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  1. Many peoples' complaints from day one have been "the aiming is fucked". At no point did anyone have a handle on why it was fucked. This new revelation (along with the XIM stuff) is our first peek into why that might be. 


    The sensitivity and acceleration features didn't help anyone or solve anything. 

    There has been plenty of discussion. The acceleration options do work.  You accelerate to full turning speed faster if you set the acceleration higher. 343 admitted that they changed the default acceleration from previous halo's and gave us those options. The aiming being inconsistent is another matter. Not everyone seems to notice this issue so I can see how it would be hard to differentiate the two if you don't notice it or don't get inconsistent aiming at all. 

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  2. I'm calling placebo effect. It's certainly not impossible, but I really don't buy the reqs affecting memory much. It's not like they aren't in the game if you don't have them unlocked. It's not like if you went to Warzone as a smurf, the game would lag out because it couldn't comprehend the existence of a Nornfang. 


    Plus, pros have complained about heavy aim at the LAN events, and unless you're saying they're recovering their actual Xbox live accounts and then reloading in all those reqs (which I again doubt are ever loaded in just because you have them unlocked), they shouldn't feel the effects. 

    I personally never said anything about memory or RAM. I don't buy the memory explanation either. But I tried a smurf and it's a lot better. I still get heavy aim but it's way more playable than my main. 

  3. There's clearly an aiming problem with this game, the engine isn't fucked up, it just is inconsistent and varies from game to game, some games you feel aiming like a god, then the next one you can't hit a perfect even if your opponent is looking directly at you without moving. I've played this game for over 1000 hours, with my main account and smurf account, so no, it's definitely not the req packs because I don't buy them with my smurfs and they aiming still feels shitty and random.

    It doesn't totally fix it, I'll admit that. But between my main and my smurf, the smurf is much more consistent. It still gets fucked up sometimes, but far less often. My main is barely playable.

  4. If you want to fix the heavy aiming, make a smurf account and then don't open any REQs that give you permanent unlocks. It looks like the REQ system is causing the reticule lag/ heavy aiming. At the very least it's part of the problem. I just made a smurf and the change is immediately noticeable after 7 arena games. 


    Hopefully someone like @@Neighbor can look into this.



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  5. Since the release I was always so annoyed of the heavy aim and it was honestly one of the most frustrating things I've ever dealt with. (For the record when I played at Eric and Towey's house I noticed it a lot less often probably because where they were compared to central servers.) But I have been playing better since I've pressed start because I can actually aim at people during most of my spawns. 

    Yeah I started using it and it does work. It's a very noticeable change. I think it's some sort of graphics problem that is creating extra input lag as the game progresses. Aiming usually isn't related to server connection but maybe this game is different. 

  6. So a lot of people have mentioned that the aiming changes from game to game and frequently feels more sluggish. I believe this is some sort of graphics problem with the game. I have noticed several times that as a game progresses, the aiming will start to feel sluggish.


    From reading the HWC thread, it appears that it was Contra who discovered that pressing start seems to fix the sluggishness. Other pros like Lethul have been using this "fix." I recently began using it and it does work. It isn't a placebo. The change is very noticeable. 

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