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  3. Lol Rob, 2-0? Where'd this come from? Don't say Daytona, that wasn't a real team with how bad Thuggish did..
  4. I'm gonna sound like I'm y I'm not on that list but, honestly Cpt Anarchy wasn't the best on his team against them. Out of all of them Dan is the best, the list is good though. Just adding him means you have to add everyone else. Edit: I might be salty
  5. Rob hasn't really done anything in this seen I'm sorry to say. Not dissing Rob one bit, I love the guy. 8) Tiz is still better than 60% of the AM's I know.
  6. Rammy, Burton, Blakerz, vtec, and Dany. No others besides Tiz, your being biased with who you know. Any other of those kids haven't placed higher than an of those I've named.So please explain how their considered top but None of us are? (Top AM should be based off of placements in tourneys and performance against Pro's.) Edit: Firebird has been on top AM teams, haven't seen him play tho. Stress hasn't been on a top AM team for awhile now.
  7. I understand, where exactly do you draw the line to say no to any other team. It's not fair that it was a rule and they approved it to be broken when there was no situation forcing him too "step down". (Even though I respect him doing so.)
  8. I understand, It's just that we get ignored and don't get chances because we have no name. If we run into CLG(any top Pro team)every tournament and have decent games, but get eliminated how can we get known? Clutching up yeah, but what's the odds if we never play them? You need practice against said level of skill to an extent. Danoxide was always good, but he got ridiculously better when playing always at that higher level, he got his chance because of the people he played with, they noticed it in him because of that, giving him said options. There's lots of Dan's out there. I must only watch Pro teams play.
  9. Not trying to take anything from squared but damn. He just gets put on that list by auto? over... Bxby J Nerdy(Myself) :holmes: Exemplify SickStory EccentriKK Sargoth Squalleye :uncledrew: Cpt Anarchy Dany Knight More... We've all out placed 30% of them you named
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  11. Was deeeefinitely a FUN day of grinding sooome sweat :sunglasses: out of my "Nerdy" bones...
  12. Think we can get a Open Challenger TeamBeyond Tournament and Pro League Tournament thing going? Obviously on different days would probably have bigger turnout in community growth and viewership for the Pro's would be nice when casting Edit: Honestly depending on how late the Pro's agree to play you could probably host it same day
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