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  1. I mean why would I play other games than I probably knew would be literal ass. Even still I've played a fair share of games. Having full fucking bloom along with armor lock and jetpack is about as bad as it gets.
  2. Why would you want to wait lmao. I don't get it. Releasing it as they finish let's you at least play something. And if the game you want comes out earlier then you can play well before the final release date would've happened.
  3. Full bloom Reach is the worst fps experience I've ever had in my entire life.
  4. Work lol. Slow ass day. Go play social CE and have a blast though. It's the best!
  5. Mcc is literally random lol there's nothing you can do. The magnetism doesn't work properly and the spread is nuts. You just have to pray lmao
  6. So What? Might as well just play it on a no power up map lol. You never know you could win or come close with no playtime. That would be the ultimate ego.
  7. Fuck it do each Mcc game. I like the confidence.
  8. I know lmao. Lowkey fuck that casting shit yall should 1v1. I know who my money is on.
  9. Lmao keep spending your money man you do you. If that's what makes you happy go for it bud. The fact that you spend money on a game that takes "no skill" and still get stomped at events really is all I need to know.
  10. Exactly. I personally have never understood the hate for Reach forge maps. Like yea they're bland but when you play the same maps hundreds of times you stop looking at the aesthetic completely. I would prefer every map look like Reach forge over some if the atrocious lighting of Halo 5. Sure a more colorful selection would be nice but from a comp standpoint that should be soooooooooo far down the list of concerns.
  11. Wow shocker I never would've thought you'd respond like that. You're lost man. Keep telling yourself games take no skill when you get stomped. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
  12. What's sad is that I know you genuinely believe this. But then again you are the kid that has an ego just for playing halo. And pretend like you're better than cod pros because you don't like cod. So your opinion means nothing. But surely if it took no skill you must have some pretty nutty arena stats? Post em man let's see what you got.
  13. So before these H3 tournies what were you doing? Hiding in the shadows for years?

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