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  1. You know Halo has gotten bad when: This gets -14, when back in the day, it would have gotten +14. This is an absolute well known fact that H3 is painful online. Dont go against the H3 circle jerk! We've been shit on so hard by Reach and H4 that a 6 year old game, and IMO the worst of the first 3, is an amazing experience. Dropping the flag!? GAME OF THE YEAR. If H3 is so great, why didn't this happen for the first year of Reach? Its because were seriously desperate to play a real Halo game.
  2. Local as in not too long of a drive to play a game they all dominated at, might as well give it a chance. Good chance for some spare cash.
  3. Relax guys, its a local tournament for them. They're just trying to pick up some cash. Definitely stoked to see all of them back although we've seen Roy this season. Inb4 neg
  4. Sex sells. Look at anything ever. Not sure what the big idea is here.
  5. 10 years later, the Halo CE campaign is absolutely terrible. Its extremely repetitive and boring. There are 2 missions that come to mind, I dont remember their names. But i think it might be the library? The one with the flood and you seriously walk around for 30 minutes doing the same thing. And the other was that one where you would walk over those bridges and go into the same type of rooms for like 5 hours. Then take like an elevator once of twice. I'll further this and say I dont want a H1,2,3,reach, or 4 remake, or maps. I want a brand new, great, Halo game to build new memories like we have in those passed titles. Get rid of the BR. (or actually make a game with a good strafe and smaller hit boxes.) Though being an absolute BxR whore, among skilled players that could do it, it really wasn't as great as it was made out to be. If you were host, you will win 98% of BxR battles. And also counter in the lunge and also not even having the reticle on their head sometimes. You remember that battle where you would be like 15-20 halo feet away from someone, and they would just hold forward (while you are yelling "dont do it, dont do it) and get a huge lunge and BxR you. Lockout 1v1's are seriously stupid. If host gets sniper, you have to charge across a wide open top mid, or straight hallways/sight lines for the rest of the game. Or lets say you actually get sniper, and the other guy has host. He can back you down and challenge you with those host shots, forcing you to make an epic quick/no scope. If im playing a lockout 1v1, its going to be: spawning with BR and snipe, and radar off. I thought the Reach sniper was hard (probly due to it shooting 0.5 mph and not being able to sweep)
  6. Also, shout out to all the finalists and their attitudes. Do you guys think the FINAL FINAL (lol) would have been as hype if it were like a 2 minute overtime? I think the sudden death by theory sucks, but for everyone but the 2 people playing, it is VERY intense.
  7. I think it would be rad if they threw some money towards AGL. Im not talking 250k. Maybe like 5k? Or perhaps let them "rent" or borrow some of those brief case things for main stage or for a few stations. Like they could have someone like Bravo, Quinn, BS be like a rep for them and they can use the equipment and spend money on other things/get the prize pool up. Perhaps a joint operation between 343 and AGL? Iono
  8. I watched the kill in question. He was up in the battle, i dont particularly see why he WOULDN'T go for the kill with being up a shot and having height advantage, and a power weapon. The more questionable thing was that last shot rather than if was right for challenging.
  9. Really? If they lost money on this, why would they keep throwing events? See: MLG . I agree, was trending on twitter, 11k on twitch, +plus 2 other sources. Im pretty sure i remember a poll here, and everyone guessed around 15k. I think its safe to say that we possibly doubled those numbers.
  10. Wow, forgot about that for some reason lol. While true though, it was without Dan. Now that I think about it. The Elams could get 2nd. I think everyone can agree that money aside, its all about the wins. So this would have to be filtered to a cumulative thing? In that case: The Elams: 8 MLG wins. -7 by Elamite. (1 National Championship) -1 by Ace. -Elamite won that H3 event thing -Ace won H4GC So thats 10 major events between the two of them. The Browns: 5 MLG wins together, -1 National championship together 5 Major wins Interesting debate. Now, was Ace or Elamite anywhere near as feared and dominant as Roy? Nope. Also, I think Ace and Elamite only teamed once and it was Shady Halo Kids at Cbus '12.
  11. Honestly, all these "GOAT" debates need to just not even include Tom and Dan. They dominated the glory days for the most part ( Ogre 2 end of H3). There is absolutely no debating that. The Reach and H4 days should be considered the "new era" because 1.) the games suffered in quality, and the amount of competitive players dropped 2.) No consistent MLG events. If were going from H3,Reach and H4? Elamite won hella tournaments/money in H3, but that was it. NOT alongside his brother though. While Ace really broke out in H3, it was at the end where he really solidified himself as a top player. Then in Reach-H4, Elamite dropped off while Ace won a Reach tournament, and an AGL and now this H4GC. Im going to have to give 2nd place to the Roybox just becuase they've actually teamed together since H2. And they've also had multiple wins as brothers. I feel now when we discuss Halo, the Reach-H4 era has to be taken differently.
  12. I agree, but that is honestly the nature of tournaments. You have good and bad ones.
  13. Go to Aces twitter and just hit refresh and watch his followers go up, lol
  14. So this is what Halo is like when you throw CoD money at them. Who woulda thought? :rolleyes: Should have been like this for a while. Glad to see the finals are insane. A great thing for Halo.
  15. Couldn't ask for better games. I thought the 1v1's would be a snooze fest
  16. The XBL stream looks like its 7 seconds faster. For anyone wondering
  17. Just so you guys know, you have to download a event player for this on Xbox. Takes like 2 minutes though. Just a heads up if you dont want to miss anything
  18. Yeah they definitely missed the boat for a 4v4 tourney. But I understand why and am still grateful i get to see "my boys" go at it for huge cash. Never not entertaining
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