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  1. That is correct. Halowaypoint doesn't differentiate ranked / social / custom K/D & W/L ratios and that's the resource we're using to scrape player stats. Until 343industries provides APIs for MCC player stats, our only method to retrieve them is scraping which is quite unreliable for obvious reasons. That said, we do have an API which allows us to view any given player's past 100 games. If you're consistently getting 0 kills per game (i.e. ending custom games/circle boosting in matchmaking) or getting hundreds/thousands of kills per game, we'll conclude that you're boosting and remove you from the leaderboards. It's a delicate process because the proof has to be borderline conclusive for us to start removing anybody. Gory (the dev) is doing the best he can. He paid for the domain, he paid for the hosting, he coded the website from the ground up. We'll try and protect the integrity of the leaderboards the best we can. I'm far from naive - I realize there's a fair amount of boosting that's already taken place. Having a 400+ W/L ratio or a 27+ K/D ratio simply isn't attainable. The CE 50s that aren't named Xorg or Twisted are likely circle boosted. The issue is the boosting likely took place months ago and given that there is no Bungie.net, we can't scroll back thousands of games to verify that there wasn't any circle boosting or DDoSing. Cheating is being looked into. Obvious cheating (i.e. 400 W/L ratio) will be dealt with sooner rather than later.
  2. Sup guys? Rarely do I self-promote but I figured you guys might appreciate this. Currently we're only tracking Xbox stats (PC stats are coming unless crossplay is announced) but we're doing the best we can with the little we have. MCC's APIs are horrid and 343i doesn't seem interested in providing accessible stat tracking & leaderboards for its players so, as always, the community took care of itself. Just enter your GT in and check the leaderboards. Enjoy! mccstats.com Follow @GoryFigment (the dev) and/or @TommyKost (the cheerleader) on Twitter for updates/suggestions.
  3. From a matchmaking standpoint, both games were equally terrible. As far as the gameplay goes, I believe Halo 4 was more polished than Reach off its launch. Vanilla Reach was an absolute joke. Gun fights were almost always a gamble; You pace your shots, somebody spams. You spam, somebody paces. There was no clear cut way to shoot your DMR aside from implementing a crouch into your strafe. I wasn't a fan of pre-patch Reach for this very reason and while Halo 4 was probably the worst game in the franchise, I had no issue with inconsistent gun fights on launch day.
  4. Halo 1: N/A Halo 2: 9 Halo 3: 7 Halo: Reach: 3 Halo 4: 1 Halo 5: 3 The lack of strong skill matching and party matching is the #1 reason Halo: Reach, Halo 4, and Halo 5 get low ratings from me. The games weren't necessarily terrible but their matchmaking systems were beyond horrid. Halo 1 gets a "N/A" rating from me because I haven't experienced H1's multiplayer outside of MCC.
  5. Skill matching means absolutely nothing if parties of 3/4 can match solos/duos.
  6. No competition, huh? Call of Duty 4 (2007) Call of Duty WaW (2008) Call of Duty MW2 (2009) Call of Duty BO1 (2010) Gears of War (2006) Gears of War 2 (2008) Halo 3 maintained a 6 figure population from 2007-2010 until the launch of Halo: Reach with multiple classic games released during its relevancy. Here's a video from 2007 and here's another video from 2010 to prove my point. Additionally, World of Warcraft was one of the go-to PC games during that era and while WoW had originally launched in 2004, Blizzard released two of its greatest expansions in 2007 and 2008. (TBC & WoTLK) Edit: Just realized I quoted a post from 2015. Either way, logic prevails.
  7. Your Team Name: BUSTIN NUTZ Winner: BUSTIN NUTZ Round Number: 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
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