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  1. stood for quick scope kings, was basically a forum community/clan.Did great, great montages
  2. i have a Shiba, I'm well aware, I honestly thought all dog memes like that were called doge. I was also asking Spartan cause I didn't know he went by that 'the Dog' stuff anymore. My b fellas.
  3. Like seriously how did they let this sniper come with the game... It's ROF is awful, it's magnetism is laughable and the delay between scope/not scoped is awful
  4. yeah it was used as a way to give an end to the story since the show failed to. Had a story where Jack got a new sword and everything.
  5. Man the sniper just feels so clunky in Snipers playlist :/
  6. but samurai jack has a ending via comics this makes no sense to me
  7. same. As we all know, it's not worth it to play arena alone, so it's either have a team of 4 or play FFA, in which he who uses autos wins ALWAYS. So I mostly just sat and stared at my menu screen while playing on my phone 3 weeks after release, waiting for someone to invite/react to an invite. It's not worth it anymore, which sucks.
  8. this thread says warzone, is this a problem for every playlist or just warzone?
  9. yah instead of keeping your score where it is after playing lower ranks, we get to derank for wins now. It's this super awesome new system to ensure that everyone has something to hate.
  10. H5 slayer plays different than any other halo game, no idea why. You can lose 50-28 and then win 3-0 on the next flag, and 50-40 on the slayer after. They play really weird ImO
  11. thats why I'm so confused. That, and my voice isn't even deep in any regard... Maybe when I was 13 but not now lol
  12. Got muted in Arena going in solo cause 'my voice was too deep' Haven't heard that since 6th grade lmao
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