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  1. I thought skill had nothing to do with opinions. Hmmmhmhmmmhhhhmeh.
  2. Maybe shadowban posts saying "AR starts", lmao. Although, I feel the paper vs. practicality viewpoint muddles this. Like nadelaunching yourself in combat. Again, it "might" be different in practice, but if you're jumping behind a wall, I'd imagine most people's first thought is that the enemy will jump peak if they're cornered and gonna die anyway, or just making a desperation play. So, at that point, why would the person being backed down catch themselves in an animation to go into an already predictable, and unstoppable state? Especially if the nade DOES deal damage. Your jump height in Halo is historically already high, and already a disadvantageous position to catch yourself in, given you basically float for half a second, god forbid you lose health to do it and float even higher. I dunno why we think adding a nade to it will change anything. Same for the weapon nading argument. To me, and this is obviously my opinion. But it feels hilariously cheesy at a base. Not just cheesy, but impractical, and more so, unlikely as a concept. You don't generally just toss nades to anything but predetermined locations. Nade spots. Furthermore, trying to nadelaunch a weapon to yourself is just putting you in another impractical angle when you could be prenading or preaiming your enemy approaching you. Or moving to get the melee off. It feels like the times where it would occur aren't up to skill, but circumstance. If I constantly catch people at an angle and they're failing this nade launch, and then 1 time out of 10 they get it and just insta-nuke me with a shotgun, that doesn't exactly scream "skillful comeback", especially given you know, power weapons like that are easy as hell, lol. It's a diceroll for an undeserved comeback. Onto that tangent, are we designing maps and weapon locations on this? Are we gonna be putting pieces of cover around a shotgun so that a nade thrown within a specific vicinity will go towards a specific direction quickly enough to reach its would-be owner, justifying the mechanic? How would this affect the map as a whole? Are we gonna design consistent physics to make it work as a strategy and not a cheese mechanic? In short, would it be a mechanic akin to a Spartan Ability? Where it's inherently designed for, or something that's a byproduct. There's a giant rabbit hole to this, and tons of implications. Many of which I'm uncomfy with. It just feels like a lot of effort for cool stuff that really won't be used, because it's either circumstantial, or already "exists" and is detrimental to even be doing at a comp level.
  3. MW produced a fuckton of gamebreaking shit, lol. Updates regularly screwed the game, both in terms of stability and in game. Actually ended up breaking parties, too.
  4. Why not just wait the two weeks, so you don't break shit you don't need to, and get customer goodwill in the form of reliability.
  5. Would rather it take time than it be bullshit, or broken. Modern Warfare had multiple quick "patches" to fix stupidly broken shit, which never fixed anything, in some if not all cases broke more shit, and made the community more and more pissed off. Quickness isn't a quality I want. I'd rather they take weeks if what they give is good. Especially with the knowledge this is a small team, and not a full scale endeavor. More willing to wait over it.
  6. Not an apt comparison. Rather than imitating me, argue the point with proper context. Given my point isn't just on how much we use it, but what other downsides we keep if we keep nades for weapon nading.
  7. For all the wrong reasons, sure. It isn't about what it does, but how. And how it does is detrimental. Because of the ease of use to damage ratio. On top of them being spawn items, lol. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand you underestimate nades at high level. They're not tactical even with pros. Take a look at strongholds, hill, even flag. You chuck them at objs to nuke players.
  8. No one's grenade jumping anywhere but campaign as long as these nades deal damage, and I doubt impulse nades will become a thing. Weapon launching is only in a few games. One of which is the original, the second of which only had pad launching, not to deincentivize it, but it isn't exactly a priority and it isn't being used commonly even when the tactic is laid out in figurative "black and white". We could last without it. Softening targets is a double edged sword when something so easy to use deals more damage in a shorter timeframe than your utility does, and I dunno why we want things like flash effects. They actually blow dick in any game they're in, lol.
  9. How do you figure they allow for "creative gameplay". How do you figure they're underrated, given gameplay. Why do you think they're cool?
  10. For all the wrong reasons. Like bloom. Punishing someone for firing their weapon and maintaining position isn't proper balance. At all. In a game about shooting and power positions. Again, it's just screwing over better players.
  11. Big zing. I think another big part in play not being spoken on is how power positions, while powerful, aren't one stop, domination shops. So you're at a disadvantage, but not a guaranteed loss. As it should be. So a player that can't reach them is one that tends to be outplayed over one that is being screwed by poor design decisions. There are a few maps that obviously are way too setup-y in that regard. But we run a good gamut of maps not like this. And run counter to the idea unlimited utility ammo would screw with things.
  12. Okay. This is a game centered on power positions. Even IF power ups and weapons exist, why are we telling people to keep control of power positions, and then having them lose it, or be unable to keep contesting, regardless of skill, because they run out of ammo literally dominating the other team, lol. Convince me your stance isn't just artificial bullshit meant to help kids getting stomped get a foothold by neutering players actually dealing damage, lol. Not just artificial, but unironically contrary to what we think Halo is. If advanced movement makes "positioning not matter", then running out of ammo sure as fuck also does that. Punishing people for playing the game ideally isn't good gameplay.
  13. I didn't say that. I said auto-reload. No animation. You kill someone and you get a full mag without anything pertaining to reloading. So you can keep firing, uninterrupted. And yeah. I lay a ton of fire without killing people. I will fire at people across a map to assist somebody else. I'll fire at a dude I know I won't get a kill on, just to damage them and make them fuck off. I will shoot people running to me to kill them. I can't always pick up the ammo from people I kill. A lot of the time I kill people at dumb ranges. Or I'm in a power position and shouldn't be moving to a weaker one in the first place. Granted, you already saw this, but may as well just lay down my points as I'd have written them, lol. Might be alien in an echo chamber, lol. It's still an actual thing to exist in the way I describe it. However. This. This is literally the reason it is inconsistent and isn't a super viable mechanic in comp. Even with aimbot doing the work for you, you will miss by its nature. Again, think back to AI that are aimbots and will miss you with projectile, compared to those with consistent hitscan weaponry. Not to mention, this is a console shooter with aim assist. If you can be at a literal peak, superhuman level in performance, even for a thought experiment, and still be fucked over by shit outside of your control in an FPS, how do you figure that's okay? Why should the person with this hypothetical (We'll say it's skill to hyperbolize he's a goooood) skill not be able to just auto nuke you in every gunfight you go into with him.
  14. Why would you think inconsistency would be anything but bad in a comp setting. That's the point of it. Inconsistency pertains to things that are determined regardless of your skill. That's a problem if you're aiming to be competitive, which, as I must disclaim, is what I speak for here.
  15. That is literally the definition of inconsistent. Your gun turns inconsistent once it's put into a normal circumstance, as it will not produce reliable results you'd see elsewhere with hitscan, regardless of your skill. Because it is the enemy's movement dictating a hit, not your actual aim. Movement that is outside of your control every moment of the game. Your gun isn't fully in your control. And produces results you may not intend for. How is that not inconsistent outside of a vacuum. Put it this way. The LightRifle, among other guns, was made projectile for AI in Halo 5. It's hitscan everywhere else. You can get into a vehicle on Legendary or Mythic Firefight, and you can watch aimbot AI begin to miss you while you begin to move and evade, because their shot lags behind you as a result of projectile despite the fact their aim is better than any actual pro's would be. Hell, you can peek shoot Promethean soldiers on foot and replicate this with standard movement. If an AI that is a literal aimbot, WITH added aimbot (given some guns have homing projectiles) can't properly trace you with projectile and hit you 100% of the time when you're a wide-ass target, how in the hell would one think it's consistent on a human level, with human reactions. AI are superhuman and they can't do this. They can be on top of their game, LASO and all, literally having the ability to perceive your presence through walls to prefire you, and you could unironically outwalk or outdrive their shots. Because the shots they fire aren't fully in their control. Compare that to beam rifle or binary enemies. That have hitscan weapons. They will nuke you every single time they see you. It's a literal meme at this point in the community, spanning over a decade. And surprise, it's because they have a consistent weapon that will fuck your face. Meanwhile AI being given projectile guns in later games is a pretty big reason these games tend to be batshit easy on high difficulties. And it was hilariously easy to abuse on LASO.

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