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  1. GT: DANiMALxMD MLG Customs/ MM - Just as long as there are BRs and no radar. Region: Maryland Definitely down for CE as well.
  2. Has anyone figured out if its possible to give someone party leader in custom games
  3. are you guys having problems with joining custom lobbies? Im aware of the MM bugs, but i played a bunch of customs last night and now i cant.
  4. also, a funny observation, all the teams that have previously played, are not in the top 3. Except Lethul. edit. and Heinz...i think
  5. lol good lord, the kid was inches away from some big snipes, goes insanely positive each game. DROPPED. this is like a twitch chat. Royal 2 is 100% dedicated and dropping a player of that skill and commitment is the dumbest thing ever.
  6. i cant handle the slight delay when aiming down sites while sprinting. if you are standing still, it will zoom in automatically. the quick draw grip doesn't really help. This is with a red dot though. Not sure about iron sites.
  7. I really hope Halo can continue having "original" team names instead of "PiNaCLE TiTaN FoRcE ESPORTS-GAMING™" organizations. I know orgs are good for everyone, but its something that annoys me.
  8. Anyone have any idea why the game will run perfectly fine for 5 seconds, then basically get 1-2 FPS? Its literally every 5 seconds. Its basically a continuous loop, fine for 5 seconds, 1fps for 5 seconds, then back to normal. My PC is "old", but is still pretty nice. Specs: 8GB ram Q9450 @2.66 (doesn't go above 10% usage) ATI HD3800 series (old but i get a 7.0 index score thing from windows) Windows 7 64bit running on an SSD Have the latest driver available for my graphics card. It almost seems like the GFWL is making it run slow. Running the game at 800x600, windowed mode, High level of detail performs the same as 1920x1080, full screen, high level: perfectly fine for 5 seconds, then like 1-2 FPS.
  9. What I was hoping for is that they made Midship for H2A and we could use that for FFAs to push both the "new" game and something for people that cant find teams to play at tourneys. But that didn't happen. I would prefer classic H2 because the amount of depth from button glitches, wall glitches, jumps is just INSANE compared to H2A. Also the map and gametype pool is MASSIVE. I dont want to see forge versions of crappy H4 maps. Or forge in general when we have tons of dev made maps on the disc. Also, as we've seen, Lockout and Ascension are standoff/blow out maps for TS. Sometimes standoffs can be exciting, but it'd be too frequent with these 2 maps. H2A still looks like H4 to me. Shot registration looks good, but still looks too easy. Like you can easily 4 someone from side BR to elbow.
  10. I thought this was dumb at first, but on Team YouTube, they have a combined twitter following of over 1 million. No clue about their YT accounts, but thats potentially 1 million people being directed to competitive halo. Then factor is Big T's pull, and the rest of the halo pros, and you got a lot of people watching or at least knowing about competitive Halo. The fact that this seems so random and happening so quickly makes me think that better things are on the horizon perhaps.
  11. Thats what happens when you have top tier players playing WITH radar.
  12. yo where do i go to get this?
  13. There is nothing quick about scoping in this game :lol: Here are some thoughts: Things I Like: -PvE seems like a blast. But i never play those types of games so maybe im easily impressed. -Dynamic weather is sick. -Sniping is fun, but easy. -Having special ammo not always available is good for balance i guess -Deciding when to use supers can be rewarding or wasteful Things I dont like: -Hella aim acceleration/aim smoothing whatever its called. Moving in general is just weird. -Hip fire either does less damage or is inaccurate, or im missing lol. -The slight delay for scoping with the snipe -Jump snipes/shooting is inaccurate. -Supers are OP and easy -Im getting destroyed by some dumb automatic gun. it seems like the first shot, my shileds are completely gone. seems really easy to use. -Vehichles are OP -ADS seems uncomfortable in close range situations. The massive auto aim makes it hard to actually place your shots. And accompany that with with crappy hip fire, and it makes for just boring sloppy gameplay. -Grenades linger too much resulting in frustrating deaths.
  14. ah, dang. Thanks for the info
  15. coorect me if im wrong, but all i need is a bungie account and they will send a beta code? or am i mis understanding?
  16. Ive had this on my phone for a while. Its really old, and i just did a search in the app store and its not there anymore. That or i didn't search right. PS, are you the same Hard Way on my friends list lol?
  17. Something else to add, and something i still have a problem with is: Learn how to lose. I cannot handle losing so instead of trying to figure out WHY i lost, i just get angry and my attitude just goes downhill and i dont learn a single thing. Combine this with an all day session, and you literally learn NOTHING and waste an entire day of gaming. Its all mental.
  18. Has anyone mentioned these tweets? https://twitter.com/MLGSundance/status/476429298899767296 If these actually lead to something, and a LAN event happens, I think it will sell out. Mostly because of hype. A lot of old pros might come back, place top24 and then remember what the gaming lifestyle was like and then just play casually afterwords. There is no way things are going to magically go back to the "good ol' days", but it is definitely going to get the people that have left's attention back. I personally think with this new start, the community should restart as well. Like a total attitude overhaul. -Try to duplicate the YT content like the CoD pros have. -Be nicer to each other (lol) -Help out new players
  19. Not trying to read 132 pages but does anyone else think the HD remakes looks exactly like H4? The sniper looks exactly the same, the textures and surfaces look the same. Also, why was Reach left out of this? It was a bungie game just like h1-h3.
  20. Here are some tips ive picked up on my "switch" from Halo to CoD. The biggest thing is to learn the maps. Learn the flow, common traffic areas, power spots, hiding spots, cut offs, etc. Good map awareness in this game is 50% of the battle IMO. This took me a whole prestige to really get. And with every prestige, ive learned more and more. So, PLAY. The basic engagement skills/tactics from Halo basically apply here too. Challenge if you are confident. If you get shot at while you go around a corner, pop back out immediately- the old "double back". 1. react with your trigger finger. -Shoot, then aim down sights. I was loosing so many engagements because I was taking the time to aim down sights, then pull the trigger. 2. Claw if you can. -Jumping and drop shots make you a god during public matches and it will be needed to hang in competitive play. 3. Pre aiming and Pre firing -If you know someone is going to be coming from a certain spot, go prone, and just leave your reticle where they will be, kill, get back up and move on. Pre firing is basically the same thing except for tighter situations and maybe sub play where you would shoot before you even see the enemy so you already have bullets flying thee second you come around the corner. 4. Anticipate enemies/movement. -Once you know the map, can claw, pre aim/pre fire, you need to be ready for the next engagement. Once you kill someone, play off your mini map or map awareness and QUICKLY pre aim hot spots, power spots, high traffic areas to be ready for the next engagement. Doing this will make you a god in Pubs, and is required to hang in comeptitive play. These are just the things ive picked up from playing. Im on my 5th or 6th prestige sicne playing since Feb. Good luck EDIT: some other things i remembered. -Use the Honey Badger. Its a great gun to start out with. I had enormous success with it. -Watch kill cams at first: you'll learn a lot. -Hip fire with subs: goes with point 1 above, not aiming down sights saves precious miliseconds and can make you come out on top in tight, fast sub sitiuations.
  21. Am I the only one that doesn't want to see this happen? It's most likely great for everyone involved, but once money gets to be important, things start going down hill in terms of purity/being genuine. Once things become more "professional", a lot of the passion goes away too. I just feel like people in the CoD community just want the sponsor/org title just to boost their twitter presence. Iono, just got a weird feeling about it.
  22. can we please stop seeing thru walls.
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