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  1. See playing in a party doesn't help cuz tards like Nick exist. Case closed.
  2. Are you joking? I don't need to write an essay on why betraying teammates is bad. What are you even on about? Yea no shit I don't like being betrayed. Why would I need to say more?
  3. Yea if only there was a difference between dying to enemies and dying to teammates. If only.
  4. Uhhhhh No. You don't balance a game around less than 1% of the population under perfect conditions. When it's going to be played online a million times more than on LAN. That would make no sense from any standpoint. And using the top players with full comms as the end all be all is literally just a disaster waiting to happen. Cuz again the vast majority of people playing the game are not going to be like that. You need to account for all aspects of the population ESPECIALLY the majority. And dude what you absolutely balance shit around what tards will do. That's a huge aspect. Making a system that isn't easily abused. To think you should ignore that is mind blowing. Perfect conditions are literally that. Perfect. If you don't test the norm and the worst you're gonna have a shit game. Also "ur just salty you get betrayed" being used as an insult is hilarious. Yea no shit it's almost like being betrayed is stupid. And not fun. And as far as your WZ example (lol on its own) AGAIN that doesn't work with ricochet. So stop saying stuff like that.
  5. Oh so the same as it already is? Gotcha. Ps they'd kill themselves with ricochet damage so yea they totally would just throw them everywhere lmao.
  6. I want ricochet. If that wasn't clear I apologize. Now onto that point. It's not that I don't get your experiences or what you want. I just think ricochet helps more overall in terms of people being able to tank your performance. I know what it removes. I understand it. I just don't think it's more important in an online game than just simply not being able to get nuked by your team. As far as disregarding experince that's essentially what everyone is doing here lol. The first point brought up to me was that it doesn't happen a lot. Then I was called a liar. Then I was told to just play a different mode. If that's not disregarding I don't know what is. Essentially I know what it adds and removes. I get it. And I just think it adds more than it takes away. For me. I get everyone's experince isny the same. But I'm not gonna say "yea I'll take getting teammates that constantly shit on me so you guys can keep playing the exact same way you already do". Cuz my experince is still being tanked.
  7. lmfao yea I dont want my teammates to be able to kill me whenever they want lmfao im so stoopid lmfao
  8. Except i said I want ricochet lol. And the only reason I responded was because Lemon made some snarky side post. My reasoning has been mentioned multiple times by myself as well as kelly. Dont try and make it look like i just started going on a rampage look at the shit I have responded too.
  9. Cool. All those things aren't me getting actually weakened or killed by them. They aren't able to add to my deaths or damage me. Go nuts and throw the game that doesn't really matter to me. Again big difference between an AFK and a dude shooting me the whole game. But yea I'm not thinking at all. I'm just making this up on the fly and you're the master analytic God that thinks everything out. Please stop making these comments and just address the points please. That's how this works. I know what it takes away. I just don't think it's enough in an online game to warrant keeping it. Hence me "not caring". That's literally the EXACT same thing as you saying no FF doesn't work. Just worded differently.
  10. It's not me being abrasive. It's me responding specifically to people arguing "hey look at this kid" type arguments. Or people calling me a liar lmao. It's already been said about 50 times that they don't care that I or anyone else is getting betrayed. It's not me just randomly saying it. It's in response to telling me to "play another list" and shit like that. I don't care what it "removes" from the game. Because I think the additions are better. That's no different than people saying no FF "doesn't work".
  11. Ricochet lmao. You know what else can be cheesed? What we have now lol. And it literally is cheesed. Every day. Just ricochet bring other problems? Sure. But it also takes some away. Just so happens to add more than it takes away for me.
  12. Bro "betray for _" is such a widespread meme with halo. People always talk about it. Since way back in the day especially H3. You don't have to care. No one told you to. The point is that pretending one opinion is "right" and the other is just straight blasphemous garbage is hilarious. I'm advocating for my own experience obviously. Cool. Doesn't stop me from taking the deaths. Doesn't stop them from weakening me the entire game. Doesn't stop any of that from happening. But yea man I'm glad if they just so happen to mess up 2 to 3 times I can boot them. Thank God.
  13. No it's called online matchmaking. You know, where it fills lobbies with varying party sizes that 9/10 times won't be communicating.
  14. It's always been a thing. Halo is literally known for this lol. Like everyone knows the "betray for snipe" shit. And the kids that get whiny and start killing you for a multitude of reasons. It happens a lot. And I don't want it to. Cool you think it's a shitty idea. Really cool. Don't care. I don't want my teammates killing me while they go unpunished. But I am cuz it's a "team game" and I should just play something else. Backwards ass logic lmao. Some of the most obnoxious kids are high ranked warriors. You can't avoid it. So stop it in the first place. Glad you aren't getting betrayed. Really makes my opinion change lmao. If only your experience somehow justified mine. But it doesn't. And this has always been an issue. And it always will be unless it's changed.
  15. OKAY and for the fifth time I AM playing ranked. I only play ranked. I don't like social modes they're all ass. And again. Even IF I had the snipe and was was with it (not the case I rarely even pick power weapons up) how the fuck does that justify betraying your teammate? If that's the case I guess I can freely betray anyone I want that doesn't play up to my standards.
  16. I'm not talking about accidental nades in this scenario. I know when it's an accident. I'm talking kids off spawn chucking nades at you when there are clearly no enemies. Or following you around all game and shooting/nading you. I don't like it when it happens accidentally either but that's not what I'm referring to.
  17. Even if that were the case (it's not) would that justify the behavior? So what if some dude is talking to himself in game chat lol. That doesn't mean he should be able to betray you.
  18. Lmaoooooooooooooooo okay man. Whatever you say. I'm guessing you frequently nade your team huh? What sound logic. You threw the nade. You see where your team is. Crazy thought man but like maybe don't throw the nade when a teammate is right there. Or just take the damage and move on. And I know you like friendly fire. When we played you literally betrayed Nick for shotty. And me for no reason. You're exactly why we want it turned off.
  19. Cool. I don't think I should be punished for your idiotic mistake. In a game where I am playing as an individual. It's literally 8 individuals. I'm not gonna take free deaths because you as an individual are braindead and nade me. I know its a team game. That doesn't change the fact that I am my own person. This isn't some black and white bullshit. Where what you want is the only way. Which is why this conversation is even happening. You pretend like the other way just CAN'T be done. Based on your own opinion.
  20. But you know what both those games didn't have? Your teammates killing you lmao. Which is the entire point. No shit people will still throw. But I can deal with an essentially AFK teammate way more than one that's actively making me die. There's A big difference stop equating all of it to the same thing. Just because people are gonna do it anyway doesn't mean you do nothing. Otherwise laws wouldn't exist lol. And you know what H4 didn't have even though H4 "didn't work" (LMAO nice one man)? Teammates killing me. All other consequences are fine with me. Because my team wasn't killing me. It didn't prove that it doesn't work. It proved it does. Oh and H4 didn't have ricochet lol. Big difference. People aren't gonna nuke their team when it makes them die.
  21. Or just remove FF lmao. Don't tell me what I would be talking about. You don't know me. I would rather have that than what we have now. Takes a lot more effort to get a teammate that jumps on your nades seeing as you can throw them wherever you want lol. Snipe could get annoying but at that point I would just burn the ammo and keep playing normally.. obviously it's still a valid complaint if I were to day teammates are being annoying. But it's not nearly as bad as them actually killing me.

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