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  1. I didnt actually want to get into this. Just wanted to show you that making absolute claims is foolish. But I dont think you got my point so I'll extrapolate. You made baseless claims off the rip. You called it a terrible balance mechanic. Why is it terrible? Why is breaking red reticle bad? Halo historically has very easy guns. Where once you're on target you pretty much are guaranteed to make someone one shot without moving your stick. Being able to force another movement to on-track an enemy has tons of potential. Secondly, you mentioned how it's bad for PC balance because they dont have aim assist. So how does camo all of a sudden make sense? PC players will be able to shoot a camo player with the same difficulty no matter what. On console you have to hit 1 (or 2 in H5's case) shot to get ain assist back. But hitting that shot is rough. And time spent trying is usually time the enemy team spends collapsing on you. Every second matters. Not to mention enemies re-camoing if they manage to disengage for a hit. Camo is arguably the strongest powerup in Halo. Yet only controller players will be gimped in this scenario. And you say that's fine but thrust is garbage for that same feature because...reasons. You cant just change the logic lol. And lastly this piece right here: "It shows me you literally couldn’t make this mechanic take skill to use without nerfing the thing controllers NEED, and that is aim assist" How in the worlddi you figure this? You really think they couldn't just have thrust not break aim assist? Plenty of games do it. Cod does it. Why do you assume they made this the design because they just couldnt balance it any other way, rather than it being simply their design decision. They easily could've made thrust act differently. They just went with how they wanted it to be. It's just weird to make a claim like that out of the blue lol. As if there's no other way you can balance thrust.
  2. Wow that's a jank ass sens. I recommend 4 sens 2 accel. Or 3 sens any accel. 1/5/5 works well too. Or if you want fast 3/3/2. Dont know why you're playing some weird combo if you're struggling with the aiming lol.
  3. Easy. CTF is the best gametype. Dont really need more than that. Where's the uproar about having 5x more slayers than any other gametype?
  4. Loadouts are the best thing to ever happen to social Halo. Fixed the age old Bungie issue of AR starts. Bring it back.
  5. So whether or not my bullets hit should be out of my control. Sounds like fun.
  6. You...literally just explained exactly why it's so shitty lol. Fantastic argument you changed my mind.
  7. Where are you getting these scenarios from? I never even said being on respawn is an advantage. I said it gives you shit for free. 2 nades and ammo. For dying. Its bad. And is a rocket always spawning? What about rockets coming up in 30 seconds but now you have no nades and low ammo but the enemy is fully kitted and ready to artillery strike you? What about when you used your nades to get to the enemy base but when you arrive 4 enemies all have 2 ready to chuck at you as you push? We can make up situations all day. Doesnt change anything. Going for a pickup is a detour. And arguably can slow the game down when you have to take a 20 second side track over just being able to press your advantage. I can list a million things that "promote movement" that are shit for gameplay. Dont blanket term things and pretend it's true. It's not. Halo 5 promotes some of the fastest gameplay yet people here seem to despise it. What about a nuke rocket that spawns every minute? That kills everyone on the map instantly? I would push for it. Is that good?
  8. You really like to not respond to points and instead ask a bunch of unrelated questions. Uhhhhh. Are you insinuating that you believe the reason pros push the way they do is BECAUSE of ammo directly? Or is an actual thing they think on as a manot reason to push? Over all the other factors I mentioned? And to an extent. It helps. But isnt the solution. Hence why I said unlimited ammo in the first place. If you get rewarded ammo upon death then why should the person staying alive be punished and have to scavenge? How is that good for a comp game?
  9. First of all. A lot of wrong assumptions have been made here. No one said I was trying to sit in the same spot all game. Just that if no one can kill me off it I shouldn't be punished. That's not a crazy thought. Nor did I say it's why I wanted unlimited ammo. There are plenty of times you just cant get to a dead body in time. Wither due to circumstance or the weapon despawning. Further, it being an intentional design decision has nothing to do with anything. The snipe being as easy as it was in Reach and 5 was a design decision. Nades being stupidly powerful was a design decision. Melee lunge was a design decision. Doesnt make it a good one. Now that last part is funny. Because it assumes people would all just stop moving with unlimited ammo. As if map presence and spawn manipulation no longer exists. As if people wouldnt still be pushing the exact same way they do now. Because that's the most viable strat. The ammo thing is a QoL change. Pros now arent pushing BECAUSE they have limited ammo. Its not even a thought. They push because it's the most effective way to play. But sometimes, situationally, holding a certain spot is required. And punishing a dude because he is playing it too well is bad. I can turn that logic around the same way and ask that question. What's more interesting, a game where no one shoots because their ammo is too limited, or one where everyone is constantly engaging everyone they see?
  10. O-kay? And pickups suck for that reason. What does that have to do with outshooting a guy that's dominating you with his utility from a certain spot?
  11. How is inconsistency a good thing? If most of the reason your bullets hit is based on your opponents walking the right way how is that more skillful? You cant realsitically account for it. You basically sweep shoot and guess. Sure it can be an educated guess. But its ALWAYS gonna be a guess.
  12. Yea. Pickups are limited because they are literally already broken garbage. And need to be limited. Grenades are funny. Why do you spawn with 2? Again, it rewards the dead player and is a big reason obj modes like KoTH play so awkwardly. The team that dies the most nades the most. Its garbage. Nades should be on a cooldown timer. Like pretty much every other game has learned. Makes no sense to keep supplying the kids that die with more nukes. Movement will still be there lol. If anything this just allows people the freedom to engage whoever they want. Instead of acting like it's this skill to "manage ammo" which literally promotes passive gameplay. What do people do when they have low or no ammo? Either divebomb to die or hide in a corner to melee someone to death. Really opens up the map movement lol. Look at Lockout. People will just straight up not engage when they know ammo is limited. That is not good or fun gameplay. Again. If someone mapping you all game is annoying then beat him using the same tools hes using to dominate you.
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