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  1. I'm a well-rounded powerhouse looking to compete in Daytona and Halo 5. I play Monday through Friday, from around 6 PM to 10:30 PM, and All day/night on Sundays. I've played at NGL St. Louis 2011, MLG Columbus 2012, and UGC St. Louis 2015. I'm mostly practiced for Halo 3/Hardcore, but I'll play HCS if need be. I'm not attending Daytona if I do not have a practiced roster. GT: METALsHaKE Twitter: @MilkshakeFPS Twitch.tv/MilkshakeFPS
  2. GT: METALsHakE Twitter: @MilkshakeFPS Skype: MLG_MilkSH4k3 I'm probably the most well rounded powerhouse you will ever find. You can't not team with me. If you want to run, hit me on twitter.
  3. GT: IRONsHakE Octagon, 8 Spawn and Spawntrap Central Illinois
  4. GT: IRONsHakE Twitter: @MilkshakeFPS Played at NGL St. Louis 2012, and MLG Columbus 2012. I'm from Champaign/Urbana Illinois. I'm 100% Going to this event. As far as a team pass, I can pay my part of the team pass, or most if I have to. I also play a ton of spawntrap octagon, so if you're looking to play, hit me up. It'd be best to pick me up before this Friday Milkshake
  5. I'm from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (central Illinois). GT: IRONsHakE (Main account: METALsHakE) Twitter: @MilkshakeFPS I'll cry if I can't make any events because of not having a squad. **PS: I forgot to mention that I do have LAN experience. I've played at NGL St. Louis in 2011, and MLG Columbus 2012 back in Halo Reach. **** Update: My gamertag was locked down by Microsoft, due to their thinking that the account was being stolen, when in reality I was merely updating my security info. I can't sign into the account until December 18th, but I made another account called IRONsHakE to play on until then.
  6. F/A for IG Columbus, UGC St. Louis, and the next HCS Preseason Cup. GT: METALsHakE
  7. I'd like to make it to AGL Indy, but I can't afford to stay a weekend at a hotel. I need to bunk with someone. If that means that I need to be a 4th or a coach for your team, then so be it. I just want to use this as my chance to downs-syndrome-godzilla-stomp on everyone in the FFA, since I didn't get to take advantage of my Halo 4 Global Champs invite. F/A stuff: I'm Milkshake I have event experience from NGL St. Louis 2011, and MLG Columbus 2012. My Twitter is "@MilkshakeMLG." My gamertag is "METALsHakE." Aaaand my Twitch account is "twitch.tv/The_Great_Milkshake." I want to attend this event to gauge myself on where I stand in comparison to everyone else, in terms of individual skill. I don't like being as good a player as I am, and not do anything about it. Anyone wanna help a brother out?
  8. ... Anyone down to play? I don't have internet at my house, so I play at a friend's house. I like to get as many games in as possible. My gamertag is METALsHakE. Hit me up to play Halo 3 octagon.
  9. I'm from Champaign-Urbana. My twitter is @MilkshakeMLG, GT: "METALsHakE." I like to run a lot of octagon, whether it's Halo 3 or 4.

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