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  1. LDV will beat BTH and take a game from Ambush but still lose. EDIT: forgot BTH 3-0'd LDV. Should be interesting EDIt2: Or was it Goofys team?
  2. I honestly feel bad for G4C, people just use them for sponsorships.
  3. Valen doing pretty good commentating.
  4. They need to earn our faith back in my opinion. Actions speak louder than words. Half of this list is either: social media or features that should have been in the game at launch. Fixing a broken game is not something to get behind. It should not have to be like this. The only 2 good things on this list is the Global Championships and the "Halo 5" stuff. Im not restoring my faith until atleast a month after "Halo 5" has even been released.
  5. H1: -Maps -weapon/powerup spawning -deep/intricate player spawn depth -double melee + backpack reload -fast shooting and difficult to use sniper -not sure if i want to put the pistol on here. not for OP reasons but for consistency reasons. -overall skill it took to be good H2: -Ranks -Clan matches -Clan list -Button combos -Maps -Good UI, -Y for friends list, X to invite -Br was coo -Jumping/strafe -grenades H3: -Theatre -Forge i guess. (was the first of its kind for halo, maybe console games? not sure) -Sniper took skill -Looked cool? -Heretic lol -large competitive scene somehow -introduction of file share/sharing -good forge community -for some reason i liked melees in this game. its less jerky than Reach and H4. I didn't feel like i was sucked into the player like in Reach and H4 Reach: -UI -NBNS -best LOOKING halo game imo H4: -shot registration/netcode -i guess the armor is cool but can you honestly tell when someone has different/cool armor during gameplay?
  6. Unfortunately, this is what "e sports" is. Columbus '12 proved this. It doesn't matter if your game brings thousands of competitors to the venue. They cant throw ads on your body. This is also how dumb kids judge games these days. "wow only x,xxx viewers? this game is trash". sorry to go off topic.
  7. Watch out guys, Bake The Bandit has been improving the last 5 games, averaging a 6th place finish. so sick
  8. Its just kids man. Im sure its like this in the CoD community too. It has nothing to do with Halo, just the demographic of console gaming. I never understood why Sundance and Clap always let the hateful tweets from like 5% of the community get to them. Its to be expected. They dont even watch, they just compete with each other to see who can say the most hateful thing or funniest troll. I feel like people try to make a name for themselves in Twitch chats rather than the game. If they can be seen making the funniest trolls in a pros chat, or talking the most crap to a pro/other members, it makes them feel like "someone" in the community since they cant be in the actual game. And like others have said, its too easy to make new accounts and the whole anonymous thing is just a recipe for all of this. It doesn't help people like Lethul fuel this some times. I love Lethul, but it gets annoying after a while.
  9. I just think he hypes up the wrong situations or situations that aren't exciting at all. Maybe can some of the CoD terms as well. But other than that, hes golden. I expect he will improve his Halo commentary just as we saw Gandhi do the same.
  10. I hope Infamous and BTH do well. Hopefully both teams will stick together regardless of the outcome of this event.
  11. I cant handle infinity slayer. So glad I live in MD.
  12. MD resident as well. I was actually going to do this too.
  13. SK was hella solid at the end of H2 and most of H3.
  14. If Naded got a win or two, he would probly be on this list.
  15. I remember watching Cloud's stream a week or so ago, and Snakebite was talking about coming back just to take down Ambush. He said he would like to if he can get a good enough squad together to beat them.
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