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  1. Map it to another button like A? Helljumper does this, lol. Not a hard solution. It's not faster in any way other than rapid pressing the button, since you eliminate the double stick press middle man, which is fundamentally useless. It's just better for your overall accuracy than hard pressing the stick in as you aim.
  2. Anything that was arguably worth NOT missing out on is irrelevant or shit on as a result of the sequel trilogy, so, by this point, no. Especially if you haven't gotten into it by now.
  3. Given they came out over a decade ago, it's kinda to be expected, lol. But they've canned and came BACK to TCW, which is in that era, on top of external media, so, they didn't really drop it.
  4. Doubt it. They can't realistically just drop a storyline with massive ass, universe-changing implications without it being jarring and honestly offputting, lol. To me, that'd honestly be worse than just finishing this arc and moving back to what Halo 4 set up. Especially given Halo Wars 2 actually doubled down on it, and a lot of external media like Bad Blood focuses on what Halo 5 did, and its aftermath/how the characters are gonna deal with it. They've also only said the game will be a spiritual reboot in vague ways. And that it'll continue in the midst of the fight, ala CE, hence the 2560 start date to Halo 5's 2558. It'll be a large time leap. But not an outright drop.
  5. It was hyperbole, I know you've had to have played more because you've referenced Battlefield to me, years back. I'm not actually going to say that. No one said it was.
  6. I just find the two dichotomies funny. On one hand, you can say "delete this game and every memory of it", and because the opinion is held by so many people, you'll be supported and joked with, but if someone says "nah, I like this more than X" you'll immediately be called a troll looking for bait. Of course, I didn't make the comment, but seeing the responses was pretty stupid, given the comment WAS a response to your own. Shit on it, you'll be loved. Like it, you'll be argued with into the dirt, lol. Imagine believing a preference is objectively stupid, while others are better, and unironically thinking that.
  7. How you know someone's never played any FPS games, lmao.
  8. How in any world do you figure a focal point, ever present flag offers less structure than a power weapon when the gametype is centered around it, and no gametype is inherently tied to or centered around power weapons.
  9. The only time that purpose makes sense is in Slayer, the worst competitive gametype and one that should be gone from the rotation, too. In an actual objective game, you have the objective and map positioning keeping you moving. Already answered the second in the context of what I said.
  10. Okay, but here's the thing, why should you have the multikill potential coming from something that has historically never been difficult to use and can one tap a user. And no, power weapons should absolutely not auto-refill if it came in. These things are capable of one tapping, they should have tangible drawbacks over being more equivalent to, or better than your utility.

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