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  1. Clutch basically confirmed ace made a team change live on stream yesterday, he joined a skype call and didn't realize anyone was streaming. I look forward to seeing all these team changes announced, season 3 is going to look completely different.
  2. He dropped EG because some one got him the original "Lunchbox" @ on twitter.
  3. I've been watching Halo since 2006, and granted some players have improved in different Halo's, the top 8 teams usually consisted of the same players every game. Halo 2 to 3 we did see a lot of new teams, but that didn't really change from the start of Halo 3 to the end. I wouldn't blame a game on a teams success because the fundamentals of Halo stay the same from game to game.
  4. Mikwen and Chig are no longer with Denial, rumor I heard is Elumnite is gonna get the Denial team.
  5. That's the problem I see though, I honestly don't see 343 nerfing any of the auto weapons. I feel like there using the AR/SMG as weapons to bring more people to Halo, so they have to be powerful. Which is why I disagree with the AR as a starting weapon for HCS. The other Arena playlists though I'm completely fine with it.
  6. To anyone who voted for the 4sk pistol/ar start, what's your plan B if they don't buff the pistol? If they don't make the pistol a 4sk, do you still want the pistol as a starting weapon? Is pistol/ar start even an option if its not buffed?
  7. So true, and after MCC I don't see a lot of people willing to wait for a patch to fix anything. If its not balanced and ready at launch, there gonna have major issues with people sticking around.
  8. I'm just as confused as you are. I fully support starting with a pistol only, and have BR/DRM's placed on the map, but starting with an AR in HCS...? I just don't see the benefits of lowering the skill gap in HCS to get more players involved. Just go back to H3, MLG settings were nothing like default H3, yet it was easily the most successful Halo for there events and viewership. I've never, not once been excited watching a player, including pro players, kill some one with an AR. It's just not fun to use or watch in competitive Halo. But that's my opinion..
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