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  1. I wonder how many people have the exact same teams for this fantasy HCS.
  2. I sort of like this idea. Maybe take a vote from all 4 players and the coach of the team currently ranked 1? Although I could see @@LethuL ranking every team with a fan base ahead of CLG. I love the idea of power rankings and the excitement and controversy they bring. 100% agree that we should have more votes cast into it though. Maybe take a coaches poll from the top 8 teams? Something. Any way you look at it, its the community's baby and we should cherish it and appreciate that ppl take time out of their day to do things like this for the entire Halo community.
  3. You shouldn't think like that man. If nothing else you could pick up some great young guns like Turley and wreck the challenger league. You would atleast be keeping your name out there for future roster mania's.
  4. Looks like the RNG vs E6 ended 8-5 RNG. I hate to say it, but IMO it looks like a typical ninja squad. Very good yet also extremely vulnerable. Kind of like a team that can be 1 game away from winning a series and then get reverse swept.
  5. I agree that 343 has messed some things up, all developers will. But how is what they are doing now messing anything up? They are putting an effort to make changes for the better and using pro/community feedback. I'm extremely grateful for efforts like this.
  6. That has gotten me killed so many times and one of my old halo buddies completely avoids halo 5 now because of this.
  7. I agree with this. But at the same time it's going to make the scrims with CLG that much more HYPE.
  8. Probably just preparation for the worst April fools joke ever.
  9. Naded dropping intel in stream. He's hoping to team with Optic still searching for a 4th. He has only been contacted by 2gre and optic about teaming.
  10. a lot of respect for you putting soo much work into everything halo and STILL working a job irl. Full time or not that much work can cause stress on anyone and you've really persevered through it all. Wish you the best. hopefully you can bring the best competetive halo out of everyone when you go full time.
  11. whats up with all of the top team coaches being jacked af? lol
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