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  1. Yea and we, alone in our opinion, caused 343 to put enough work in to add modern aiming.
  2. Halo 5 is a different game. Way more movement, crouch strafing, steep angles and pretty low reticle stickiness all add to the way the aiming feels. If you put H5 aiming in any classic Halo I guarantee the complaints would be almost non-existent. Using other games doesnt really mean much. Also MCC added most of these options. And literally added in modern aiming because enough people were complaining about "classic" halo aim. I think both CE and H2 have garbage aiming lol. CE vertical is terrible and H2 is way too boxy. Also as I stated above modern aiming was added to MCC for a reason. Back in the day there wasn't as much of a standard on how aiming should feel. Now it's completely different.
  3. What "works" for some doesn't work for all. There's no harm in being able to customize it how you like. Pretty much every game nowadays allows for customization to this degree.
  4. I know H5 has a slightly different aim style, but there are literally so many options to customize the aiming to make it work for you. Inner and outer deadzones as well as vertical and horizontal sensitivities. If other people are lasering you fine but you are still struggling with the aiming it miiiight be kinda fair to assume you just aren't as good at the game as them. I wouldn't blame the aiming. Seeing as the people killing you are aiming fine. Also quick side thing. Might wanna be careful with using inner deadzones. There's a reason pretty much every pro played on 0. It will fuck you in the long run.
  5. Fat reticle that gives you headshots when you aim at the knees. Yea. Oozes skill.
  6. I know we aren't trying to put H2 as the middle ground.
  7. Nah you suck. Git gud kid. Ez clap. But for real yea I wouldn't say skill is this issue here. You arent a garbo random that cant play the game. Footsteps suck. Regardless of skill level. You got outpositioned. You dont deserve the same info someone worked for just because they are moving. Dumb.
  8. Ignoring the blatantly wrong statement for the 15th time, we have been against footstep sound since the beginning of time. Next.
  9. Then let's hope they continue this path.
  10. Was multiple things. Saying to force it and saying there should be actual in game rewards. I know pinging would be a fine addition. Was in response to the other few things that were said. Playing preferences shouldn't be forced or rewarded. Just rewarding more extroverted people for being themselves.
  11. No reload and LT scope are both GOAT.

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