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  1. While its good to be positive, I have to say he was to positive and that was the attitude that got us Halo 4 out of the box. Nice guy tho!
  2. Ryan is one of the top players in the game right now. Just no one will accept that due to his rivalry with Ninja and getting dropped for APG. It didnt work for Warriors and I dont think it will work for Classic, especially since APG doesnt know how to pick up the flag even though its auto pick up Kappa
  3. True but when every post is about Ninja and all he talks about is Ninja just shows how hard he rides Ninja
  4. Classic may have a real shot at winning it all. Just going to have to wait til tomorrow. LFG CLASSIC!!!
  5. Roys our Boy and Chigs our ***! <3
  6. Im sure it is easier, but all Im saying is this should have been all set up tested and ready to go last night. Im not complaining tho because of the problems with twitch, and Time Warner just fixed my internet due to their shotty modem lol
  7. Ambush Classic SQ Warriors Should be a awesome event this weekend Cant wait to see Roy on Lan
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