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  1. Nah you suck. Git gud kid. Ez clap. But for real yea I wouldn't say skill is this issue here. You arent a garbo random that cant play the game. Footsteps suck. Regardless of skill level. You got outpositioned. You dont deserve the same info someone worked for just because they are moving. Dumb.
  2. Ignoring the blatantly wrong statement for the 15th time, we have been against footstep sound since the beginning of time. Next.
  3. Then let's hope they continue this path.
  4. Was multiple things. Saying to force it and saying there should be actual in game rewards. I know pinging would be a fine addition. Was in response to the other few things that were said. Playing preferences shouldn't be forced or rewarded. Just rewarding more extroverted people for being themselves.
  5. No reload and LT scope are both GOAT.
  6. I see we are back to trying to force game chat. Yikes.
  7. There should be a tournament with no comms. Just to see how good teams are straight up. Kinda annoying that the optimal way to play is a headache inducing jumble of noises from 4 people. Let's see people play solely off their own awareness. Would be godly.
  8. Might be down for both idk. Truth is probably the map we want to play the most.
  9. Would you guys be down to do default maps as well? Truth and Coli really.
  10. No, you don't. This has been explained about 15x by now. You recall wrong. Stop.
  11. And sprint can be a.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% movement increase. Also none of those things bar escaping are directly caused by sprint. And even with escaping strongsiding is one of the most broken escape tools Halo has ever seen lol. With no sprint.
  12. No it doesn't. It's also still not random. But good try you were so close.
  13. Let's just say I'm even COOLER now. Hehe. Ice cold if you will.
  14. It's not a game. One is RNG that can ONLY be fixed by a developer. One is just a meta you don't prefer. But difference so stop pretending ease of fixing is an argument.
  15. Uhhhhhh it's not gonna be "fixed" if it's not viewed as a problem. And no it's not easier to fix lmao. One requires the dev to actually go in and fix it. If they don't want to you're fucked. You can literally play no sprint and you have an endless stream of forge maps. So you can at least play versions of the game. Also sick list if problems. Even though half aren't even directly tied to sprint. But guess what none of those things Do? Add RNG. But hey keep rockin.

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