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  1. I was never arguing in favor of the visual effect in h5 just the speed at which you scope in. And on stick aiming yea that's the thing. I'm sure most peoole are more used to it simply because that's how it's always been. But even if you personally find LT aiming "weird" the advantages are still there. I don't think it's any more weird than switching to bumper jumper when h3 came out. After years of default muscle memory. Obviously I would not force LT aiming on everyone and have layouts for each type.
  2. Pressing in the stick you are literally aiming with causes accuracy issues. I don't think I need to go too in depth on that. The issues with pressing the stick while trying to make micro adjustments are pretty easy to see. Along with just simply maybe pressing too hard or moving your finger and missing. Another point is getting into those weird situations where you accidentally press the stick twice or something. And get in a weird descope battle where you keep messing up your zoom. Also having to YY out of scope and cause unnecessary animation delay. Rather than just letting go. But the main thing is accuracy. There is a reason pretty much every other game uses LT to ads. It just doesn't get in the way of proper aiming. Yea maybe double zooming a snipe might be a little less intuitive but that's a small price to pay. Pretty much every scheme has one issue or another especially when you need like 30 buttons. But in 99% of situations having LT scope is simply better.
  3. Lmao scoping in h5 isn't even slower than other games. And scoping with a stick is so much worse for overall accuracy. The only reason stick scoping is fine in past games is because that's all there was. LT is just straight up better as a whole.
  4. I'll respond to this point by point just for you. Because holyyy is this off base completely. 1) I don't intentionally post controversial opinions for a reaction. The fact that you assume that is already the entire reason every other reason you posted occurs. You already assume my opinions are for some other reason simply because they are different. But you don't keep that same energy when people follow the "norm" or shit on the stuff I enjoy. 2) Again quite the assumption. Why would I or anyone else be "salty" about anything. You do know the reason we changed our pics right? It was literally because you guys kept addressing us as the same person. And called our discord a hivemind. So as a joke we just made our pics the same to mock that sentiment. Yea I know my fellow BBCs are gonna be mad that I said it out loud but so be it. No one is angry or saltyor upset. Stop assuming. 3) I have respected other people's opinions. Pretty much everything I have said has been "here's my opinion. This is what I like. We just like different things" to which I have been met on multiple occasions with people telling me I am wrong and their opinion is objective truth. That and the fact that, again, it's the norm to shit on the games that I enjoy cause problems. Just because I respond more aggressively usually doesn't mean I'm not respecting opinions. This entire last debate only became a thing because the CE fans tried to say the gun is objectively better. Yea really respectful of other opinions. 4) I don't need to be defined by anything. If that's what you see me as good for you. I'm not trying yo be defined as some dude with contrarian views I'm just posting my opinion. 5) Its not my job to convince anyone on anything or make them change their views. I just express my own. Do you really think these people are gonna change their opinions? When they have literally stated multiple times that their opinion is objectively true? I mean read the last like 8 posts in response to me simply saying H4>CE. And tell me that I am the one that's not being respectful. Or go back to when Kelly and I simply stated we don't like power weapons. Tell me the responses were respectful and not constant "man guys can you BELIEVE this right here?" Posts every 5 seconds. So there you go. You can feel free to keep thinking however you want tho. Not my job to change your mind.
  5. Yea I'm the one that doesn't respect other opinions. Lmao.
  6. Again, not a "troll" or "bait" it's literally an opinion in direct response to someone else giving theirs. But yea it's bait cuz you don't agree and can't see past your own opinion. Yikes. I hope you feel better about yourself now knowing that you hold better opinions than others.
  7. Imagine calling an opinion a troll cuz you don't like it. Couldn't be me.
  8. What? There's clear meta to every map lol. I can get not liking the gameplay and mechanics but I swear you guys try and make it sound like it's just people zooming around with no real thoughts at all. Which I know you're gonna say "cuz that is what happens" but that's really not the case.
  9. Okay but tbh is that really something you can criticize someone for? Gaming is still primarily a form of entertainment. It's for fun. If someone doesn't enjoy the base game can you really fault them for playing what they prefer? Over sacrificing their enjoyment just to play the game the way someone else thinks is best? A great example would be the customs so many love like Duck Hunt or Jenga. Is it fair to criticize these people because they don't agree with your philosophy on how games should be played? And maybe you are only speaking on matchmaking. In which case I would still argue the same point. What's the "real" way to play? Warzone? Slayer? Fiesta? And if I don't play every mode according to the meta am I now somehow worse than someone who does? If I play warzone and only use my loadout weapons because that's what I find fun can you really criticze me? Is that really a bad thing? If it's what I enjoy more? And what about the fact that warzone and HCS have different metas? Technically speaking using only loadouts weapons actually helps my arena gameplay moreso than the opposite. So which is more important?
  10. Yes based on your cultural and religious beliefs you believe hell to be a deep red color. Based on movie and art portrayals throughout your life. But what about other cultures? Other experiences? What if there is a culture out there that views hell as a completely different thing than you? Better question WHAT makes hell red? Why do you believe it to be red? It's something that doesn't exist in any tangible form yet you have a clear vision for what it should look like. But does every single person around the globe believe This? If a blind man visualized hell what would it look like? Also no depends on the game you played and loved more. As well as what you see on social media or online. If every post was a "remember this" post showing h3 yea you'll think on it more. Because of alllllllllll the factors in life. This isn't objective in any way. And to further the point I think the h4 Valhalla looks better. So explain that to me. Am I wrong? Look man I don't know why I'm responding lol. This isn't even a real debate. You're trying to find objective truth in things where it literally does not exist. It's like you want to prove you have the "right" answer to things that are almost all circumstantial things that depend heavily on the factors that occurred during ones life.
  11. Look in sorry to disregard everything you said but you just stated that color preference isn't subjective. No offense like honestly I don't want to sound rude but there is no reason to ever argue with you on anything. If you genuinely believe that colors have objective truth. But yes thank you for saying that about the CE pistol as well. Because I know now that it's a waste of time to argue. Because you're soooooo far in the opposite direction of beliefs from me.

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