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  1. Rocket League just finished their first season and live event like 2 weeks ago, and they have already announced season 2 with prize pool,details and a sign up date.
  2. i honestly have no clue how people get ninjad in this game with the melee + jump delay thing .
  3. Hiding the chat has helped my stream choppyness for those who are also having the same problem.
  4. the difference from the warzone servers and the arena servers is insane. i dont know how you guys do it.
  5. Am i the only one that thinks Hukes clip is overrated? Great play and all, but Halo 5 sniper, cmon.
  6. Something to watch until 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww1iMYlT_1k dont know how to embed YT vids
  7. I wonder what the NA pros would think of these curved tables they are playing on. Definitely hard or impossible to screen look. I know Tom would have a hard time lol
  8. You guys are missing Spartans stream LMAO. That Coliseum flaggame better be uploaded tommorow
  9. Both parties are/were just passionate about their sports and acted in the heat of the moment.
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