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  1. I got my money on Ambush. Lxthul/Heinz duo is... *puts on glasses*... lethul. apG and Hysteria are also great slayers. Just an overall well prepared and good looking team. Only team close to their calibre has to be Squaaaad. (IMO) :-)
  2. This is what Halo needs. Videos like this freaking motivate people. I'm so hyped to play some H3 tonight for the nostalgia. Snipetality and Hastings, thank you for this. I swear I've never seen a Montage where so many members of Final Boss got the dick that badly, haha. No doubt one of the best Halo montages, next to the Str8 Rippin montage of course. Ace you are amazing. Great Montage. 10/10
  3. I'd like to see FFAs in 3 or Reach (Hell even 4). I'd actually be willing to practice and play. But for 2v2s I'd rather watch Halo 3. Watching Reach 2v2s doesn't sound as appealing. Plus H3 might attract more people (IMO).
  4. I am stunned. Sunday was great. I didn't much care for the rapping, the guitar playing and dear lord the woman singing made me claw my ears to pieces but the gameplay. The bravo and the goldenboy. The HALO. I was so amazed and on xbox live me and my friends were shouting so loudly for our favorite pros to win. Definitely a success. This is what happens when a company supports its game. I thought the skyline 1v1 was going to suck but it turned out to be very fun to watch. Lets hope there is more to watch and that we don't hit a low spot again. Defnitely one of the best competitive FFA/1v1 tournaments I've ever seen.
  5. I don't want to be that guy but this tournament has been literally the most disappointing and depressing tournament in (my) Halo History. Snip3down announced his retirement (and the came back for a lil bit), the stream quality has been awful and the way the tournament has been presented is bad. We can't see the players names and they use the "0000" as gamertags? I understand "technically" why they used that but we as viewers need to see that so we can understand what the heck is going on. And everybody had to use gray armor? DID THEY (343i) NOT LEARN THAT GRAY + HALO = NOT GOOD? (reach joke) Plus we hardly got updates about what was going on. I literally got all of my updates via random halo names (Brutus, halo twitter accounts, pros from the event etc). I know they updated during the top 32 finals but still, I was clueless for a majority of the tournament. Plus, Naded on twitter made a great point when he said that the rule about using sound proofing headsets was ridiculous. Being used to playing with Astros and having to use muffled ear muffs and cords THE DAY OF THE TOURNAMENT will definitely mess you up. And no listen-ins also just kills gameplay (which is why a 4v4 should've been here). Listening to broadcasters only goes so far. Now we're being told it will be much better and that the stream is going to be swaggin awesome 2 tha max tomorrow? God I hope so. The FFA will be intense, yes, but the 1v1 afterwards is going to be so dull. Sure it'll have it's moments but it's going to be a Skyline bore-snore like at the AGL events. Again, I hate to be that guy, but the viewership has been LOWER than the worst AGL event. Unless Walshy shows up or something tomorrow, I'm expecting a disappointment. No amount of Derskitivity is going to change that. Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system.
  6. The only reason I support this move is because the OpTiC stream was a lot better than the MLG Stream in terms of lag and OpTiC Nadeshot was using slow mode so nobody could cheat. But I do understand that MLG wants to avoid cheating and stuff like that. It's not a silly rule. It serves a purpose. And it is to support themselves because it's "their" tournament run by GameBattles. There should have been a discussion about this before the tournament so there wouldn't be such a big debate about it. IMO, I don't think they (OpTiC) should stream because I don't know if they're doing it to show people the event or just to rack up money on twitch :-\.
  7. Man, you have no idea the feels that were unleashed when I read this post. I too have that 10 year old inside of me. I played H1 and H2 on campaign and got into the competitive/MLG side of halo back when H3 came out when I got xbox live. Halo 3 to me was the best game I've ever played in regards to FPS (I know that's an absurd statement but I was like 11/12 so I was radical with my opinions, lol). Not only was I the only person in my neghborhood to love MLG but I was the only person between 2 schools (middle school/High school) to love Competitive Halo. I felt so lonely because of my addiction to the competitiveness yet so comforted and loved thanks to this community. Like you, I hated seeing my gaming self die once I had nothing to play. And when I did play, I bitched about the game, got off and went out. When an MLG event was scheduled for a weekend, I didn't do jack shit BUT watch the tournament. I have put too much time into watching the content, getting in touch with the players and putting my opinions in the ring for this community to see it die. The only thing I want is for 343i to give us a chance to have our voices heard. It's all up to them. We're just growing our community by keeping our heads straight but it's 343i that has the control panel in front of them. I try to play Halo 4 but honestly, I just go back and play H3 because of how great I was at it (I even attended an FFA at a combine, I got shit on tho). Also a note, I don't have opinions about H2 XBL because I played it the day before it got taken down. I loved it though. This thread should inspire everyone to reach into their 10 year old self (giggity) and think twice about their radical opinions and accusations. I love you guys. Without you guys, I'd be some boring douche-bag at my private school but instead, I'm somebody who I'm proud of. We should all be proud of the game we support.
  8. I like this idea. I mean maybe not even call outs, but just having the map layout on the screen would be so helpful. Plus a rotating logo isn't bad either. Good idea.
  9. Umm...... We don't love this game..... hence the reason we're modding the shiet out of it. However, I do agree with your point. 343i should be left alone. :-)
  10. This community right now <3. It's on the same page and it's as strong as it will ever be. Soon we will play the game we've always wanted to play. This is probably how 343i is seeing this whole situation right now:
  11. August 5, 2013... The day a single hero, Synth92, lead us from our bored lives playing regular Halo 4 to a life with a Halo game worth playing.
  12. "SUCK A D*CK" "Wow, camping with a boltshot, really?" "Wow, camping with invis, really?" "One shot, no half shields he's half shield over there." "Wooowww it's Laaaaging." "Hello? Is anybody else black screen?" "Well, we matched up against try hards again." "Wow, he has MLG/KSI in his name, what a ***." "GAMEBATTLES NADE BITCHES" "Sit your ass down, kid." "Get the fuck down, son." and of course "GO F*CK YOURSELF."
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