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  1. Defiantly worth it dude, about 20 to 30 people showed up last time. Should be some decent competition. Not 100 % sure, but I believe it was just closed online customs. It was a unique set up- each xbox setup was in box similar to a shoe box- when you open the box, the monitor was on the top of the box and the xbox in the bottom with speakers were integrated. All 8 setups were hardwired into a black box in the middle.
  2. Off topic but, I attended the 2v2 Microsoft tournament last week and put together an edit. Let me know what you guys think as this was a tough one for me to edit in post. I have limited clips to work with, I am not able to get any of the gameplay footage, and i am on vacation working on the edit using movie maker instead of premiere =/ Overall though, it was a great experience meeting the locals, playing on closed servers, and bullshiting about halo with others haha. My only complaint was the monitors sucked ass and we never did play the grand finals as the the mall closed at 6:30 and losers finals did not end till 6:40.... The store is super cool though and is letting us bring our monitors for the 4v4. I spoke with the store manager and the hope is to share this type of content through the Microsoft social channels. He has the resources to pump it up the Microsoft chain to get the content in the right hands.
  3. did we ever get to see the royal 2 killtac from the grand finals?
  4. Does anyone have the clip of royal 2s killtac in the finals?
  5. I remember we wrote a letter, the 5 needs for halo 5. A major part of the letter was for competitive "out of the box" default settings that stay true to what makes halo unique. If you look back at the birth and height of competitive halo, h1-h3, the competitive settings closely mimicked the default settings. As the trilogy progressed competitive settings differed more and more from out of the box settings, yet the scene grew. Granted, the landscape of Esports was much different, but it poses the question of do you competitive settings need to be close to default settings. I think the whole universal settings debate is about growing the scene and it boils down to this: 1) do you convert casuals into competitive players? 2) or do you convert competitive people/gamers into competitive halo players? From my experience, our thesis of needing competitive default settings were wrong. The second option present the most opportunity for growth. We just need a good halo game.
  6. I can't see the liquid and envy making a change, itd make no sense. They established themselves as another level compared to the rest of the league, with optic a full tier above them. The only way your beating optic is putting in more work- Not only is Optic the best, but they practice the most. I also think to truly beat optic, you need to shut royal 2 down.
  7. So after worlds on Saturday/ Sunday is there a spot where the halo community parties/chills? Or is it like everyone goes their own way.
  8. Haha i would think so, but @@Neighbor you got anything to say to that?
  9. So i want to see the 343 pro team scrim a team going to worlds on LAN. I would love to see where they stack up haha. Can we make this happen please.
  10. Okay gotch ya. I agree with you there is alot of BS. Personally, i see this game becoming phenomenal with 2 small changes- changes that i actually think the community can sway. 1. PG radar 2. Remove every automatic weapon
  11. I'm a bit confused, spartanbob1999 has zero kills and his first kill is a spartan charge? I'd imagine spartanbob1999 is now 1-14. Not a pretty good tactic by that stat line. But i do think you just said it, the spartan charge is a crutch for low level players. Once you get to higher levels, you will be sniffed out like a dog and the spartan charge tactic is no longer as valuable. Certain scenarios yes, but not so much.
  12. yep that looks about right haha. I'd argue the spartan charge screwed lethul on the first kill, it should have been an assassination. The outcome in the end seemed appropriate even though there was alot of "fluff/gimmicks" involved. Check this out tho: My stats from Proving Grounds this season, just your average diamond dog- Look at the stat PG: it stands for percentage a game, or how many times it happens in 1 game. I actually looked up your stats too and in 74 games of proving grounds this season, you don't even have a spartan charge kill. I get it though. It effects the gameplay in the nature of the video you posted by prolonging/fluffing/"gimmicking" the engagement. I just want to say though imagine if sprint was still enabled and spartan charge was disabled.... doubling meleeing and melee's in general would be so easy and far OP. Sprint Melee, Sprint Melele. IT WAS a problem in reach. I think the spartan charge keeps the double meleeing to a minimum.... A problem which all stems to sprint haha I also see alot of people saying the who guy comes sprinting around the corner mindlessly is rewarded. I get that it happens, but i often will "sprint mindlessly" if i know i'll have the jump on someone. It may seem "mindless" but i'd say with good players it goes both ways. I do it all the time especially on the rig to kill the guy camping e2 or white corner. I'll do it on plaza strongholds to the damn bastard sitting van stalling the shit of bottom mid. It's not a guarantee either, especially in proving grounds because you show up on radar. I'd say it's a 60/40 play.
  13. Haha i had that coming.I'm not going to say Spartan Charges adds "skill", but ill end it on this: Players who learn spartan charge to move around the map are more aware, have better map movement, and are harder to kill. I also still believe that the SC is not an effective tool for combat at high level. You get shit on if you try to spartan charge people at high level. You put your gun down, commit to a direction, give up your position on radar, and are so fucking loud. Take a look at this: OG vs Liquid scrim - 3/21/17 Total number of kills (both teams): =1606 Total number of Spartan Charge kills (both teams) = 4 Percentage of deaths attributed to spartan charge= .24% And yes I understand that spartan charges are usually used to get someone one shot than clean up. So i'll be generous and attribute another 26 deaths (2 per game in the series) to the spartan charge. Still a measly = 1.8 % For me, i suck with the spartan charge in combat. Somehow when i spartan charge someone, they always get a melee on me and its a fight for the 1 shot. I rarely get spartan charged because the enemy is so loud and they show up on radar. I think the movement and awareness factor (going 3rd person) >= the every so often bullshit kill you see from time to time like the clips you guys shown. The spartan charge "double thrust" is why EL town grabs rockets TWICE and lived both times. Ends up going 21-7 on Coli that specific game. There are so many other BS things that effect the game way more than spartan charge- autos, radar, noisy spartans- that the SC is way down the list from me and i like what it brings movement wise.
  14. Im going with an unpopular opinion here on being indifferent about the spartan charge. I agree we can do without it, but in my eyes it adds a tiny layer to the movement meta. You see players like El town grabbing rockets on Coliseum utilizing the Spartan Charge, Thrust combo. I use it all the time to jump from the Attics to top mid on truth and from the SMG platform to Top tower on Empire- These are high engagement areas and it's nice to save your thrust. Furthermore, i'll check corners i could not see in first person while moving with it because of the third person aspect. When jumping with the spartan charge from SMG platform to top tower on empire, in the animation you can see blue bend to top tower, a much more peripheral view. I play on 7 4 so i can just whip it around real quick tho. I honestly think its pretty cool for movement and awareness wise. The one draw back with the Spartan Charge movement wise is your so loud. Everyone hears you and you blow your stealth factor... I've actually noticed this with all the spartan abilities -sliding, thrusting, sprinting- they're all so loud and give away your position half way across the map.
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