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  1. This honestly cant be seriously happening right now i mean really am I in some sort of alternate reality where Optic is a good team and the best team in the world could lose a player to them. Help me. Hold me. We are not safe.
  2. This is literally how double elimation has worked forever. EG is still in the winner's bracket, they need to lose twice still otherwise it's massively unfair. This is gonna be a good finals.
  3. Dubu. I think he's gonna jump ship because he's "hyped" up more than the other 3
  4. 49-46 CLG game 5, Naded with the 4 for 1 snipe overkill for the win
  5. I personally think Commonly is the voice of reason on EG combined with Towey. He also performs nearly every game. I don't see why anyone would consider dropping him. This is almost entirely on the twins egos/arguments IMO. but we shall see.
  6. tensely watching the oscars to see if leo will break his curse EG looked good against TP, hope they keep it up. Were they streaming at all? hope they arent as heated
  7. Nah I just didn't explain it correctly, individual plays matter but their issue is their blaming each other and attacking each other rather than constructively criticizing each other.
  8. You disagree with something I didn't say? I didn't say they shouldn't talk about the individual plays, but they shouldn't use the bad play as an attack. I think they should took about team play over individual play, but individual play is always a factor. Sorry if I didn't make that clear
  9. I've been watching EG since they formed, and The twins/snip3down since 2008 so here's my thoughts as an EG fanboy: Never since I started watching Halo did I truly believe the twins were the entirety of the problem, but in this case it's almost impossible for them to improve as a team when both Roy and Lunchbox refuse to accept their wrong, ever. At the end of every game they lost, Roy almost always immediately has something negative to say about Lunchbox's play, and Lunchbox is very bad at accepting criticism. The same thing happens when it's the other way around. I know they're twins and they're going to argue but these digs at singular plays are the WORST way to improve. They need to talk about what they need to do AS A TIME on the whole, not each individual play that was bad. Snip3down does occasionally get heated and argue back, but it's nowhere near as frequent or as heated and often more constructive, but sometimes he falls into the trap. Towey can't get a word in edgewise, he's the "fifth man", and one of the best Halo analysers I can think of. They should be listening to him a lot more than they are and asking him for advice and letting him have the final say in things to avoid these heated arguments. and finally, the voice of reason is Commonly. Commonly is a great player, he communicates well, he learns fast and he's a positive guy but I can see him getting frustrated with the arguing. Same with snip3down and towey. I hope roybox can just put aside their twin rivalry and stop blaming each other for every loss and accept that it was a teams fault and move on - which leads to my final point. THEY ARE A TEAM. They need to think like a team, play as a team, and talk as a team. Not talk and blame one person (Usually Lunchbox, even when it's not his fault). If they don't stop these petty "you did this and we lost because of it" "no i didnt, you did this and we lost because of it" arguments, they're gonna lose world and CLG will win no doubt in my mind. IF nothing changes - I see snip3down and Snip3down Jr.(Seriously does anyone else think Commonly looks like he could be related to snip3down?) jumping ship and grabbing two players to form a team after worlds. Heinz/apg or Mikwen/ola come to mind. we shall see. But, from the bottom of my heart as a huge EG fanboy. If anyone on that team reads this - the first issue that needs to be addressed is how you guys speak to each other about mistakes and you guys need to learn how to criticise without attacking. There is still time for you guys to improve to match CLG but at this point I think you guys would struggle tremendously to face them again. EG 1st in my heart
  10. He's the most whiney player ive heard since hysteria - But with a more nasally voice. I'm sure he's a nice guy - but I can't get past that. It's torture. The cat ears didn't help either.
  11. Not so much salt, more just he is the most annoying person I've ever heard speak - I couldn't spend two minutes with that guy without wanting to hit him Doesn't stop him being a top 5 player in this game, just an opinion
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