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  1. updated to v2! moved to forge Island removed campy bottom mid ready for testing
  2. Thanks everyone for the help I fixed the speed boost issue! I made it on impact because derelict was in space and this is mostly inspired by derelict (which was in space I think). I don't really have any other reason. Forge Island might be better looking so I might reforge Echo on Forge Island soon
  3. Hi i'm Murfthesmurf. halo is the reason I bought my xbox. I mostly forge, but i like to do everything else too.
  4. This is a symmetrical arena map updated to forge Island supports slayer, koth and ctf Changelog: v2-moved to forge island -removed bottom mid -removed incineration cannon -switched light rifles with suppressors - switched grenades on outside to light rifles v1.1- fixed falling speed boost issue overhead one of the four bases rock between bases the middle The current weapon set is: 4 Light rifles - 1 behind each rock 4 suppressors - one behind the crate in each base 2 frag grenades - bottom mid 1 speed boost - top mid Thoughts? download (forge island v2)
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