functionality with something that's typically done outside of battle so that it won't conflict with aiming.
  6. Sure is quiet in here with Trump getting all fucked up about Iran. Sure is quiet.
  7. I am now officially caught up on this show. And holy god do I now understand the complaining about the last episode.
  8. Don't they essentially do zero merch or anything promo-related for the prequels?
  9. If Disney can delete the Star Wars prequels, 343 can delete H5. Probably won't though.
  10. Even I can get clowned every now and again. Serves me right for getting excited.
  11. I had an argument about a week ago on /r/Games with someone who, trying to hype up MCC for PC, argued that there would be a broad competitive future for CE when it comes out, fueled by the so called "explosion" of casual interest. Next time I'll just point him to this post as a rebuttal.
  12. I don't really want to talk to the Sarah Sanders of Halo.
  13. ...Do you really think she and I are getting the same laugh out of that?

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