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  1. Doubt that'd have been why, given there were numerous other more offending trailers they didn't remove. On top of that entire sub-website dedicated to locking in that theme that was put up, and stayed up after said videos went down. This also happened around the time Gears 4's "Tomorrow" trailer was privatized/deleted by the original Xbox Youtube channel, too. I'd imagine there were just external factors present we don't know of that resulted in them being gone.
  2. I don't really take issue with the rest, bar this. Because, whether or not I like it has nothing to do with whether or not the rest of the market takes to it. Which is what would tend to (Big airquotes) define where the franchise goes. I'm in a variable minority saying I like Halo 5. It sure wouldn't affect Infinite, if likes alone were to change game development. I find this to be a big stretch.
  3. First, are you saying it's the best, or your favorite. Could be fickle word use but the two words differ. Only asking out of curiosity. Do you see it as the best, your favorite, or both? Secoooooond. Also fickle word use, but do you disagree with us for liking it, or disagree with why we like it, because you want something else. For clarification over curiosity.
  4. Oh, you're one of those kids who actually gets mad someone takes "your" gun from you, post-death/on spawn, and can't just play the game, lol. Good to know. Oh. And kills. That's a yikes. Past that, are you literally okay? I don't mind the tons of words, but you sound like you're ready to suck on a shotgun with how you write, lmao.
  5. I did it with almost every other Halo, lmao. Decided that actually eating the barrel of a shotgun would be more efficient.
  6. O-kay. That's fine. I won't become jaded over it. I'll just not play and move on at the worst.
  7. What a doozy of a pickle. Gee wizz. Totally a necro, but you seem to have a lot of hate in your heart. May I request you open up your heart? Halo bless.
  8. Y-es. Combat's being funneled into a specific region equidistant from your spawn, with scattered battles past those regions. It's the center point, it's gonna be the center focus.
  9. That's... Kind of the point to the map, and the way it's designed enables gunplay more over the cheese you usually encounter, lol.
  10. As language currently stands, improper word use, sure, lol.
  11. 1.) Yes, that's an opinion. It's based on your like or dislike of something, without any in depth justification. It could be held on its own, regardless of an argument. 1.1) No, you're not wrong if you feel that way. 1.2) What would not be an opinion would be to say "Halo 5 is a terrible game because x", because then you're beginning an argument. An argument, ideally shouldn't exactly be rooted in opinionated matters, but deal with facts and potential evidence. Your opinion that it's terrible may or may not change based on the argument, too, because of the fact your opinion may not be rooted in the facts presented, but just how the game doesn't appeal to you, etc. You know, in spite of, not because. You wouldn't be proving or arguing against an opinion at that point, either, you'd be debating the argument presented. Best way to define the two mostly lays in how the opinion is what you feel about something, and the argument or fact is what that something definitively is, or would be, regardless of your feelings to it. And there is a tangible difference.
  12. No, that's still factually incorrect, it's not opinionated.
  13. You'd be making a claim that I may or may not argue against. But at that point the interaction evolves from opinion to argument, so I don't get the point. You're not gonna be proving an opinion wrong, either way.

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