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  1. Yo, I am WILDLY mediocre, but I fucking love playing competitive halo. Put me down for both. GT: Snowy Evades
  2. Not enough time seeing Goldenboy's gorgeous Puerto Rican face.
  3. I'd like to see some visual updates in regards to lobbies, loading screens, etc. Also I'd like to be able to see who's on my team during loading screen, unless there already is a way besides seeing mics. Pretty unimportant things in the broad scheme...
  4. What I've learned so far: penises If you miss a shot, you should be dropped FUCKING ROY, JESUS
  5. I missed ALL of yesterday. Fuck me, right?
  6. I'll just leave this here... https://twitter.com/TwitchTVSupport
  7. Finally hit this shit up as a long time lurker. See you in Twitch chat. GT: Snowy Evades if you want to roll throwdown, customs, etc.
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