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  1. New video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68XZR3TWOz8
  2. Trying something new: a one and a half minute FFA microtage. Throwback to Power Rangers. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adnYM2qxb_k
  3. Something a little different this time! I committed to one clip and tricked out the edit to the best of my ability. Check it out and let me know what you think: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suvjBVRZm-4
  4. Had a funny moment in Super Fiesta last night. Check it out! Nornfang Pickup with Funny Ending // Halo 5 Super Fiesta
  5. I don't usually play Warzone but I had a bunch of boosts and gambits piling up so I figured why not. Managed to get this clutch finish my first time playing Skirmish at Darkstar: CLUTCH Core Destruction 1000-999 // Warzone Turbo on Skirmish at Darkstar
  6. Got in touch with my dark side and went for betrayals Worst Halo 5 Teammate Ever? // EVIL Betrayals
  7. Here's another community suggestion video! What else do you want to see? No Sounds // Community Suggestion
  8. uh-nutha one One Handed // Community Suggestion
  9. TEA. BAG. EVERYONE. New video below. Teabagging EVERYONE // Halo 5 Arena Free-For-All Slayer
  10. Recently did a 3rd-person POV 1v1. Check it out below. Anyone ever play gametypes like this? It's not totally ideal since the player has to choose the camera angle in-game, but I think it has some potential. Working on a Pacman version with mongeese and hammers Wacky 1v1 // 3rd-Person POV Face Off with Legundo
  11. New video! I refrained from shooting either of my weapons during a FFA match. Enjoy ~~ No Right Trigger // Halo 5 Full Game Replay
  12. 4/3/0/0 for Team Arena and FFA (need to turn around quickly and make more eradic movements) 2/2/0/0 for BTB and Warzone (helps long range BR/DMR shots)
  13. What's up, everybody? I'm back with a new series called the Perrrfect Perfection where I'm attempting to get 15 Perfect Kills, no deaths, and win the game. This isn't a real medal/achievement in the game, just something I made up. Definitely the most ambitious handicap/challenge I've done to date. Part 1: The Dream Part 2: Target Practice
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