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  1. I did, lol. They were really good. And they prove the concept is possible.
  2. Wrongo. Transformers games did it with their damn character models, lol. The devs could code an Optimus done in the live action style to look and act like its G1 counterpart with minimal issues. And it was cool as dicks. Simple skin swap. And that was last gen, too. Well before War/Fall of Cybertron, which also had this done for the sake of asset use. It's very possible to translate that to your gun skin. Of course, messy engine permitting.
  3. I would lowkey kill for a needle rifle skin like that. Wow what an underatedly fun gun.
  4. I think the funnier part is that it was added afterwards.
  5. I know it's not deep, that's the thing, though. Forums are meant to bring out those discussions. I don't get why having them is frowned upon, lmao.
  6. Disagree. Modern Warfare 2 is a game where damn near everything is overpowered, and the game isn't average as a result, it's just damn chaotic. Something that's overpowered stands out. When everything dominates in a sheer manner like that, it tends to be chaos. Which differs from being powerful, and extends to being overwhelmingly obnoxious. Stuff like OMA gained a reputation, but it's not necessarily a gigantic leap from what you have already. It's just added quantity. Then you have Black Ops 4, where specific things are overpowered and other things suck dick. Like SMGs to the Titan, the former having projectile physics and bullet damage drop off, on top of recoil, whereas the latter has none of that. With the Titan in turn having an OpMod that enables obnoxious screenshake nothing else has. THAT is overpowered in relation to shit around it.
  7. People care enough to engage, start, and keep up a proper discussion which really is what matters in the end. Earlier point still stands.
  8. I'll be sure to stop living in your mind, soon. Was a nice space to get cozy with. But barring that, it's ironic I'm the salty one, yet I'm not the one blocking other people's responses from my view because I dislike them, lmao. If anything, I endorse it. Someone's projecting more than a hologram, there.
  9. I would agree, but CE's rockets are equally as bad as Halo 5's are, and nuke nades have been in Halo 2: Anniversary.
  10. Well, luckily, CE on LAN isn't the only game to feature range based shooting mechanics. Meaning, we can and have experienced and played with them, and thus judged them.
  11. Most of this was handled in the Discord, but when I refer to the hitscan being "just aiming" I was referring to how you spoke on how there's only one element to hitscan. The aiming. As if it being there wasn't enough of a challenge there, or couldn't be. Not trying to say it's anything more than just aiming, but that aiming matters.
  12. As I said for the sniper, that's a low bar. Halo 3 is a pretty easy sniper made easier now when you can actually aim. No scoping is hilariously easy at that. Wide hitboxes make it super generous. And to that point, yeah, the utility can shoot a sniper from "almost" any range in a perfect killtime of 0.6 seconds. But at a long enough range, no one's gonna just be threeing people. The potential to three a sniper is there. However, how is it calculable? There is no in game method to on the fly calculate distance reliably bar shooting and hoping your first round strikes. Again, reticle placement is more reactive than proactive, because while you may put your reticle ahead of someone, fire, and hit them multiple times, you may also do it, fire, miss a few more, and then have to readjust through no real fault of your own past the simple inaccuracy of our guesses, tied with a slower bullet. Or even through someone else's inadvertent movement. Furthermore, this idea that aiming with a hitscan weapon is "just aiming" is ridiculous. If it's so easy to do, and lacks depth, people wouldn't be getting dicked on, even with easier weaponry, and we'd be in a skill-based stalemate. Yet people will get dicked on constantly in Halos with hitscan, and we have defined pros. That one component is the one that matters because you're actually putting and holding your reticle on someone to shoot them, consistently, no guesswork required. And prediction from leading isn't a skill, it's that. Prediction, which isn't something you necessarily improve on, because it's guesswork. And distance judgement can again, change how you need to lead from 70m to 80m off, a change you realistically will not notice until your bullet either lands, or doesn't. Adding extra components to simply firing your gun doesn't make it more skillful by default. And strafing does not take thousands of hours of practice to work on. I say it leads to inconsistency and that its goal is to be unpredictable, but my issue isn't really with it, just that someone can literally move right and despite my reticle being placed well, bullet delay can make someone simply outwalk it. And that only becomes worse at range. Too this, you still haven't seen me play. You're basing this off of my argument, not performance, so I don't know where you get this idea I can't strafe or account for it when we probably haven't played together since 2016. Stooooop it.

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