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  1. H5 aiming isn't nearly as bad as you guys say it is.
  2. Would be like the 1 seed playing the worst team in open bracket. Wouldn't even be close smh
  3. Wait you WANT people to be disinterested in Halo? Because you don't like the game? Weird.
  4. I mean, literally everything was going fine. Discussion was pretty civil. I had nothing to do with it turning to shit. I was fine speaking my piece. Until specific people decided that they were allowed to attack because they didn't enjoy the topic. You're uhhhh kinda faulting the wrong person here.
  5. When we say slayer is bad we are always specifically mentioning 4v4 and have said we never are talking about CE. I understand that 2v2 CE slayer is the way to play the game. But we have mentioned previously that nothing we ever post relates to CE unless we specifically specify it. And yea we understand what you like. And why you like it. We know what a game like CE adds to the meta. We also know what it takes away. The issue mainly arose because many people here kept shitting on what the game would play like with pistol only. When all we stated was that was the way we enjoy the game. Believe me we know all about the mental games and depth to both systems. We just prefer what we prefer. And are more than okay with you enjoying what you do. There's just no need to get so condescending and mocking to the way we enjoy the game. I know it's a "trust us we know bro" kinda deal but we do know about the depth each game has. And overall it's just mainly a preference. Which we have tried to say. And as far as the last sentence again, when we say things about slayer it's in the context of 4v4 from H2 on. We know it's a competitively viable mode especially in 2v2. We just weren't reffering to anything past comp 4s.
  6. Just feels like a lost cause. It's always gonna be the worst comp mode so we just play what we really enjoy. Always down to try new shit though. Was always just more of a "we finally got a lobby let's just play the best shit" kinda thing
  7. Yea I feel that H3 Mcc is so incredibly ass I'm shocked we are still using it for HCS. Can't wait for it to swap over.
  8. And that's fair. And yo be fair we have played utility only customs. And we loved it. We even tried to get people here that said it wouldn't work to try it. That's how our first huge argument happened. I got told I only wanted people to try it so I could stat on them. Believe me we would LOVE for people to try utility only settings. At least once. But people are pretty adamant that it'll be awful without even trying. We don't want you to take our word. We don't even want you to like it. Just try it and form your own opinion. We have no issue with people not liking what we like. The issue arises when people shit on it like it's a ******** opinion. And not a "real" game. We view our opinion as our own and accept other sides. If you really wanna look back you'll see that we simply stated what we enjoy. And said everyone is free to their own opinion. But the opposite side took the stance of straight shitting on it. And not just agreeing it's all subjective opinion. Which it is.
  9. Unrelated bro but your posts on this have been godly lmao. We don't agree often but you've articulated this stuff solidly.
  10. SICK I'm a thirsty edgelord e-boyfriend parrot boi. Keep me out of you mouth and don't speak on things you know nothing about. Thanks. Funny that Multi is in the same boat on this but you'll shit on Kelly and I for our opinion. But I know you wouldn't respond to him the same way stop getting weirdly personal and just talk points man.
  11. Yea I think we know that. We play the game. You've played against us. You know damn well we understand how the game works. Don't try and get high and mighty because your opinion is different. And pretend like we don't know how to play the game. And if you're tired you could simply just not post lmao. Idk how it's even tiring when you weren't even in the conversation. But alright. No one said this. But yea make weird passive aggressive remarks to feel better. No one said we struggle with playing the games. Just that we don't like certain shit. Crazy how opinions work huh.

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