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  1. With how many buttons it takes to uninstall a game on an Xbox, on top of UI/input delay, how long did that rage hold itself on you, lmao. The fact you understand it's artificial and means nothing and acknowledge it baffles me when you don't like playing a game you deem hollow. I don't get how it's better than nothing when it may as well be nothing.
  2. Okay, but the real question. Why the fuck are we using a social gametype like SWAT as a baseline, lmao.
  3. For all the wrong reasons. Not because of difficulty. Generally, inherent weapon difficulty does it for you, lol.
  4. Okay, and we know that mechanic isn't a good way to do that, while others do. By example. Not even theory.
  5. Okay. On the real. Why the fuck are you still defending random elements with your gun. Morbidly curious.
  6. Dunno. Too many things to consider to accurately say "this punishes/rewards X". At best, I'd say just make the gun hard to where every shot missed is extra punishment as much as every shot hit is extra reward.
  7. "Sure" we do. But I don't agree that we should put random elements into the game to promote that. Concept's agreeable to a point, execution is not.
  8. I'm saying bloom is fucking garbage and the definitive hallmark of an uncompetitive game and playlist, lol.
  9. That bloom is skillful shot-pacing and punishes those who spam. When it's not.
  10. No one's saying that. At best I just wish some wouldn't be ranked. Not that they'd be gone. This was essentially Bungie's defense.
  11. So, rather than decreasing AA/bullet magnetism, you'd introduce random weapon bloom to counteract the game's one shot nature. Pretty counterproductive, dude.
  12. Wasn't treating it like a jab. I'm just wondering to this day whether or not timing is a skill or not, lol. Excuse me, lmao. How the fuck does random bloom help a gametype with a one shot gun. What about SWAT as a gametype is competitive.
  13. No I didn't, I only claimed it's easier to use. Here's a solid quote. Nowhere did I say it's braindead. I just said it's easier. Big difference, and also something we acknowledge. Don't go after my franchise experience, go after the weapon itself.
  14. You're still not getting how this is literally irrelevant to my point.

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