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  1. Ok and I never said otherwise. You're just taking it that way. You clearly have fun playing a game where the pistol doesn't shoot straight do you not? That's exactly what I said. That I don't know how people can find a game fun where your gun is straight RNG. Like I don't get why you are taking this in such a weird way. Obviously people aren't playing it because it's RNG. No one here is being ignorant yall just love to throw that word around lol
  2. I mean I get all that. But when the fundamental aspect of the game is literally rng I don't see how it's that fun. Playing any game like that just feels wack since the winner of fights has basically nothing to do with gunskill. The pistol in CE is so random it's hilarious. As trash as other games are every single one has a more consistent utility on mcc. So if you can enjoy an fps where your main gun is pure randomness then hey enjoy what you like I guess.
  3. People enjoy CE on MCC more than any other game. CE pistol is more RNG than the h3 BR on MCC. I mean clearly a super inconsistent gun doesn't affect people here the way it does to me. Like I'm not even making crazy claims at this point.
  4. I want you to re read this and think for a minute before you respond. Nothing here was posted to be flaming or anything even close man. Relax.
  5. I love how "confident ignorance" only applies when people talk about CE. Yet the same people are doing the same shit to later games. Crazy.
  6. Willingly putting RNG in your "competitive" game lmao imagine that. Abilities might not be the best but it doesn't make the very thing you do EVERY GAME random. Yikes on choosing spread.
  7. Huh huh CE is shit my man that's just a fact. But hey you believe what ever makes you feel better.
  8. Why is the basis of your argument whether or not she can do it? Why not address the actual flaws of projectiles vs hitscan? On that same note I don't think you can comment on anything H5. You can't mention how "easy" Spartan abilities are or how they're "get out of jail free cards". You can't mention anything about h5 being easy because if it were so easy you would've been at the same level as everyone else that played. And that wasn't the case. See how great this stance is?
  9. At this point probably H5. After playing anything on MCC each of the games have way more issues overall. On Mcc it's easily H2a. The game works the smoothest. I take consistency over a more difficult game that is plagued with issues any day. CE has atrocious hit reg and the pistol feels more random than the h3 BR. H2 has awful hit reg and insane host advantage. H3 is lol. H2a works but is kinda easy and nades are insane. H4 works well enough but is only fun to play socially for obvious reasons. I didn't play much reach but if imagine NBNS would be a top 2 for me at this point from what I've seen. As a kid I was die-hard h3 but playing it as an adult and seeing how modern games are I can't stand it. I've also grown to enjoy advanced movement in halo because of the individual plays that can be made and how effective they are at countering nades and power weapons. I know people love CE here but on MCC the game is on par with halo 3 in terms of rng. The pistol straight up doesn't work and I don't know how people can find it fun not knowing whether their bullets will hit or not.
  10. Halo 5 gun hitmarkers did a way better job conveying exactly how much damage you've dealt. You always knew EXACTLY what was hitting. Sure halo 3 can have the b3st version of shield flare but that doesn't come close to the accuracy of hitmarkers. Plus you could have both.

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