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  1. Message & add Reckonize or zSynergy on xbl
  2. Must at least be Onyx in Arena last season or this. Add & Msg Reckonize
  3. You must be at least onyx in Arena Been looking for two solid teammates for 2 months and haven't found anyone. Don't waste my time, we won't waste yours. Not saying we're here to win the last qualifier with a last minute team, but we would like to place high and hopefully continue onto season 2. We've had nothing but teams put together an hour prior to each qualifier, why we never made it far. Msg & add Reckonize or Mlnimega
  4. Add & message Reckonize Serious people looking to compete for high placing.
  5. We're looking for two solid players before January 3rd. Add Reckonize -Play after 8/9 est during the week. -At least Onyx in Arena

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