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  1. Oh look it's the exact reason Halo never rebounded
  2. Someone come up with any conceivable reason why we don't have a "forfeit" function.
  3. Ghost Town was my OG "I fucking hate this map" experience. Absolutely worthless creation that was good for exactly zero gametypes (except oddball because oddball works on literally every map).
  4. I've played CE for literally 20 years, I know when I'm supposed to be missing. I also know how it feels in relation to other shooter games where what happens is EXACTLY what I expected to happen. It was a very, very rare instance for me to feel like Apex Legends just totally dropped a shot. EDIT: Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to crosshair skins in CE. You know, a skin subset that would actually be useful.
  5. NGL the zero-spread thing seems to have absolutely ZERO effect in-game for me in terms of comparing social to ranked. Whatever else is going on is 95% responsible for how bad the pistol feels
  6. wtf is wrong with this game https://streamable.com/fvq3pn
  7. Yep, I've been having roughly one incident per game.
  8. Imagine having a gun - the main gun of the game - function differently in social and competitive modes.
  9. I tried to tell everyone this when server browser was the hot topic of discussion for MCC and Halo 5. It's going to look EXACTLY like Halo PC, servers will consist of: 1. Mods 2. Mods 3. Mods 4. Glitching / trick jumping 5. 16v16 BTB games where half the players are AFK 6. Mods 7. Private servers Fuck yes
  10. The hit reg in CE and H2 is absolutely fucking awful. I'm considering just dropping this piece of shit game.
  11. I saw you invite me the other day a little late, I asked for Discord just because the in-game chat is shit as fuck
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