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  1. Rocket League just finished their first season and live event like 2 weeks ago, and they have already announced season 2 with prize pool,details and a sign up date.
  2. i honestly have no clue how people get ninjad in this game with the melee + jump delay thing .
  3. Hiding the chat has helped my stream choppyness for those who are also having the same problem.
  4. the difference from the warzone servers and the arena servers is insane. i dont know how you guys do it.
  5. Am i the only one that thinks Hukes clip is overrated? Great play and all, but Halo 5 sniper, cmon.
  6. Something to watch until 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww1iMYlT_1k dont know how to embed YT vids
  7. I wonder what the NA pros would think of these curved tables they are playing on. Definitely hard or impossible to screen look. I know Tom would have a hard time lol
  8. You guys are missing Spartans stream LMAO. That Coliseum flaggame better be uploaded tommorow
  9. Both parties are/were just passionate about their sports and acted in the heat of the moment.
  10. All star voting: Naded- naded Frosty- pioneering the upcoming talent, kind of showed people how to play H5 Royal 2- best in the game Snipedown- stream grind, familiar face for casuals perhaps Stellur- i watch all the optic vids, very skilled player with good movement, some new talent Ninja- stream grind, exciting playstyle/personalitty Ace- i like his movement for some reason Snipedrone- guess ill pick one of the EU guys
  11. I agree with Hecz 100% but Halo came from a different time in my opinion. Just think, in 2005 when H2 was on the scene, Youtube JUST started, we were using AIM to talk to people, not twitter. These platforms still werent as huge as they were by H3 either. I feel like the CoD scene had a lot of benefits and the scene definitely used it to their advantage. They had the excitement of a new style of game on console, epsorts in general, and the rise of youtube and twitter. Pretty sure its been beaten into the ground, but we all know the content from pros is scarce and also their involvement in the community can be distant. I know some have tried and quit due to "nobody caring" which i dont blame them i guess. I still just believe we came from a different time period. Like in Halo, you play 10 hours a day, then showed up to the tournament and got your placing, and that was it, thats all that mattered. Its a very scrappy, raw scene IMO, and thats why i love it. It was all about winning, and not about your "content" or "followers". Times have changed though and ive used this metaphor about halo and esports: basically there was a giant spaceship taking off that was esports, all these games were inside, ready and taking off with it, but Halo, something that had already been pioneering console esports, which should have been sitting first row in the space ship, tripped and fell on its face as it was taking off and is now hanging on the wing as its flying. This more than ever should have been the perfect time do what hecz said and get into the content stuff, but at the same time, it comes back to my original points- there is going to be a ~2.5 million dollar tournament, no time to make videos when your teammates are sketching, and you need to be as practiced as possible. Tough situation. Everything is there but i guess its for whoever is willing to step up. Weve got awesome streamers in Naded (rip), Ninj, Snipedown, Heinz was doing good. Just need to get some 'tubers.
  12. Every map is just recycled bits and pieces of other maps. I dont know how they get away with this Edit: I also cant help but trying to double shot on the classic BR :lol:
  13. jesus christ i just spent 340k nooooo. i only got 3 skins anyway
  14. The same fans that say how awful they are going to be roasting him for leaving. Its a vicious cycle lol
  15. Cant believe no one has said anything about SnakeBites post. Would like to hear the whole story once the dust settles a little more.
  16. I know they had a bad scrim against EG and then split games with them a day or two ago. Not sure if the bad scrim was before or after the cup though
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