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  1. See, I used to think that too. But it was fun getting someone so wound up on that forum about why sprint should go that they ate a perma-ban for crassly insulting me, while I got off scott-free, lmao. The joys of abusing sensitive and easily emotional people in arguments. It's good for that purpose.
  2. Easy agree. MP and campaign were both great, but I have a thing for the sexiness of MP assets. Good way to have detail without losing it due to overdesign. And they even kept Halo 2's style of stony Forerunner assets for everything but one map. Of course, while I think the weird shift to stone was dumb, the actual assets themselves were cool. Probably. Given it isn't fun to watch two sponges smack each other with sometimes little to no feedback during fights. Of course, consistency would alter the course of gameplay past just basic feedback for the users in a beneficial way. Lowkey makes me keep wishing H2/H2A made a circuit return, lol. I don't play H2 much, but I vastly prefer it to H3, and it'd have been cool to see it return for the first major time in 10 years.
  3. Maybe, I didn't pay too much attention to it. Not the best candidate for asking, lol.
  4. So, you're telling me you don't like some freak randomly tossing a nade and knowing exactly where you were without seeing you? Preposterous.
  5. Hitmarkers are good for super accurate information conveyance. If I shoot someone with a BR, I can know exactly how many bullets in a burst hit. Good in H4/5/2A. I feel shield flare can be good, but is also pretty general to the point that you only know how much damage you do once the shield drops. Especially in games like Halo 3, which ironically has prevalent shield flare. If I fight someone and die and don't break the guy's shield, I'll have no idea as to how much damage I did. Could be 3 shots worth, or 3 and a bit as some of my bursts drop bullets. Get the like for flare, but hitmarkers are better for explicitly showing your dealt damage.
  6. I think H2A feels and sounds the most Halo, past Halo 3. Both are pretty close. The multiplayer aspect had an especially sexy element to the Covenant architecture and textures in general, where in general light, weapons would shine a sleek blue-purple, and if you held the edge of a weapon to the edge of the sun, they'd glow red. Super cool detail, and it looks beautiful for Halo. The vehicles also had the nice oily blue/purple feel. It just looked so good. As did Spartan and Elite models, barring the super low-res undersuits. It had a good color pop, too. But I find it funny you speak on later Elites being large and hulking, when they share a body type with Halo 3's Elites, being large bodied and legged, with slimmer arms. I can get being indifferent to the faces, but the actual silhouette is basically identical to Halo 3's. Whiiiiiich is why I think Halo 4/5's Zealots are easily the sexiest Elites in any Halo. Covered in sleek armor, full black body suits, proper suit lighting, and a sick ass helmet. They look almost like knights in a sense. Regal, but also slightly feral. Medals varied. I think the more special medals looked nice, like Exterms and Perfections, but basic double kills and triples had super pale colors I didn't like. It ran a weird gamut. Also, the human architecture of Halo 4 featured a mix of both dirty, squared off textures and some curves. We saw curves with Infinity, obviously, but multiplayer maps like Pit and Perdition, and even Vertigo had sexy older styled aesthetics. Was a good mix.
  7. I'm not saying leading is hard, I'm saying it leads to more inconsistency over being a beneficial, skillful mechanic, and no, sticky reticle is prevalent whenever you walk in front of an enemy, lol. you can go into a custom now and breeze over a guest. Your reticle will literally move without you touching the stick. It's pretty noticeable. And I doubt it'd confuse normies. Changing fire and burst rates for Halo 5's AR, BR, and DMR didn't confuse anyone and that was done two times over two years in. And I wouldn't doubt making the weapon hitscan would be a harder issue. And nah, the weapon's still easy in general, lol. Not to be that person, but confusing an inability to aim with the weapon's actual difficulty is probably playing a part with this.
  8. If they removed spread, sped up the actual burst, cut out projectiles, and basically made it function like a NB DMR with a BR's aesthetic, maybe. The BR not having insane magnetism is "fine", but it still has a lot more aim assist than people seem to realize. However, leading is a dumb mechanic in general. Especially with latency still being a thing, and the fact we're on consoles. Leading in a game with aim assist is kinda its own oxymoron, lol. Your reticle's pushed to your opponent, but even in RRR, you may need to tug your reticle off them to fire properly, which is also stupid when you think about it. You'll be rewarded for aiming off target. I should have to account for my actual aim only, not be rewarded by not actually aiming where my opponent is, but instead, where they may be, while accounting for things potentially outside of my control, like the fact my burst is slow as dicks, among other things, like movement. One could argue that the factor of predicting your opponent's path is skillful, I argue it just makes gunfighting less intuitive and arguably unpredictable when you're being forced to aim off target at any longer range. And it only gets worse the farther out you go. And the sniper is also easier than (whew) people give it credit for. It's not a no scope machine like Halo 4's Beam Rifle, but it's still not really hard. Same for CE's sniper, which I find easier than Halo 3's. No recoil and a pretty quick fire rate amplify it. Then again, any weapon basically two shotting people to the body isn't satisfying in concept to me. Lowkey, no sniper in Halo is hard, or skillful, lol. Some suck hard, some suck less.
  9. Oh, it's gimmicky as fuck, entirely. No argument. It's gimmicky, complex, and not user/casual friendly. I just happen to be one of the few who couldn't give a shit and could adapt fine to it. And I'd still take it when the act of firing my gun just works. It just works. Thanks, Todd Howard, lmao.
  10. It's personally hard for me to have fun in a game where you as a player are neutered to all beat hell, power wise. Always hate that. I don't like playing either game much, and don't really, but if I were to choose either evil, I'd still go with Halo 5.
  11. It has Guardian, and Midship at best (Narrows and Construct absolutely suck and the Forge maps are beyond forgettable for me to remember if they're good or not), its movement is basic, which is fine, but also exacerbates explosives, the gametypes that can be good, like KoTH are wasted on things like Construct (did I ever mention how much that map sucks? Same for Narrows), Slayer is a majority gametype present too, and we know it's the weakest, which does no favors, lol. Not to mention, saying (rather, implying) positioning and setups mean nothing in Halo 5 is completely false. You don't just walk around the map aimlessly, and you don't go unpunished for moving anywhere. Could break this down in a nutshell with Truth, again. Which has the most opportunities to show how positioning can and does matter. Or Fathom, or Coli. The golden triangle of map sets. Coli and Truth CTF games show just how much positioning can matter, like not going elbow on Coli so you can get a flag run going down snipe, the superior region. Or sitting bubble and basement on Truth to force spawns to the left of the base. Positioning matters a fuckload in that game. And being more competitively viable goes out the window with your spawn weapon. Easily consistent magnum vs. inconsistently difficult BR. Pretty easy choice of the former. Halo 3 could have every single one of those aspects you listed as being better in spades. Even if that were a universal fact, it would still have that godawful BR in comparison to the magnum we've used for the past 3 years. And that alone kills it for me. The game's an FPS. First person shooter. Why would I competitively play, or vouch for a game where I can't rely on my weapon to function 100% of the time because of actual, intentionally coded inaccuracy. Less bullet mag? That's cool and all, but it means nothing when I can't reliably hit any shots outside of 15 feet, lol. Couple that with projectiles, spread, and a slow burst. Of course, this also blows over how I feel the H3 BR's difficulty really is overstated. It's not really a hard weapon to use. Your auto aim is literally to a point where you can move on a horizontal axis to your opponent within RRR, and your reticle will be hauled over their face without moving your stick, let alone how much easier it is when you DO attempt to aim properly. It's not a Herculean task. I'd say it's artificially difficult. And it mostly "fosters positivity" through the toxic emotion of nostalgia. I don't get why this is a good thing. I've seen so many posts that pertain to this, about "feeling like a kid again" with this game's circuit return, and the like, and man, it is depressing, lmao. Not even just here. I see it on Youtube, Twitter, the like. Literally, an earlier post defending Halo 3's entertainment in comparison to Halo 5's is credited in part with remembering plays from 10 years ago. Shout out to Valeaa for actually acknowledging it too a few days back, lmao. Nostalgia sucks, and to me, will never be a way for me to vouch for playing it, or thinking it's entertaining. In the end, I don't really care if it makes the community happy to be honest. Sounds dickish, but it doesn't make the game better to me, and I know a lot of it is about returning to the <ugh>"good ol' days"</ugh> when other alternatives exist that we know are inherently better, and could push us forward, without being alienating, and without superbly pandering. 3's still shit to me, regardless of how many people like it, and would be, even if I liked it. We could get community happiness through better sources over retreading the same tired garbage. No, I was implying it was more entertaining to watch when there's more thought and mechanical skill going into it. As I said, Halo 5 is myeh competitively, I'm not saying it's the best. Be it the power weapons, or the stupid power ups, or the bad maps. But it'll still be better than the game that fucks any sense of individuality with an inconsistent spawn weapon. Even if barely. I'd rather have something else entirely, other than these two options, but given the two options we realistically would use (Newest, or pandering), I'd just watch and go for Halo 5 as the more personally entertaining one. It's not superbly good, to reiterate, but it holds much more weight to me than 3 would.
  12. It's not a lack of self awareness, it's just realizing they changed their settings and the AR starts are irrelevant when they were changed for the last year of Halo 5, which I specifically refer to. Besides, if we're gonna go by that metric, Halo 3 had a shitty inconsistent utility for the entirety of its life. Ten times worse, lmao. Least the Magnum still worked in Halo 5. Halo 5 at its best is still better than Halo 3 at its best.
  13. You're literally saying you'd rather watch a game with less competitive viability than Halo 3 already has (and lacks, lol) and unironically saying you'd want that over Halo 5, out of a matter of preference. Be a little more self-aware, lol.

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