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  1. It's actually surprising fun to play. I'm concerned about the balance of some objective modes but I'll be getting it at launch or soon after for sure.
  2. I get enough of moonmoon subs in general across the website, no thanks. hhehe XD purple lady face btw
  3. This x1000. They're actually insufferable. I'm not a fan of PUBG so I haven't been watching much of his stream but his chat is just awful.
  4. I'm so fucking over this shit. How is it that the Rainbow 6: Siege eSports shit is ran so well by ESL but Halo is continually left to fester and rot?
  5. Who fucking cares? Dude jumps in here to vehemently defend the indefensible and people are getting sick of it.
  6. T-minus five minutes until the standard Simms apology post about how stuff like this is unavoidable and they'll do better.
  7. I am 100% certain that if OS were to break into the Pro League/Pro scene they would not drop out of it.
  8. T2 is actually kind of insufferable to listen to when he's casting Str8 matches.
  9. "Don't hold your breath" LMFAO. I honestly don't give a shit anymore. Let it all burn. Fuck off, 343i.
  10. Scrimming honestly sounds like a chore for their teammates. How can you ever have a good start when the twins are still talking about the problems of last game sometimes up to a minute into the next game? That alone would make me say fuck it and get offline haha.
  11. The only person who I've seen that does this style of coaching but doesn't feel too back-seaty is Symbolic. He emphasizes important calls from his team but never seems to get in the way.
  12. I actually found this interesting enough to clip earlier, I'm not sure who on the team was talking but they didn't seem to be fond of Towey's coaching style lol. https://clips.twitch.tv/ArtisticUglyEggNerfRedBlaster
  13. "NOOOOOOOOOO SCOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHPEE FROM FRAWSTEEEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!!" is all I hear when I look at this picture haha.
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