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  1. Forgive me if I'm bursting your positive bubble, but I'm tired of all the feedback key people have put into trying to make halo after halo and, you guessed it, after halo work well and be successful and it's still overlooked. I have no hope or desire for this game. I'm playing this shitty beta and it makes me want to never pick up a controller again. But I bet you'll tell me it's a beta, it'll be all better when the game comes out. I won't be holding my breath, I still have been since reach.

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  2. I've had this same issue. I have a separate speaker system that has two 2 speakers and a nice sized sub woofer I got from best buy. It has an'AUX In' port where I have a small aux adapter piece plugged in (it converts a red and white audio cable into a jack that plugs into the port.) On the other side of the red and white cable is a cable that plugs into the port on the 360 above the HDMI port, I can't remember the name of it but I can provide pictures and it has female ports for the red and white audio cable to plug in. I control the system sound from those speakers and I also have some turtle beaches plugged in for when I want to use them. Hope this helps, if you need clearer help let me know and I'll try to do what I can.

  3. What's up guys, I'm Ryan and I'm not new to the halo community but I lurk pretty often online on things halo related. Love to play so if someone is ever in need of a player for something, I'm pretty solid and I'll get on for a reason. 'Preciate y'alls time!

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