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  1. I personall think thats what they need just my opinion. doesnt even need to play Obj just another smart player that can be in the base at the right time and make the pull.
  2. Good move now they find a player that can play the Obj and another pure slayer.
  3. Now that UMG is over anyone looking for an FFA add or message zMistaken for invite i'm trying to get one started right now!
  4. Running an FFA for an Hour or 2 Add or message zmistaken for an inv
  5. Going to be running customs at 11PM Pacific time TONIGHT FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS ADD ZMiSTAKEN GOIN FOR THAT 500K boii
  6. If anyone is looking for a ffa custom add me trying to get it started right now zMistaken btw throw me on that list
  7. Looking for players to help me with my progression on my 50 I have a group i play with from time to time but need more players im a 34 in the playlist feel free to add me preferably I would want players that are at least a 25 in the playlist but that doesnt really matter add me zMistaken
  8. Well to answer your first question try a new sensitivity that's what I did. And the second question I usually try a long strafe with a lot of crouching, but there is no real way to fight off a sniper without descope try crouching and getting better angles if jumping isn't working for you. Hope this helps you out!
  9. Yeah if youre looking to play anything add me i am a 46 or something in multiteam but my teammate got his 50 and wont play anymore.
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