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  1. Dude, i just played CE in team snipers and i swear to god the auto aim is insane. It felt completely different. Insanely easy. EDIT: Next game played like normal CE i guess.
  2. I love the theme of "cops and robbers". Heist seems cool but i only played a couple games. For the rest of the time i played conquest. The UI and map can be an absolute mess but just putting in some time will help you get used to it. Still wish it was simpler. Battlefield has always been really fun, but the lack of gunskill and just general control over winning the game always brings me back to halo. The thing ive always loathed about Battlefield was the suppression thing. Like although my shots are right on you, you prevent me from hitting you because you are MISSING your sniper shots.
  3. Just got a JiP in the CE playlist. It was a 3v2 flag game, and a 3rd guy joined our team after they capped twice, and then we won 3-2 lol. Perhaps some of the updates are rolling out?
  4. Played a 2v2 and it split a 2box to different teams loll
  5. noobs vote OBJ in the CE playlist and the game ends in under a minute. so boring.
  6. man im getting Chill Out so much more in the CE playlist now. This is not a complaint.
  7. Nah son xboxdvr.com/DANiMALxMD/7dd0eabd-4f16-48a8-b7a6-6960be7ac56a lets go boys xboxdvr.com/DANiMALxMD/f9cb950e-9027-44ec-8c73-8f50ed8f9e03
  8. everyone plays on 1 sens and its pissing me off.
  9. lol sniper is disgusting. As in, i dont even pick it up because its awful. The scope is terrible and it might be the slowest sniper in Halo to date?
  10. I just played a game where i "spawn died" for no reason 2 spawns in a row then the game ended at 24 kills.
  11. yeah i agree, good observation. Man this game feels awful now. Is anyone else feeling this as well? Im a twitch shooter and my shot isn't bad, but since the new playlist, things just feel...bad. iono
  12. Anti-Aim in every single game ive played so far zzzzzzz
  13. Me and some friends have come to the conclusion that the Anti-Aim glitch occurs AGAINST the host. (In CE)
  14. Can anyone tell me what happened to this rocket? lol http://gameclipscontent-d2002.xboxlive.com/asset-f5c4e71f-8aa4-4b68-a184-08ead265449c/GameClip-Original.MP4?sv=2012-02-12&st=2014-12-11T09%3A12%3A24Z&se=2014-12-11T10%3A17%3A24Z&sr=c&sp=r&sig=GLtjaN%2BEk1UEREvseU5%2BGDWMQoK51LIjh1qwEuroDp0%3D&__gda__=1418293044_3aac00a4f0a12f3fbedeec9760ed4236 You kno your boy closed this one out.
  15. *game crashes on AR start h3* *i have all 7 people in my lobby* *load up custom CE game* *accidentally have PP starts* *quit out of own custom game* *back into team slayer* lol
  16. someone should make a montage of all the weird things that have happened to sum up this release so far.
  17. H2C on dedis is too good. Its almost annoying that everyones shots hit and reach. Almost.
  18. You guys honestly want to play Midship on H2A? I'll pass...
  19. I just played a game in Team Slayer that ended at 14 kills. It said game over and ended like a normal game lol DONE.
  20. *waits 5-10 minutes for game* *kills time on computer* *looks over, AR starts Halo 3* This happens way too much.
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