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  1. I feel bad for FabE right now.  Due to 'technical issues' they have barely been able to scrim.  This is the tournament that they were formed for and just before it happens 3 of the players constantly get screen freezes and black screens mid game.


    Any word on a fix for this?  @@Jimbo @@TUFOXY  


    Is there any chance you guys can get any scrims in once you are out there?


    Had to full factory reset my xbox + delete every game/app to try and resolve the freezing (H5 - 100gb woooo), not sure if the other lads have done as well or if any of you guys are getting the issues but even still two games in today its still happening just not as frequently.


    In short the update for us is causing continuous freezing that tends to last around 5 seconds; and the fact Mose / Respectful still in live in 2008 and we have to use Party chat to communicate which is also causing problems. (don't get me started)


    Don't know if @@Jimbo has said or not but we did have plans to try boot camp for the event but nothing did come to fruition. Gonna do what we can to prepare and stay warm but won't lie utterly jealous of what the aussie guys are doing, its the right way of prepping.


    TLDR EU Halo LuL

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