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  1. I know right!? That part at 2:00 is so good! Sounds like a classical piece that part.
  2. Yeah. I probably should've got rid of the "soon" part. I'm assuming he meant the upcoming week.
  3. They've still got a month and a bit to show some more stuff. There's gonna be some Halo 5 stuff via IGN soon next week.
  4. When's IGN revealing their IGN First game? Thought it was supposed to be this week(which is now over)? Edit: Never mind. Just checked IGN.
  5. First of all, awesome cinematic!! Second. Are we sure that this is the first cinematic? Cause Frankie on Neogaf said this: "Gameplay starts right where the Xbox mnemonic comes up at the end. There's a scene that precedes this one too. Something more sedate. Then bam, first level starts." Source Edit: formatting
  6. I know it's been mentioned here that 343i were experimenting with the idea of an objective in Breakout, but in this video it's confirmed to actually be in it. At 7:05.
  7. There will be Arena gameplay. Not sure if it'll be at PAX(probably will be) but it will be at the Pre-PAX Xbox event.
  8. Blinded? Paralyzed? Dumbstruck? Noooooooooo.
  9. September looks to be an awesome month. Looking forward to Hunt the Truth, preview UI and possibly new information on Halo 5 via IGN First!
  10. True. But new players are more likely to play on an easier difficulty than you and I would.
  11. You know what basically wowed me? The E3 campaign demo. Sanghelios looks gorgeous.
  12. I can see them clearly? The one on the left you can clearly tell it's an elite what with the stance, model and armour lights. The one on the right because of the blue and armour.
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