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  1. It may be wasted brain cells to gripe about it, but it's still of heavy remark that it did not have to go down like this. Halo could still be a top dog in the gaming world, if not for...a couple dozen boneheaded design choices.
  2. Part of it is that CE's magnetism scales with distance. There's effectively zero on the pistol at close range, while out long it actually gets pretty heavy.
  3. Just couldn't help but notice that MCC is in...180th place on Twitch.
  4. H3 does NOT have the same magnetism as H2C. Maybe sometimes it's slightly ambiguous because both BRs have spread on them, but this isn't debatable.
  5. Can somebody tell me if I'm crazy here? I just looked at Steam's top-100 and Halo isn't even on the list. Does that mean this game is getting less than 6,000 people on it? If so, that is...wow. Also, fuck this game.
  6. I have good internet but my connection is consistently shit to these games. I got the floor wiped with me at level 2 by some dudes clearly on their way to 50s, but when you can't fight back with the pistol, the game kind of breaks down.
  7. It's easy to hate on the spread when 343 decided that the first social mode would be big fucking team fucking battle. Yeah, as it turns out, trying to pistol people across Sidewinder - whom you could barely even see in the old days on a 640x480 CRT - exposes the spread. There's also some kind of distance cap on the pistol that I don't recall being a thing in OG CE, kind of like the H2 sniper off-host.
  8. If you scope in using the right mouse button, you have to take the bind off of "Vehicle Function 2", otherwise you won't be able to scope in with the mouse. Fix from "dany" in the Discord.
  9. Ball was always the best 2v2 objective. Allowed mobility and adaptive play but still required dedication to the objective.
  10. Yawn. This what you guys typically say when Conservative Treehouse hasn't told you what to think yet?
  11. So Trump gets acquitted in the Senate of abuse of power, and then turns around and IMMEDIATELY abuses his power by firing Alexander Vindman and his brother who had nothing to do with anything. Reason #2095802 why anyone who supports this man is pond filth.
  12. If that was true, it would've been fixed on the better model XB1s. It wasn't.
  13. Until I die or someone fully fesses up, this theory is canon. I more so posted it just to reminisce about the hilarity of it all.

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