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  1. 360 only start a private chat with the gamertag "MLG Gametypes" then pull up his fileshare and download everything that way
  2. Welcome to the party brosef http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7590-mcc-preload-frustrations/
  3. YAY! My MCC update finally finished 6 of my friends and I are trying to play some 4v4 MCC customs. We're all pretty experienced with the halos. So I'd love to get an 8th that is chatty, familiar with all of the halos, and ready to kick some ass. My GT on XBL is MrBucket101
  4. yeah I tried that when you first mentioned it above...didn't change a thing I'm at 92% right now...so close yet so far! I'm so frustrated with all this I just splurged on a SCUF One lol
  5. I just wanted to vent and hopefully find out I'm not the only one. I pre-loaded the game the day the digital download became available. Made sure I downloaded the 15gig update when it was released as well. Figured I was set to start playing some MCC come midnight...but NOPE! At first launch the screen went black and a message popped up saying I needed to download a 15 gig update. At this point I expected to be forced to redownload the entire MCC again like some of the horror stories on reddit. After 2 minutes the progress bar jumped to straight to 50% and Ready to Play was now displayed. I loaded up the game again, went into the settings fixed my appearance, control scheme, call tag, and went to join my friends in customs...only to be greeted by an installation screen. I have been stuck at this screen for the past hour and a half. The worst part is that it is SLOWLY progressing. At first I was at 100% for H1, H3, & H4 and 0% for H2 and H2a. I figured I would at least be able to play some H3 customs or H3 matchmaking until H2/H2a finished installing...NOPE This is seriously irritating. Now I'm at 50% left for H2a. (sigh) I just wanna play some halo
  6. Changing your console region doesn't get around the time limit either Guess I won't be on till 3am EST
  7. Lol I just don't want to drop the weight, I'm working out on a tile floor with rugs on top. I've cracked a tile once already and I don't want to repair/replace another haha
  8. I'm doing everything at my "home gym", I don't have a power rack yet, but I plan on buying one come black friday. I'm using the adjustable racks on my bench press, extended all the way up and reversed, as a rack. Without any spotters, or support bars I'm only using light weight. I'll start of at 75lbs or so and just work my way up to 95. I've been a soccer player all my life so my legs have been naturally strong and decently developed already. My upper body is absolute shit though lol My university has a gym, but its INSANELY crowded and they don't have any free weights other than dumbbells. Everything else is on a machine...and there's usually a line to get on them.
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/331284392495 looks like a gamestop in NJ is clearing out their inventory. I couldn't really find any other retail stores in that zipcode. Just bought 1 for myself
  10. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/arnold-schwarzenegger-blueprint-trainer-main.html I bought the Blueprint to Mass Stack and got everything in the program. Been following the supplement, diet and exercise plan for the past month now. So far I've gained 15 lbs, which for me is amazing. I was 5'8" 128lbs when I started, and I'm up to 143lbs now. My metabolism has always just been insanely fast so I never put on any weight regardless to what I was eating. Now that I'm eating 4 meals a day and ingesting 150+g of protein, I'm sure it has something to do with it.
  11. Oh yeah, I love that gun, even more than the C.A.R. I'm also probably one of the few that use the scatterfire attachment as well. I really dislike the carbine because I mainly find myself chilling on rooftops with cloak, and that can get boring. The R-97 with scatter fire has one of, if not the fastest kill times in the game...assuming you hit your shots. To me it's just more satisfying getting up in your face and winning gun battles. Thanks for watching the vid, hopefully #2 will have some better editing. This was my first time ever using adobe premiere, but I think it went well. Anything in particular you disliked? I tried to use some clips that balanced each other out. After watching it again I didn't realize how many times I killed a pilot after I ejected lol
  12. http://youtu.be/18WRQMzmswI Be sure to watch it in 1080p and thanks for watching :maven:
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