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  1. Thanks! I remember you a lot from Waypoint, by the way.
  2. The most glorious Daenerys gif yet.
  3. Greetings Beyond, As my profile may suggest, I am Andycu5. Now, before I ramble about my origins and how I'm actually a Precursor and how HaloSwallower is the illuminati and how blah blah blah blah blah, I must first explain the origin of my humble gamertag. Basically, when I was in 10th grade, in Government class, my classmates combined my name (Andy) with the name Spartacus in a way of flattering my tendency to rescue the class from pop quizzes (because I was the only one who paid attention). Although that name was shrouded in mockery, it stuck, and I soon honored it by changing my gamertag from MetalMeatstik to Andycu5 (I'd have spelled it as Andycus, but the S was in use -_-). Anyway, and now for me rambling about my origins and how I'm actually (not) a Precursor and how HaloSwallower (probably isn't the illuminati but an organization infinitely more powerful) and blah blah blah blah (I don't remember how many blahs I typed). To start off, I am an incoming freshman at Susquehanna University, and am planning to Double-Major in Creative Writing and Music. My favorite non-gaming activities are writing, composing, and fishing. Literally, give me a fishing rod and some line and a few hooks and I'll have harvested the entire ecosystem of your pond (though I always practice catch and release). Some of you may have heard the name "HaloSwallower" before. It is a satiric Halo site that offers a variety of 100% accurate news and entirely plausible theories, and was created by me. Since its founding in June, HaloSwallower has grown from a mere Twitter page, to a wordpress blog, and now has expanded into YouTube. It's something I greatly enjoy doing, and am very passionate about. I mean honestly, who doesn't want to poke fun at everything Halo out of love for Halo? Anyway, feel free to take a swallower of HaloSwallower at its website
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