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  1. Around a month back something very traumatising happened to one of my parents and It made me lose all drive and interest in even competing as it hit me so hard, took me a few weeks to even get back to myself. On top of the abysmal announcement the Europeans got I left the FABE roster and the original 3 were going to look into getting someone to replace me as I had not a single inkling in returning during halo 5. Obviously some stuff happened where Jim found himself elsewhere (think he was unhappy with the playing environment and wanted to play with friends) and Phlux and Kimbo ended up on the team. It was only just before roster lock that I was asked again if i would compete and at the time I thought why not. After a few days and after hearing that Phlux had some personal stuff going on and on top of that his exams coming up we both wanted to take a break. Myself more than likely permanently from Halo. Regarding my opinion on the EU announcement: In short yes the time/return this season for me straight up just isn't enough for me to continue competing on Halo. In Europe right now players are essentially playing for a holiday to Dreamhack and their spending money for a piss up abroad. Worst part about it is the best European teams wont even be the teams that will attending; the online teams formed for 5 online matches will be. Without EU even having any sort of LAN between worlds and the event I honestly expect probs the worst showing ever in terms of international competition just due to the lack of caring and drive right now. For me I will be using this free-time to enjoy myself playing games again, and for the future competing wise ill more than likely be making the move to the new cod in November as the current format in halo I see no progression. 343 and TO need to start addressing the lack of grass roots as numbers wise its going nowhere pce
  2. Its more the fact i'm playing halo and not h1z1 with the amount of looting i can do off of spawn
  3. I feel the pain man, don't know if this has been said or not but the players have been asked to give as much feedback as possible for the upcoming season. Just hope players are passionate enough to give their say and more so it actually being taken on board. I for one submitted a lengthy amount. This game could be so good.
  4. Ask every single person who is fortunate enough to be making a income from the game and they will say the latter; just look at all the outbursts recently, people have had enough. Just draining seeing so much potential being wasted and watching other games thrive. Genuinely miss be able to just get on and there would be multiple lobbies just running random 4s and playing because they want to not because we have to. I always get the if you don't like it why do you play messages when we say something but I have not lost in my region since after the first worlds so why would I (eu halo LUL banter) but even still I have not enjoyed a event playing more so then the pre release no radar sticker on screen event we had at gamescom. Genuinely looked forward to the newest game ..... then I've had a ar on my back and knees bent ever since.
  5. It's exactly that what tilts me, look at how little has changed. Fair play we got rid of breakout pre 16' worlds (and props for trying something new) but even that was a long winded process. The progression has actually been depressing since release even with players/pros crying out for change instead of just jumping ship. Almost every Halo has been like it for development but this game has took it to the extreme,
  6. The more I watch this the worse the current settings look. Really hope this shit gets sorted man (settings) getting on is actually a chore lately; been seeing more and more people just fucking off to do other things as the fun factor has completely gone let alone the competitiveness. The money isn't even enough of a incentive anymore/
  7. Had to full factory reset my xbox + delete every game/app to try and resolve the freezing (H5 - 100gb woooo), not sure if the other lads have done as well or if any of you guys are getting the issues but even still two games in today its still happening just not as frequently. In short the update for us is causing continuous freezing that tends to last around 5 seconds; and the fact Mose / Respectful still in live in 2008 and we have to use Party chat to communicate which is also causing problems. (don't get me started) Don't know if @@Jimbo has said or not but we did have plans to try boot camp for the event but nothing did come to fruition. Gonna do what we can to prepare and stay warm but won't lie utterly jealous of what the aussie guys are doing, its the right way of prepping. TLDR EU Halo LuL
  8. got bored of tweeting about radar tbh, would rather not watch/play a map that is 3x as wide as it is long - stale as they come.
  9. Panda get back into the series in game 3 and then they're treated with a snooze fest of fathom ctf zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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