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  1. Oh you're against shaking the status quo, huh? You must've been so mad about Scott Walker. Or Neil Gorsuch.
  2. Vanilla Reach was straight infuriating. Vanilla H4 just completely insulted your intelligence.
  3. Oh, and just throwing this out there. With mod support we get Individual weapon damage modifiers.
  4. Let me ask this. Does anyone here in their right mind think that there are tens or hundreds of thousands of prospective Halo fans hopping up and down at the prospect of getting to download MCC on PC...to immediately jump in and play sweaty-ass 4v4 Pit TS? How good the games play in ranked matchmaking doesn't have any bearing on peoples' interest in these titles. They are going to download MCC because they want to play 1) the campaign, and 2) the goofy-ass custom games that they used to play when they were younger. Both of these things can be advanced to an insane degree by mod support.
  5. And the reason he would have to cover up being a suddenly radical Islamist in favor of stoking anti-Islam rhetoric is...?
  6. When did I say no mod support is the reason Halo died? I said mod support is a key to bringing it back to life.
  7. Uhhhh, why not? They are not why the game sold. They are absolutely why the game posted humongous population numbers all the way through its lifespan and dominated XBL right up until CoD found its footing. Grifball is likely the most culturally relevant Halo phenomenon to ever exist besides Red vs. Blue. All those things you just mentioned were no longer original concepts in the Halo games after H3. They were not killer apps, they were not must-have experiences, and so they did not drive and sustain the games after they launched. Sure, they were great for established, die-hard Halo fans who were going to stick around no matter what, but as far as the multiplayer is concerned that is not a significant amount of people today compared to what once was. MCC on PC is going to be "featureless at launch" just like H5 was, why are you not docking it for that? Once again, mods would be an absurdly easy method of sustained interest. Mods are Forge on steroids, and custom games are an enormous part of Halo's multiplayer core compared to other competitive game franchises which are often overwhelmingly centered around matchmaking. I don't know what universe you guys are living in where you think naked versions of old Halo games have the same pull that they did 10 years ago, but it's not the one currently running reality.
  8. Halo died on console. Why is it so outrageous to suggest it could do the same on PC? The hype was there for H5, and H4. Look what happened. Are you really going to sit here and compare Halo, a 19-year-old IP, to a game like LoL or Fortnite, games which are currently in their prime and codified their respective genres? Mod support needs to be high on the priority list. End of story.
  9. "Thousands" is probably exactly the concurrent metric going for Halo 5 at this point, probably less for MCC. That's Microsoft's flagship series. Is that really the population count you're satisfied with? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person left around here that wants Halo to be better than it has been. They literally would not exist without mods. And even then, so what? If something better and more viable spins up from Halo's mod scene, is that a bad thing?
  10. Because they still need to be there in a month. Okay, well, Halo has been dying. So why exactly is it a convincing argument to say, "let's take this debacle of a collection of games that everyone's already played and put them on PC, #WEBACK". I...don't see how that counters my point.
  11. You're dodging my question. Where are all these die-hard Halo fans right now? And to mods, I will repeat an argument I've said many times. When CE came out, it effectively created console LAN'ing (where actual "LAN" took place) and brought the dual-analogy system to the masses, not to mention its shooting mechanics are actually extremely important in the console shooter landscape. H2 brought us the online console matchmaking/lobby experience as we know it today. Halo 3 brought us Forge and Theater. What did Reach give us? Dick all that hadn't been done before. What did H4 give us? Dick all that hadn't been done before. What did H5 give us? Dick all that hadn't been done before. Noticing a theme there? All the influential Halo games changed something about the way we experienced Halo, if not console shooting itself. All the Halo games that didn't do that had hemorrhaging populations. Now Halo has a chance to bring something fresh to the scene that until now had only ever been on the rough outskirts of the franchise, and they're balking. Modding is important. Nevermind Halo, look at other franchises. Look at Skyrim. Look at Fallout. Look at Arma. These franchises live and breathe on their modding scenes. Look at Dota, look at TF2, look at CS: Source. Games built entirely upon mods. That's how important and relevant modding is to the PC world. And Halo is just going to casually be like, "eh, we'll get to it when we get to it"? This should %1000 be a launch priority, especially with the staggered releases. It's fucking SELF-PERPETUATING INTEREST in the franchise, it's free exposure with the dev team having to do literally nothing except provide the tools.
  12. You obviously have a theory. You could share it with the class.
  13. Where are all these people chomping at the bit to play Halo right now with MCC, a collection of games that are either good or relevant but not both? MCC and H5 have crap for populations, why would there be a hidden reserve of people waiting to be diligent and semi-permanent Halo fans only when it comes out on PC? Hell, look at the state of Halo PC back in the day. What was the customs browser completely filled with? 8v8 rOcKeTz hog TRICK JUMPS no NOOBZ on Death Island, with modded vehicles that fired machine gun gauss rounds with 10x explosion radius. You're kind of glazing over the fact that people don't really care about Halo these days, which is really weird given the state of things that we're all so pointedly aware of. There will absolutely be a surge of players to start out MCC's life on PC (mostly of people wanting to run through the campaigns, and also people wanting to get in on Reach), but a lack of Forge, Theater, mods, and all of the games on launch is going to put a huge dent in those numbers. I would argue that most of the players that stick around are going to be double-dippers from console.
  14. "Feature complete"? What features are PC MCC players getting? Are tens of thousands of people going to swoop in on Halo just so they can play it at 144Hz? Forge and Theater aren't even going to be there at launch, nevermind the staggered release schedule.
  15. This should be first priority. Hardly anyone plays MCC now, hardly anyone will play it on PC once the novelty wears off unless it has something Halo has never had, which is official mod support.

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