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  1. I asked to join on that group. Waiting on their approval.
  2. I'm not, lol. But its the closest thing to my country, so we give each other amazing connection. Always getting handicapped connection from the States and UK :x
  3. Anyone from Singapore? Add me up to run games. GT: I Shahed I
  4. The Walshy one was sick. But I would go with the Str8 Rippin one.
  5. Which one did you think was the best Montage? Post your link below.
  6. I have changed my Gamertag from Shahed69 to I Shahed I So hit me up if you want to run games.
  7. Anyone decent at Doubles and knows their callouts and how to play, post your Gamertag here. Mine is Shahed69.
  8. Where are my Microsoft points?!
  9. Post here or hit me up with a message. GT; Shahed69.
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