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  1. More people are playing The Forest right now than MCC.
  2. I feel like the "silent majority" is currently playing other games.
  3. Now we'll see if Halo 3 has the pull that people think it does.
  4. You guys would be willing to overlook one ethically questionable half day for a better Halo game, right? The problem is strafe and how it factors into the granularity of aiming ability and reaction time - we all want a good strafe so that our movement ability means something. We need a fast strafe, which either means unnaturally jerky animations or it means increasing the base speed.
  5. You just...make each single bullet veer slightly off course? lol
  6. I'm very curious as to what they're going to trot out. This is do or die time for 343.
  7. Thinking on the discussion about enjoying Halo a while ago, my brother recently got a competent gaming computer, so we decided to run through the CE campaign. There, I do like something about Halo still.
  8. Didn't the Banished already get their asses kicked in Halo Wars 2? Is that not canon?
  9. Can someone tell me why I should be excited that the Banished are the enemy of Infinite? Because that's hitting real underwhelming right now.
  10. Twitch needs a legit competitor, so this kind of sucks.
  11. Is the game more fun, or do your expectations simply drop?
  12. Other games might not be using zombie code from 1999.
  13. CE can be the least-fun Halo when you're getting utterly curbstomped by people who are out of your league (although I mean default Halo 2, right?). Thing is, though, you were never supposed to be playing those people in the first place.
  14. If you liked OG H3's aiming but hate this iteration's aiming, not sure what to tell you. I know they preserved the gross feel of it that I hate.

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