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  1. And yea literally ANYONE here that plays can join. I don't care why or how good you are we just need people. Play to stat play to win no one cares. Just playyyyyy
  2. We don't play CE because the game is literally broken on MCC. Host is gonna go neg 10 and the pistol is random as fuck. It's not fun for anyone playing. We have tried CE and no one had fun.
  3. Network homie surely there are more than a few people here that y'all are friends with that you can bring. We literally play every game minus CE in customs surely someone here can join next time.
  4. If anyone ever wants to play customs add one of us we always need people lmao
  5. Literally every pro was complaining about H3 aiming the second the started playing it again. It's cute that you just say things with no real basis. Anyway play customs bro stop dodging
  6. You really like to mention ping huh. Lol I know all about the aiming issues halo 5 had. And whether you like it more or less is irrelevant. Halo 3 aiming as a whole is trash. And it's known to be this way. If you don't believe it then just wait for modern aiming and see how many people stick to classic. Also I'm not even sure you really know what was meant by heavy aim lol. I've never experienced a loss of aim assist in halo 5. Nor would that even relate to the aiming issues. I've played my fair share of "80 ping" games since I mostly play with West coast players. The biggest issue was always input delay that seemed to get progressively worse as the game went on. That's what heavy aim was. You can't just throw buzz words around to prove your point. The "heavy aim" especially after the updates was not nearly as crazy as you're making it sound. And again, was only mostly noticeable because the Spartan abilities and map design. If you honestly can sit here and tell me your aim was off in the classic playlist then you literally just can't aim. It was the easiest thing in the world to insta 5 people in that list. Of course you can't forget reticle size and burst compared to single shot.
  7. I can aim in halo 5 so it's fine. Wow see how that argument works sooooo well?
  8. Lmao dude it's been complained about for a decade my man. This isn't something new. And yes you can compare them you can compare anything homie. H3 has very hanky grid aiming with awful accel curves and insane diagonal sensitivity. I find it to feel worse overall than H5. H5 just seemed worse because the maps had tons of vertically and the mobility was much higher. Go play any halo 3 map with no abilities in halo 5 and you'll see the aiming isn't nearly as big an issue as it seems.
  9. Dude you can't literally base your name off of h5 aiming and not be able to see how awful H3 aiming is lmao. Surely you've noticed the grid aiming that's been talked about for a decade lmao

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