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  1. Have not watched a second of the event back yet; was literally none of this said at finals? Its really strange that you would not tell the viewers how much the teams that are at finals are currently playing for on top of the "title". For me personally when i hear LoL Dota or whatever playing for a multiple million regularly as a viewer I am like "fuck me imagine being in that scenario" Seen some of the other eu players tweeting out how much they won so don't see why I cant. 35 20 8 4 LAN 8 7 6 5 4 3 Online


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  3. Huke was actually incredible last night, feel like he has to be on the team to compete with CLG.
  4. @@ahawowow was suppose to plus rep my bad, new to this forum shit. Fully agree with the fact he oozes more charisma then a lot of casters in eSports atm, one of the few people who can actually make the crouch auto fest that is halo 5 fun to watch. For me anyway; will be missed.
  5. There is next to no footage of me from Regionals tbf, I was borderline bed-bound during the media days but yeah a makeup covered BlackJack will do!
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