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  1. Nah, its diagonal blew dick. Aiming needed a hardcore touch up that just a vertical wouldn't fix.
  2. Not to sound pretentious, but it's like none of you played late-game Evolved in 2016/2017, lol.
  3. Lowkey, let's never play Penance. Or, honestly, any assym map. I don't at all like the inherent unfair nature of these maps in what should be a fair, even comp match. Or, well, as even as we can make it. That and Penance blows ass as a map itself, so, lol. I don't know, or can't think of any good assym maps that don't have some catch to them in the comp rotation. And likewise there are fewer sym maps that do blow in the comp rotations of these games. Should stick to fair and balanced.
  4. The people who want to play for vehicles or some of the trash maps in this game deserve bloom as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Not to be "that person", but we literally have a V7 playlist. I get wanting good settings across the board, but you can literally ignore default Reach.
  6. What are you on about. Seriously. It’s easy as piss to hit a headshot in 2 compared to others, lmao. Others have funky mag, but 2 is still up there as one of, if not the worst for it. Coupled with its wide ass reticle that other games don’t have that make an already easy task trivial.
  7. There’s nothing tight about a reticle the size of Canada that hard locks to you. Of all games, 2 is undoubtedly easiest by that metric.
  8. I didn’t say there was no difference. I just said it’s always been easy. Aim tracing a target is easy in 3, or CE, just as it is in other Halo titles, even with different AA properties. Especially with the lack of movement options. The end resulting hit reg is the problem, and creates this “difficulty” we perceive.

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