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  1. the same KingNick from CE? i remember seeing his name a ton vs Legend
  2. LeGeNd/ Halo CE pulling 150 views right now over Lethul, Hysteria, Str8 Sick and Ace.
  3. CLG always plays EG good. Should hopefully be another good series depending on gametypes.
  4. I feel like Warzone is going to be like Titanfall. Hella vehichles, useless AI to kill for "points" that will accumulate to like a 1000 kill/point slayer game, and you might see a player walking around sometimes too.
  5. Man Strongside is killing it on commentary
  6. Of course Tom is there for that game 5. He played great the whole series though. Heck of a series
  7. I think these remaining gametypes favor CLG for a possible comeback. THey are going to need to do something about shrine though
  8. Are you guys honestly mad that Pistola said that? You honestly take offense to that? Both acted in the heat of a frustrating night/scrim and he was basically talking about the TWITCH CHAT (which is awful in every single game). And Hysteria comes on here says absolutely nothing bad and gets -51'd. And then the same community that makes pictures like that, ridicules anyone for a reaction, and tries to insult pros on forums asks "why dont you guys make content?" Drama is fun but everyone is just fueling things for their own entertainment right now.
  9. Watched the whole thing, its brilliant. Some points are said numerous times, but its otherwise extremely well put together. He should have like a shortened, TL;DW version.
  10. if i didn't betray you, it would have been a killtac for the win :-( Thanks for checking it out boys. So many thumbless people in the playlist though. Bleh.
  11. Hey guys. I was debating even making a thread for this, but decided to anyways. Basically been searching the CE playlist alone since November and decided to save my clips and start the daunting task of going thru them and making a montage. I ended up with over 300 clips- all captured via "xbox record dat", then saved to my PC from xboxclips.com. The montage itself contains Doubles, Triples, Killtacs, Double Melees, Sick Snipes, and Bloopers. All slightly randomized so you never know what type of clip is coming next. Its also "old school" edited, so no fancy schmancy stuff. Being a musician myself, I stressed getting clips synced with the music, so I feel like everything flows well. With that said, sorry if you're not a fan of the music- I wanted a balace that represents my personal taste, as well as flows well with the clips. Music makes 75% of a montage in my opinion. We all know the state of the game and the lack of ranks and general quality of games in these playlists. At the very least, I hope this vid makes people want to play CE or any other Halo for that matter, or also just do something creative. You dont need a capture card to make a montage these days. Enjoy.
  12. so glad to hear those "OOOHS" in the crowd. What a great tourney
  13. Is Darkmans GT "Darkmans back" ? Just played with someone with that tag.
  14. game ends when everyone quits in CE! Next gen features man! Its like im gaming in the year 2050!
  15. does anyone know why my past broadcasts audio on Twitch is muted at certain points? Its just game audio. Is this part of the new rules from twitch and microsoft?
  16. do we all agree that 3v2 in the CE playlist is randomly extremely frequent now?
  17. Playing this game is like living in a 3rd world country. Everything is harder but im just so used to it now that i think its normal. With that being said, i start to forget about the problems this game has because i love playing Halo so much. We need to like recap all the bugs and never ever forget this.
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