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  1. Hey everyone, hope you all had a fantastic Holiday. Just stopping by to post these video and to get some feedback about them. This past couple of weeks having been amazing for streaming and I appreciate all that stop by to watch and/or say hi. Thanks for the support! <3 yall and enjoy.
  2. Hey you fine people, For the very few of you that know my videos from 2008 I did a lot of "Post game" commentaries back then, but began to shy away from it when I got the ability to record LIVE. However I decided to give commentary a go again and I must say it was a blast to do SO I hope you guys enjoy the goofy stuff I got to say. Have Fun and hope to see you peeps on Halo!
  3. Hopefully I put this thread in the correct category if there IS a Video Section please CLOSE/MOVE this thread. So I've been playing H5 since launch and STILL REALLY enjoying this game. I've told myself I would start recording more so I decided to just record my sessions and just edit together some moments nothing too crazy. Nonetheless I hope you all enjoy. Let me know how you liked/disliked on here or if you want a more immediate response Twitter works well for that. Appreciate all of those who check out this thread whether you found the vid entertaining or not THANK YOU very much. <3 Shout Out to those who participated in the vid. My Swish TheeSorryRandom Imm Tyyy Hope and Fire @TheNickTac Audio Levels MAYBE HIGH for headphone users just a heads up
  4. i was watching a 1v1 on a stream today and it was the first time I have seen a 1v1 in H5 since release. I was just wondering what you guys think on 1v1's in H5 from both a Spectators perspective and Players perspective. My opinion ​​I find them fun to watch but I've have been seeing WAY too much BR starts JUST not a fan of the BR when the Pistol is, to me, the more skill based weapon. Was fun seeing Sanc 1V1's and Sniper duals we don't get that as much as we used to. Though I suck at 1v1's I would love to see them grow in popularity.
  5. Hey you beautiful PEOPLE got another video for you guys this time something shorter than the usual. Not going to lie my "Random" teammates really stepped up in this match so shout out to them I honestly did not think we were going to pull it off, but that's the beauty of Strongholds. Enjoy!
  6. You know when MOST people have an off "Halo day" they'd just shut off their Xbox and do something else, instead I turned on the mic and recorded it. Of course for your enjoyment. I may or may not have raged a bit in this video. #NotWashedUp
  7. Hey EVERYONE, Hope you all are enjoying your weekend, so I recently posted my first TWO Black Ops 3 videos and thought my Halo friends over on the wonderful Beyond forums would like to give them a look. Really hope you get a chuckle, or HELL maybe even two out of it.
  8. Haven't really dived into the AR but it does seem a bit HEAVY duty...lol. And thank you very much. Here is your SUPER <3
  9. Yeah I know I am late to the game, but I just started playing some ROCKET LEAGUE game is a nice break from my normal competitive shooters. I was wondering if any of you guys are down to clown with some games. If you guys are down add me on STEAM. LOOK FORWARD to some games. Take Care. Steam- NiCkTaCuLaR
  10. Hey ALL, Hoping you all are enjoying the release of Halo 5. I have been really struggling with my PISTOL so I thought I should showcase my failure for you guys (that's love right there). Things do get hectic and funny towards the end of the video so ENJOY. Thanks for your time guys it really does mean a lot. ​ ​
  11. Hey Everyone! With the RELEASE of Halo 5 right around the corner I thought I'd get back into what I love....creating Halo content. Some of you may remember my videos from WAY back and to those I thank you for dealing with my inactivity. And to those NEW to my videos I say WELCOME and hope you like what you see! If any of you would like to get in touch with me whether to get some games in or for whatever my info will be below. XBL: o NiCkTaCuLaR o twitter: TheNicktac I TRUTHFULLY and HONESTLY want to give a shout out to Team Beyond and YOU guys for keeping this website active while other Halo sites crumbled. I CANNOT wait to see what H5 has in store for us. Stay positive and see you guys on HALO ​
  12. Right now I'm literally only worried about the game A) Coming out and B) How the game plays since the BETA. I say lets see how events are run without the LAN support and go from there. Yeah it's an issue, but I feel its an issue we as a community can easily overcome.
  13. Hey Everybody! Nice to see the Halo community is slowly (but surely) getting back into things. It makes me get the "feels". With that said I thought I get back on that Halo Horse and record my return and I cannot believe the match that I recorded for you guys. Thanks for the amazing support and cannot wait for Halo to dominate my twitter feed very soon!
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