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  1. I don't inherently see anything wrong with CTF but we desperately, desperately need more gametype/map diversity in competitive Halo. Now that we've got a ridiculous Forge as a backstop we don't have to worry about the shiny presentability of dev maps, so we need game modes that don't suck. Relatedly, if 343 tries to pull another fast one on us in the vein of Breakout with Infinite I will throw a brick through their office window.
  2. So Trump finally utilized the Defense Production Act. This is good. It also spits in the face of his supporters who cried "dats fer dem COMMIES", which is even better. But he only did it because, as usual, he couldn't score some kind of PR win by persuading GM to take a shit contract and make him look like mister dealmaster. Whatever. I'll take doing the right thing for pathetically wrong reasons.
  3. We need to make a CE-is-borked montage with top-tier editing. I'm talking the "Walshy's 3rd Montage" of bloopers.
  4. I played five games yesterday and they were ALL terrible connection. I'm talking bang-on sniper shots just straight up not counting.
  5. This is soooooooooooooo stupid. Rode NT5 matched pair of cardioid pencil condensers = 500 measly fucking dollars = CROWD NOISE
  6. Do you actually know what my opinion is on public v. private sector? No you don't, because you never bothered to investigate. So until you locate the fortitude to find out, I'm just going to keep making fun of Republicans because it's so easy. Let me continue that with this tweet which I simultaneously can and can't believe is real.
  7. Well that's the magic of being part of the wing that are massive hypocrites
  8. Imagine being that disappointed that you don't get to shoot some liberals because they actually help each other and don't need to raid your shit
  9. That's called "crony capitalism" which is synonymous with being right wing.
  10. Here's a better question Why are billion-dollar corporations on the verge of bankruptcy after two weeks of reduced revenue Maybe they're the ones who should stop buying iPhones and avocado toast and start saving money
  11. Real fuckin' ironic over here considering the bill from your homeboy the Democrats shot down. Then again, everything Republicans do is projection.
  12. Jesus Christ some good news for once. If it gets passed, that is.
  13. The UK's pandemic response model is apparently built on "thousands of lines of 13-year-old C". Strike another notch for the importance of open-source.

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