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  1. For H2A, Saber did the single player remastered graphics and Certain Affinity did the multiplayer.
  2. I think it's funny that Certain Affinity (Doom 2016 multi) and Saber Interactive (Quake Champions) both made failed multiplayer shooters for id software.
  3. The H3 MLG playlist is not gonna match TO4's with solo players, which is going to suck when the population dies down after the first week and everyone has to wait 20 minutes to find a game.
  4. I'm gonna bet Multi's source is right and MCC Relaunch with H3A is "a little something" that Sketch mentioned. The way they keep on denying H3A feels like a troll way to surprise people.
  5. There has been plenty of discussion. The acceleration options do work. You accelerate to full turning speed faster if you set the acceleration higher. 343 admitted that they changed the default acceleration from previous halo's and gave us those options. The aiming being inconsistent is another matter. Not everyone seems to notice this issue so I can see how it would be hard to differentiate the two if you don't notice it or don't get inconsistent aiming at all.
  6. Did they only co-develop the single player? Cause Sledgehammer co-developed MW3 with IW after the IW heads were fired and half the staff left.
  7. I personally never said anything about memory or RAM. I don't buy the memory explanation either. But I tried a smurf and it's a lot better. I still get heavy aim but it's way more playable than my main.
  8. I shouldn't have used the word fixed. It helps a lot but does not get rid of it entirely!
  9. It doesn't totally fix it, I'll admit that. But between my main and my smurf, the smurf is much more consistent. It still gets fucked up sometimes, but far less often. My main is barely playable.
  10. Try it! My source is the same person that raised hell about the H2A netcode back in January 2015!
  11. Don't dismiss me until you've tried it. Make a smurf and the heavy aiming mostly goes away!
  12. If you want to fix the heavy aiming, make a smurf account and then don't open any REQs that give you permanent unlocks. It looks like the REQ system is causing the reticule lag/ heavy aiming. At the very least it's part of the problem. I just made a smurf and the change is immediately noticeable after 7 arena games. Hopefully someone like @@Neighbor can look into this. https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/forums/6e35355aecdf4fd0acdaee3cc4156fd4/topics/heavy-aiming-is-not-fixed/edc2890d-30a9-4242-8851-c474ac95a22f/posts?page=22
  13. Orion and Pegasus show up WAY too much in Team Skirmish! I would actually be down to play Riptide Strongholds or Torque anything. But I never see them...
  14. Someone said it was Contra a couple weeks ago in this thread.
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