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  1. yeah everything else works fine, but Alpha is awful.
  2. Man I would have liked to see something more in depth than a twitpic. :-/ Im sure he will jump on future titles casually. Just as Ogre 1 plays LoL and such.
  3. Im not sure, but that would definitely explain it though. Good call. Thats pretty lame about the shotgun kills and such. At first, i just played as a pilot, and never got into titans. But then i started using them for a bit. But once i started wrecking with the DMR, i dont need to get in titans and im always in the top 2 on my team. Depends on how the lobby is playing Not sure i agree, but i definitely understand. 1 vs 2,3,4 titan battles are never ever going to go in your favor. But i havent really found a truly dominating anti titan weapon though. I just use the laser thing. I feel this. Ive always wanted to get some players together and literally pounce on titans. Have like 2-3 players in titans, and ~3 auto titans. And then have the 3 remaining pilots use their anti titan weapons and just focus on one or two guys that your own titans are facing. Also for like titan warfare, i was thinking you could have like 2-4 Ogres getting right up in the enemies face in close range stuff. Then have a stryder constantly flanking and then just have like an atlas just sitting back with the chain gun putting in medium to long distance shots on things. ¯\(°_o)/¯
  4. Does anyone know why at the end of the game, it will say I killed 10 pilots, but in the lobby stats, it will say i killed more? Are some not counting towards the game score? I finish some games and feel like I was wrecking, but it only says i killed like 9 or so. Also, every single ordnance is way OP in my opinion. Sometimes i'll throw 2 arc grenades in some cramped situations and i'll kill myself because of the 2nd grenade and its like 50 feet away from me.
  5. 3/4th through Generation 2 and ive settled on the DMR w/AOG scope as my go to Pilot rig. Completely wrecking with it.
  6. Man I never ever thought I'd watch 1 competitive CoD match let alone an entire tournament. The Halo pros switching to CoD has made me respect the CoD pros and I guess the game too. Ive been watching ever since FB formed. With that said, here are some of my thoughts with my very limited cod knowledge. FB just did not show up. They just looked...scared. It looked like they were afraid to push anywhere. They also played very slowly as Mr X said. But I watched COL play the slowest out of any team and it always worked out for them. Every tournament FB has shown progression. They are literally inching their way up there. Im not sure what to call this even for them, a step back or what. I just hope they keep going. I probly feel the worst for Enables team. I watched the closest 3-0 i think ive ever seen with them falling to Optic. And i know they lost their 2nd series 3-2 I believe (I was not able to watch). Tk played well. I believe they have consistantly a 2nd-3rd place team. From what I watched, it seems like one person would go off each game or series. The full team was never on point it seemed. Formal went off, Sharp went off in a couple Doms i belive, theory had a good dom game as well, and i know Goon was playing pretty consistant. If they can all be rolling at the same time, there is no reason they cant win CoD Champs.
  7. They should make a Pilot vs Pilot playlist and just have it be a mixture of the above mentioned gametypes.
  8. Does anyone feel like when the movement gets figured out, and people start mastering it, it will be similar to how sprint is? LIke you encounter a pilot and he just like Spidermans to the other side of the map in like 3 seconds?
  9. im wondering if i should enter multiple email addresses?
  10. Final 16: What round 2 teams do you think will sneak into the top 8? And also which round 1 team do you think will get upset? I really dont know enough to make any of these predictions, im just rooting for the teams with halo players lol.
  11. Profits aside, do you think Halo 4 was a success?
  12. Pick up Maniac. He plays so much.
  13. I like SnakeBite as a pick up though. Hes got some experience under his belt and whenever ive seen him play on streams, hes always thinking about the game and trying to get better.
  14. I agree. They wont do much at Philly but it will be great practice. There is no reason why them or any other Halo teams/players cant succeed in this game if they put in the time.
  15. I hope they find two other Halo players and really put in the time. If some Halo teams can come in and win a CoD event, i really wont even care if H5 has sprint, bloom and no descope.
  16. Im stoked for Dersk, but I feel like he is/was about to reach that elite level as a player. I hope he keeps competing if hes allowed.
  17. This is just scary to me. I cant imagine players like him, Naded, or Lethul playing. I really hope Primal's success inspires other Halo pros to jump in. I miss watching these guys and also the competition in general. I will actually consider buying this game if Primal makes top 8 (very unlikely though). And this is coming from a ruthless CoD hater. I honestly dont see how other Halo pros couldn't see similar success. And just imagine if they keep playing...
  18. I hate to make a wish list, but heres mine: Matchmaking stuff: 1. H2 Ranking system modified for modern use or something. 2. Clans and Clan Matches 3. 2 playlists, Causal and competitive. -Competitive is ranked and features FFA, 1v1,2v2, 4v4, OBJ, BTB, MLG/Competitve/Clan Match (hopefully we can use default 343 as comp settings). -Casual: Slayer, BTB, dumb plasma punch out race obstacle course games, OBJ, ffa, snipers, probly a lot im forgetting. 4. Weapon skins, armor, stuff like that to be unlocked through ranks so that when you have cool armor or a skin, it means you earned it through a skill. It creates/brings back intimidation. 5. h2/3/reach lobby as Ninja mentioned. 6. Theatre for 4 people 7. Custom game finder with options in lobby to make it visible on custom games list. Also password protected, or "request" to join game. Request goes to the host and he/she can let the person join. The option to just join, no pass or request. Gameplay: 1. No bloom. Static fucking reticle please. 2. No AA's/equipment. Atleast for competitive playlists (if it has to be there at all) 3. No sprint for competitive default. (if it has to be there at all) 4. H2 strafe 5. Lower Auto aim/ magnetism. I just want to be able to outshoot kids who have no reaction time/skill and play on 2 sens. 6. Option for aim smoothing on/off. 7. Descope 8. Less melee lunge/auto aim/whatever. -Tired of overwhelming kids close range with gnarly jump skills only for them to lunge 5 feet up and melee the bottom of my feet as i jump over them. -Tired of kids running straight at me on their 2 sens, shoot me twice, lunge 10 feet and kill me/trade. More about melees: There is something about the Reach and H4 melees that fucked with me. It feels like you get sucked into each other rather than lunging towards people and my screen moves a lot causing me to get slightly disoriented. Thats why i never win those stupid: Both people melee, see who gets the 1 shot derp fests. Never had a problem with those in previous Halos. Does anyone else notice this? I think its just the developers trying to make melee battles seem more "realistic". 9. Single shot/Burst. I dont care, as long as there is a skill gap and i dont have to spend 3 years figuring out how to shoot it. 10. Small and medium sized maps. 11. RELOAD FASTER, SWITCH WEAPONS FASTER. Faster time to shoot after meleeing, reloading, switching weapons, throwing nades. This will speed the game up without having to add BS like sprint. 12. Just keep it simple for christs sake. Thats all i can think of now.
  19. This. I feel like this scenario goes over a lot of peoples heads. To think Microsoft has no say over how they want their cash cow to be is insane. With H4's BLATANT CoD elements, there is no doubt in my mind that H4 could have been 50% Microsoft, 50% 343.
  20. As much as i'd like to grab my pitchfork and join you guys, I just cant. This community is already so small and this game is about to cease to exist in the next month, I simply cannot act like a spoiled, entitled baby right now. Im not supporting or defending AGL, im just taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture.
  21. I agree with what most people have said but im not sure if it would hurt the franchise or help it. By hurt i mean: 2014 has hella titles out for next gen: Cod, Battlefield, Destiny, and Titanfall. Would it be okay to not have a Halo title in that mix? Everyone would be playing those titles. Is it possible people would forget about Halo and get used to these new games? Would people be interested in a Halo game in 2015 after these other titles have been out? And with a 2015 release, could Halo be a fresh new game with the above titles getting "older"? Or would people be like "meh". Its tough to say. I obviously would love for them to take their time. But we havent had a good Halo since I GUESS 2007 if i really have to give H3 the title of "good".
  22. Mackeo is playing with Tom right now http://www.twitch.tv/ogre2
  23. Its simple. Ranked and non ranked. Ranked: classic halo (1-3), slayer ,ffa ,btb ,2v2, 1v1 perhaps?, and a competitive/clan match one that that includes slayer and obj. Non ranked: 2013 video game industry slayer (sprint, AAs, guns that shoot attack monkeys, arrows over players' heads at all times, etc), btb, action sack, dumb zombie type games. team snipers?, ffa? etc. The ranked playlists and gametypes need to be absolutely dialed in and tested. They need to reach out to the competitive community who have been reaching out to them to help and get that shit down for launch. I know what youre thinking: "causuals and competitive needs to play the same game". Youre right. But lets be honest, out of the box h5 is not going to be classic, arena style halo. So when we get Halo 4.1, its going to be the same mess and it will successfully, and finally kill the franchise. Its either they do the above idea, or literally give us every single option to make classic style halo. Even if its the latter, its just going to be a barely alive and existing community going into the same situation were in now. Halo 5 will be the life or death of the franchise. They NEED to get it right. There are going to be too many awesome titles out on the xbone (destiny, battlefiled4, CoD34, titanfall).
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