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  1. Can't believe Australians are still region locked. The game is dead here. I can only find games by partying up with people from the US.
  2. Haven't been keeping up. When this update coming out?
  3. So potentially something happening with MCC this year. Not getting my hopes up or anything... BUT ABOUT FUCKING TIME.
  4. Please 343 surprise me. Go full classic with the next Halo. Ranked (1-50) and social playlists. No spartan abilities (especially sprint). The maps will be good as a result. I don't need the utility weapon to be a BR or CE pistol to be satisfied. As long as there is a utility weapon and it shoots straight, and 1-2 weapons for every other role. Just make the game simple and it will be fun for everyone. Create a game like this and you have something that you can build from. I've never understood why they chase COD's fanbase when the fanbase for Halo was FUCKING HUGE. All they've done is drive away fans. Why does Halo have to be endless disappointment...
  5. Either do I, I'm fully expecting to just laugh at the next Halo. The only way that there is a chance that I buy Halo 6 is that sprint is removed. 343 need to wake up, give us the Halo experience. People always say "it's looking better now they are doing x"... no it's not. This is what they always do before they are about to try and sell us something. They try and change the attitude of online discussion by making us not being able to talk about what has happened before by focusing on the next product. It's always "we are looking to the future", "I'm excited about the future of Halo", "I'm very excited about the direction we are heading", "we get it", mixed with some hint that they are focusing on what this group of players want (competitive Halo). They are extremely good at it. @@Neighbor is here only because he has been told to be here. Just like Josh Holmes and Ghost he will disappear once the next Halo FPS is released. People have to stop falling for what 343 say in the build up to launch and focus on what they actually do. Look at the product and don't extrapolate too much from the information they drip feed us. Always remember this is the company that created Halo 4 and the MCC.
  6. Which makes no sense. They were put together to make Halo. This franchise is fucked. Lol what a constructive post by myself. I have lost all hope.
  7. Been getting some good matches in the Halo 3 playlist lately. It's a shame that there are so many TO4s running that playlist, and it's clear 343 isn't going to change anything there, so the only solution is to party up with randoms who do well in the first few games. Has made the playlist a lot more fun for me. I wish there were still ranking restrictions because at the moment I'm mid 20s in the playlist and destroying 50s. They literally mean nothing.
  8. Wow... that guy has low standards. MCC is functional, he's not wrong there. I still get multiple disconnects/failed to connects (you can see he gets a few at the start of his video, and if that happens to me I have to back out and restart the search otherwise it won't find a game, so I'm not sure how he managed to get a game just by letting it keep searching), wrong maps/gametypes still load, there is a fuck tonne of little issues everywhere you look with MCC, which add up to something significant. MCC is the only Halo I play now. Nothing annoys me more than people like this who just call everyone else "sheep" when there are still many clear issues that they are just glossing over because they've settled for something inferior. Is asking for a smooth, glitch free experience too much? Let's not forget about all the features we were promised and never got - dedicated servers being the most obvious. What a tool.
  9. Fuck 343, they have no moral standards. The studio is nothing but a platform for wannabe developers to improve their resume. Halo is dead already, and I just feel sorry for people who believe otherwise. There is no "if halo 6 is bad the series will be done", that was MCC and halo 5. It's over.
  10. Haha I know... I was just mocking the people that reply to them :o
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