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  1. Needing Three Players who put in enormous amount of time in practicing, I'm able to attend any event in 2017, just finding the right players to attend with. If your a skilled player who loves to compete and are aspiring to go Pro shoot my way! Thanks - Esports HendriX
  2. We need to Start a new list of Pacific Northwest Players.
  3. We need to Start a new list of Pacific Northwest Players.
  4. Needing 3 solid players that put's in the time to go Pro! Online 8+ hours Everyday, Thanks - eSports ReaLiST
  5. Looking For Productive TO3/TO2 for Circuit Get @ me - ThaReaLiST US
  6. Needing Active High Level players for Areana/Customs. I'm on 5 day weekly 10 hr days. down to run games w/ teams also. Get @ me - ThaReaLiST OR. ( 5 Months Gone)
  7. Looking for players who can one day say, " I am MLG Pro'' - ThaReaLiST OR
  8. What's going on guys, I'm currently looking to improve my friends list by adding Wise, Knowledgeable, and Experienced Players to run Customs / Arena with. A large portion of my time in the upcoming months will be breaking down, and trying to be the best Halo player out there. I haven't had much practice in recent months, but if there was a tournament tomorrow, I'd be confident in saying I could place Top 16. If you're like minded and have Tha ability to grow and improve with your Halo experience add me - ReaLiST KNOWS
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